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On a major occasion in Dubai in September 2021, the UAE government made the Green Visa announcement. One of the first 13 “UAE Projects of the 50” is the new visa. These important national initiatives hope to draw exceptional people from all over the world and support the UAE’s incredible growth for many years to come. Here is all the government has said about the UAE Green Visa up until this point.

A resident visa known as a “Green visa” in the UAE enables its bearer to sponsor themselves for a period of five years, obviating the need for a sponsor who is a citizen or employer of the UAE.

For experienced professionals, independent contractors, investors, and business owners, the UAE Green Visa now offers a 5-year residence track. More advantages for foreign nationals come with the new visa, such as adjustable grace periods (that reach up to six months). 

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Benefits of Green visa

According to reports, foreign nationals will be able to support themselves for five years under the Green Visa. They would also be permitted to sponsor their spouses, kids, and first-degree relatives in addition to this. However, it is important to remember that the family member’s visa will have the same duration and validity as the principal holder’s visa.

Compared to an ordinary resident visa, the Green visa offers family members more benefits. Benefits comprise:


  • The ease of obtaining residence permits for one’s spouse, children, and first-degree relatives; the ability to sponsor one’s male children up to 25 years of age (previously 18 years); the lack of an age restriction for unmarried daughters; and the ability to sponsor one’s children of determination (those with special needs), regardless of age.


  • After the residence permit is revoked or expired, a longer and more flexible grace period may apply and may last up to 6 months.


Family members will share the same residency as the primary bearer of the residence visa.


All About The Uae Green Visa

In the past, in order to remain and work in the UAE, foreign nationals required sponsorship. But as of right now, Green Visa holders won’t have to overcome the requirement that they be sponsored by an employer. Instead of the customary 30-day term, it offers a 90–180 day renewal opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria

For experienced professionals, independent contractors, investors, and business owners, the UAE Green Visa now offers a 5-year residence track. More advantages for expats come with the new visa, such as flexible grace periods (that reach up to six months).

The updated admission and residency procedures are designed to draw in a talented workforce from all around the world.

The prerequisites for various categories of UAE Green Visa are listed below.

Who can apply for a Green visa?


These groups are eligible to apply for a Green visa:

The self-employed/freelancers

  • A freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is required for anyone applying for a Green visa who is self-employed or freelance.
  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree or specialised diploma; Evidence of two years of self-employment income totalling at least AED 360,000; or documentation demonstrating financial stability throughout the applicant’s stay in the UAE.

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 Skilled employees

  • A valid employment contract, classification in the first, second, or third occupational level, and possession of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent are requirements for skilled workers to qualify for a Green visa.
  • If you have a salary of 15,000 AED

Partners or investors

Any investor who invests a lot of money in the UAE can apply for Green Visa. It takes the place of the previous, 2-year-only residence permit. requirements consist of:


  • (If the investor/partner has more than one licence, the total invested capital is determined by the authorities.) approval of the investment and evidence of investment.
  • the okay of the knowledgeable local author


Green Residence For Skilled Employees


The purpose of this visa category is to draw talented people. 

  • The new pathway offers talented workers without a sponsor or employer a 5-year residency.
  • A valid contract of employment
  • The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization maintains first, second, and third occupational levels, which applicants must fall under.
  • The minimal criteria for a UAE Green Visa for skilled workers is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  • The applicant’s salary must be at least AED 15,000 per month.

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Green Residence For Freelancing And Self-employment


Those who have a flexible work style are eligible for the new Green Visa for Freelancing and Self-employment. The main benefit of this sort of visa is that an employer or sponsor is not necessary.  

For Freelancers and Self-employed people, the following criteria needs is must to follow:


  • Obtain a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to work for yourself or as a freelancer (MOHRE)
  • A specialised diploma or a bachelor’s degree should be the minimum need for schooling.
  • The yearly self-employment revenue for the two preceding years should not have been less than AED 360,000.
  • As an alternative, a candidate must demonstrate their financial stability for their whole stay in the nation.


Green Residence For Investor Or Partner

The investor Green Visa UAE is appropriate for prospective investors, as the name implies. For investors who start a new company or engage in commercial activity, the pathway includes a 5-year residency. The prior visa with a 2-year validity period is replaced by the Investor or Partner Green Visa. The following qualifications are required for this visa:


  • Investment authorization and investment documentation ( if the investor has more than one license)
  • A total investment amount will be determined.
  • It is necessary to receive the competent local authorities approval.


Benefits For Family Members

The target population for the visa consists of businesspeople, investors, and highly qualified persons. Furthermore, regardless of their age, resident permits are also given to children of determination (those with exceptional needs). Read more about the new Family Visa regulations in our guide.

First-degree relatives of the Green Residence holder are welcome. Family members must always reside there for the same amount of time as the initial resident. It’s the ideal option for people who want to relocate with their entire family.



When Did The UAE Government Announce The Green Visa?

This project started in September 2021.

The UAE Green Visa has undergone a number of changes in 2022 to make it profitable for all parties.

Are UAE Entry Permits And UAE Residence Visas The Same Thing?


No, all the information is available on our page on the distinctions between entry permits and residence visas.

Our overview of the UAE Green Visa is now complete. I will update the article, as I get hold of new information.

You can read about applying for the UAE visa or long-term golden visa while you wait for further details regarding the new visa. The Dubai government has begun providing visas to independent contractors in an effort to support the gig economy. In order to determine your eligibility, read our guide on the Freelancers Visa.

Making sure you follow the dos and don’ts can help to make the process go more easily for you. If you don’t have time to go to the official office, you can research how to apply for a UAE visa online and follow the guidelines.



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