I’d like to show how to convert EML files in bulk, with attachments, in this post.

People nowadays choose to convert email files or.eml messages to a variety of file formats. It enables people to view email files directly from their email client, save on local storage, and collaborate with friends and coworkers, among other things.

Converting EML files has long been an issue for users of Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, and eM Client, as well as a variety of other email clients that read the .eml file.

Typically, customers have huge gigabytes of data stored in EML files and are unable to convert them because to a variety of software restrictions, a weak manual technique, or a technological method.

After reading this post, you will discover a permanent solution for converting bulk EML files while maintaining email characteristics and organizational structure.

Thus, we begin!

Here are a few scenarios involving bulk EML conversion that will be handled today!

Scenario 1: This is my situation, in which I desired to uninstall my Windows Live Mail desktop application and convert all data stored in PST files prior to upgrading to Windows 7 OS. I attempted to convert my WLM email files to Outlook using the Export option, however Outlook will only open tiny EML files. After the operation, some of my big EML files are gone from Outlook.

When I searched online for an exact response, I came across the following inquiries as well:

Scenario 2: I’m looking for a solution that can assist me in converting numerous EML files that have attachments.

Scenario 3: Is metadata altered during the.eml to.mbox conversion?

Scenario 4: While converting EML to MBOX, the structure of my email folders is lost. What am I to do?

Scenario 5: I’d want to convert a large number of Thunderbird EML files to a Gmail account. Are you looking for a way to complete the procedure quickly while still protecting the data’s integrity?

Now, your case for bulk EML file conversion may or may not be described above. However, if you wish to convert an EML file in bulk with attachments, you should be aware of the following solution.

This is my preferred method to converting large amounts of EML files while maintaining all characteristics.

I downloaded and tested around ten software free trial editions in order to complete my EML file mass converting assignment. My preferred tool, though, is the EML Converter Software. It is the finest application for converting numerous EML files to a variety of other formats.

It assisted me in converting 16 GB of EML files to PST format with no loss of attachments and no impact on data integrity.

There are several features I enjoyed about the software that I’d like to share with anyone interested in converting bulk.eml message files without modification.

However, allow me to share something interesting first!

Converting email files to different formats does not take a lot of time or effort!

I’ve seen several reports on the internet that users must undergo extensive and time-consuming conversion processes in order to convert various EML files.

This is not the case, however, when using a professional solution such as the EML Converter tools. The conversion takes only a few seconds!

Experiment on your own!

Download and install the genuine software on your Windows-based computer or laptop.

  1. To begin, click the Select Folder tab and navigate to the EML file folder in its default position.
  2. In the software interface, navigate to the folder containing.eml files.
  3. In the preview box, click on the email file to read the message and its attributes.
  4. Attachments are likewise shown with emails and may be opened and saved with a right-click.
  5. Now, go to the Convert option in the menu and select from more than 30 different saving choices.
  6. Finally, click the Convert tab and evaluate the bulk EML file conversion in real time.

Believe me; this is the simplest method for converting numerous EML files to different formats with attached files.

Additionally, it includes some incredible features for both end users and experts. The following details are included:

Advance Features

Address all of your EML file conversion requirements: This trustworthy software solution simplifies the process of converting thousands of EML files at once. It supports the following conversions: EML to PST, EML to MBOX, EML to PDF, EML to DOC, EML to MSG, EML to HTML, EML to CSV, EML to Lotus Notes, EML to Zimbra, EML to Outlook.com, EML to Gmail, and EML to Office 365.

Your email properties are not altered in any way: Many of us are concerned that email characteristics such as the header, sender address, signature, and HTML link should have no effect on conversion. The software ensures that data integrity is maintained during the conversion process.

Convert EML files with or without attachments: The software supports conversion of both bulk .eml files with attachments and individual email messages. To convert EML files that contain attachments, right-click on the Attachment file while in preview mode and select Open and Save. Otherwise, you should disregard this option.

Useful Search Filter: This software product toolkit has an advanced search mode filter that enables users to sort email messages by to, from, subject, received date, received date before, and contains attachment.

Easily manage your bulk EML file: Users can effectively handle email messages on local storage, document files, email files, desktop mail clients, and webmail accounts with the assistance of an automated method to convert mass EML files with complete information.

My Final Words

We hope that my insight into the most often asked topic, “how to convert EML files in bulk?” will assist you in managing or converting your email messages more efficiently. The application We mentioned is the optimal solution for bulk EML file converting with no loss in any form. With the help of suggested app, one can easily resolve their query without facing any type of hassle. Therefore, get it today and say goodbye to EML converting headaches for good.

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