Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA

Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA

Smartwatches are a great way to track your physical activity throughout the day and in recent years smartwatch technology has made a lot of progress. So you can now get a smartwatch at an affordable price the Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA. This smartwatch can track your activity and it’s packed with features there is a lot of value in this budget smartwatch but is it the best you can get for your money. Once you get it what should you expect from daily use the Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA has a square 1.43 inch 320 by 302 resolution TFT LCD screen with 2.5 d corning gorilla glass 3.

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Display :

I found the display to be clear crisp and a big upgrade over the original. It has a plastic casing and silicone straps in my experience the silicone straps did tend to collect dirt but you can always change them out. Overall I found the display to be impressive for the price. It has with improved elements like activity cycles faster navigation and smoother performance with an improved notifications view and increased responsiveness from the touchscreen.

Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA

Features :

The Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch.So it doesn’t support third-party apps and it can’t make phone calls or respond to notifications but it does have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and that’s compatible with both iPhone and android along with music controls.

I like that it’s now waterproof so it’s safe to go swimming with another feature I like is the camera shutter which lets you take your selfies on your smartwatch on the back. You’ll find a bio tracker 2 ppg biological optical sensor an accelerometer gyroscope and a pulse oximeter all of which help you track your fitness levels. Throughout the day you also get a decent selection of different watch faces some of which have customizable options. I was impressed with the activity tracking capabilities of this watch which gives you more than 60 sports modes including running cycling and yoga among others each sport.

It is organized by the general type of exercise the sensors on the watch can tell you your heart rate and track your pace the Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA has some multitasking capabilities. So while you’re tracking your activity you can also control your music without altering your exercise information.

Fitness tracking :

Now for the fitness tracking smartwatch, I was disappointed that it lacks a built-in GPS so you do need to have your phone with you in order for it to track your routes and that might be a deal-breaker for some if you have your heart set on a built-in GPS the more expensive Amazfit Bip U Pro does have an onboard GPS and it’s also amazon and Alexa compatible the Amazfit Bip U Pro offers impressively detailed fitness insights although none of the sensors are actually medical grade and this watch should not be used as a substitute for medical advice the latest updated version also has an improved heart rate sensor as well as menstrual cycle tracking for women.

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Features a spo2 :

I was excited to see that it features a spo 2 scanner to track blood oxygen levels by utilizing an infrared light which is something you generally see on more expensive smartwatches the spo 2 scanner is accompanied by an oxygen beats engine to improve blood oxygen reading accuracy in my experience minor motion can skew the results so be sure to stay very still when you’re getting your blood oxygen rating.

It also comes with the ability to track your sleep breathing quality where it assigns you a score and it gives you tips on how to improve I could also track my sleep time including my sleep stages and stress levels throughout the day additionally you get assigned a personal activity intelligence score based on your levels of activity throughout the day which functions like google fit heart points the updated zepp companion app also gives you improved performance and upgraded user experience from previous generations.

I found that syncing your activity data with the app was quicker than expected the Zepp app allows you to track your maximum-minimum and average blood oxygen readings over a range of time spans including the day week month or year it also provides more detailed information about you.

Overall :

Overall fitness such as what times of the day you’re most stressed this watch comes with a 230 milliamp-hour lithium-ion polymer battery which takes around two hours to complete a full charge.  It uses a magnetic two-pin PGP pin while the battery life is not as incredible as the 30-day duration that the original had I think the claimed 9-day battery life.

It is still a significant offering but of course, this is all dependent on how frequently you use the watch and what features you have running, and the brightness settings. So is the pipe worth the buy well it depends on your needs if you’re looking for built-in GPS and voice assistance support.

My Opinion :

I would recommend upgrading to the Amazfit Bip U Pro with Built-in ALEXA model which is a little bit more expensive if you’re looking for better build quality. The Samsung galaxy fit 2 might be a better choice if you’re looking for a watch that excels at tracking your fitness at a reasonable price with a lot of features the Amazfit Bip U Pro gets the job done. however, I personally would recommend the Xiaomi brand 6 which has a similar price point and it comes with similar features and a better quality brighter higher resolution AMOLED display but that is just my opinion.


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