Unfortunately, many homeowners are hesitant to invest in Glass Pool Fence because they perceive it as an additional cost. To be honest, it is well worth the money, especially when you consider its importance in keeping your family secure.

Because most children struggle to climb the slick glass panels, the Pool Fence has proved child-safe. This implies that the pool can only access through the pool gate. The only issue with an aluminium pool fence, on the other hand, is the design.

Gains Of Glass Fool Fence For You 

Glass is Sturdy

Pool fences made of glass are extremely durable. Most of the time, they are made of 12mm toughened safety glass (speak to our team to learn about the full range).

During processing, tempered/toughened glass may heat to at least 700 degrees Celsius.

They have amazing strength and endurance as a result of this. You may rest confident that neither your children nor bad weather will be able to derail it.

Glass is Easy to Maintain

The fact that glass does not decay or corrode has previously highlighted. Aside from that, it’s quite simple to clean. Simply clean the glass with soapy water before rinsing it with clean water. It will feel like spanking new if you do this every two months.

There’s no need to lubricate it like a wooden fence or repaint and rust-proof it like a metal fence.

Glass is Hygienic

Because glass is non-porous, it is less prone to transport dirt and germs than other, more porous materials.

Wasps and spiders are less likely to nest in glass

The surface of the glass is smooth and solid. This makes it less probable for wasps and spiders to establish their nests in cracks and rough areas. On the other hand, Wooden fences are ideal for wasps since wasps also build their nests out of wood fibres.

Glass Pool Fencing Makes Your Yard Feel Bigger

It makes the yard appear larger due to its transparency and light reflection on the surrounding surroundings.

When you bring visitors around, you’ll notice how lovely it is. Even if a glass barrier does not affect the real size of the place, it makes your visitors feel less claustrophobic by making the space appear wider.

You Can Enjoy the look of the Yard from the Pool

Its transparent feature isn’t simply useful for keeping an eye on your kids from outside or viewing the lovely pool lighting. It’s also about keeping an eye on things from the inside.

It allows you to keep an eye on the surrounding surroundings while swimming.

It Works Well As A Windbreak

Glass pool fences are more effective at blocking the wind than most other pool barriers. By refracting its filtered sunlight, it also heats the pool and the surrounding surroundings. The wind chill will not because you to freeze as you exit the pool.

Because of the added temperature, you and your family may enjoy the pool for a few long months each year. Other forms of slatted fence will not give the same level of windbreak protection.

Glass Is Both Elegant And Fashionable

We have stated that aesthetics should not sacrifice for efficiency. You don’t have to with glass pool barriers.

Glass Pool Fence does not simply blend in with any setting or backyard, regardless of design. It also gives the room a more attractive, contemporary, and minimalist appearance.

How To Install Glass Fool Fence

  • To keep the glass panels in place, stainless steel clamps must first install on the surface. You’ll need a core or hammer drill if you’re going to be dealing with concrete or tile.
  • Use a clamp base plate as a measure to indicate the location of the mounting holes after drawing a chalk line in the middle of the fence.
  • Fix the two outermost clamps in place, and then tie a tight line between them with string. This will prevent the misalignment of your glass panels.
  • Install all of the clamps in between, making sure they’re all the same distance apart. Ensure that the thread goes through the middle of each of the clamp slots – notice that they must be in a straight line since the clamps serve as the basis for your whole fence.
  • Cement or grout the clamps in place and make sure they’re vertically and at the correct height. To ensure that the verticals are properly aligned, use a spirit level and wooden wedges.
  • Cover the mounting hardware with dress rings to hide it and improve the looks.
  • It’s now time to insert the glass panels into the clamp holes, but first, make sure each slot is lined with a rubber spacer to protect the glass.
  • Slide the glass panels into the slots with care, ensuring they fit between the steel and rubber spacers. Tighten each clamp with an Allen key after you’re sure the glass isn’t touching the metal.
  • When your panels are in place, attach the door latch to the gate by following the directions on the door latch kit. Using an Allen key, tighten the initial portion of the lock.
  • Close the door after placing the second latch component on the glass panel to ensure that the first and second parts are aligned and lock properly. After you’ve double-checked that everything works, secure it with an Allen key.
  • The most crucial point to remember is the installation’s safety and compliance. Get in touch with a professional glazier who has expertise in installing Glass Pool Fence if you want the work done right the first time.
  • Having a professional do the job also ensures that you’ll cover by a service warranty if something goes wrong.

Maintaining Your Glass Pool Fence

  • Glass pool fences need less upkeep and look fantastic with little effort. To keep your new glass fence in tip-top form, wipe the glass panels using hot water and dishwashing soap rather than conventional glass cleaning spray, which is more likely to leave streaks and residue behind.
  • After washing your glass fence, hose it down to remove any soap residue, then squeegee each panel to remove any remaining water before wiping it clean with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Use a stainless-steel cleaning or care product to clean the fixtures and stainless-steel items to ensure that they are protected and do not rust.
  • Call the experts to get the work done if you discover yourself in a pickle with shattered or cracked glass panels.



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