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Online shopping has made us all go crazy over shopping. They are simple to use. You can scroll through the app, select your products and pay them effortlessly without stepping out. If you are an entrepreneur, you would have surely thought of starting your own.

Well, that’s the power of the online marketplace. Amazon, the frontier of e-commerce application, is the biggest influencer for entrepreneurs. If you are looking forward to ways to build a similar application, this blog will guide you with all potential insights about the app.

Amazon – The frontier of the eCommerce business

While discussing the eCommerce market, one can never forget to mention the growth and success of Amazon. The company, which was started in 1994, is a pioneer in this market. Initially, they were into selling books. Jeff Bezos was very sure that he wanted to create a forum for online retailing.

But he does not know what to sell in the app. When he decided to sell books, they were easy to pack and deliver to the users. By the year 2000, Amazon started its web services. Currently, the app is a one-stop solution for people to buy all things. The app offers a wide range of products like books, clothes, gadgets, electronics, accessories, apparel, etc.,

The pandemic was even more favourable for them to boost up their sales activity. In 2018, Amazon was the leading online retailer in the US with a whopping revenue of $232 billion. In 2020, it became the most downloaded app in the US, with 41 million downloads.

Amazon runs its business by tying up several of its units with it. Amazon’s prime and advertising businesses also form a core plot of its business model. It offers all its coupons and offers through these mediums. Thus, improving its repeat customer base.

Things to do before launching an Amazon clone app

Once you decide to launch your Amazon clone, you need to have a proper map to lead you to the success path. Following are certain important steps you have to follow

  • Market research and analysis

It is the core step from which business concepts blossom. When you decide to launch your business, you have to understand the market needs and customer demands. Understanding the demands and needs is essential for a business before going on the floors.

Analyze the customer’s pattern of purchasing and their constant demands from the retailers. This will help you choose products for your business to sell to the customers. To know all this data, go from the basic demographic analysis of the customers.

  • Know your competitors

Post-market research, you would have concluded the products you want to sell on the platform. Now, find the key players in the market who offer similar products. Ask customers how satisfied they are with those products. Identify the gaps and try to bridge them in your Amazon clone.

Try to know their strategies and develop a similar one to market your app. But, remember that you have to stand unique in the market.

  • Zero in on the perfect features

The next important step you need to do is to work out the app’s features because they play a great role in an app. Even though you follow a good business model and customer bond, people will never prefer your app if your features are not satisfying. So, be very careful in selecting the features. It is absolutely fine to go with the basic features at the starting stage of your business.

  • Hire a proper team for your app development

Once you are ready with all your ideas and plan, now it’s time for some action. Find the best developers who can inculcate all your ideas in the app. The best way to develop your Amazon clone is to find an app development company with expertise in cloned app development services.

Because the clone apps are ready-to-launch apps with which you can launch in no time and are also cost-effective.

The notable features to include in the Amazon clone app

The Amazon clone app should have the following features,

  • Swift registration process

The long registration process will keep your customers long away from your app. So, try to implement a simple registration process to sign in with your app. Integrate the app to other social media platforms for the users to sign up through them.

  • A search bar

Your Amazon clone should have an instant search bar where the users can search their products swiftly without any hurdles. The app should also enable them to filter and sort the categories according to their wishlist.

  • Save products

The users can save products to the wishlist. Sometimes people cannot buy a product at a certain time. So, they tend to postpone it, and at that time, they can save the product to the wishlist. Whenever they want to buy it, they can get to it.

  • Shopping cart

This is similar to the shopping carts we carry during our physical shopping. Here, the users can add their products to the cart as much as they want. Then, they can easily proceed to the payment page.

  • View cart

Sometimes people might have added things to the cart beyond their budget. At that time, they can view their cart and select the products they want.

  • Payment options

Payments have become the easiest thing to do these days. We have several payment modes to process our payments. So, focus on providing more than one payment solution for your Amazon clone. You can provide options like net banking, mobile wallets, card payment, etc.

  • Update delivery address

The Amazon clone app should enable the users to change their address for deliveries. In case the users want to deliver to a different address, they can add that address with a small note next to it.

  • Notifications

The app will send constant notifications to the users regarding important updates and alert messages. The offers and discount sales of the app will be intimated to the users through notifications.

On a concluding note,

Amazon, the leading player in the market, saw fantabulous growth over the years. As budding entrepreneurs, you can follow their footsteps to great heights. All you have to do is elaborate your ideas and app developers to build your Amazon clone. Investing in app development is a single-time process, so be wise in selecting the developers.


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