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Metalized packaging is becoming a new trend. From food to cosmetic products, from soap to gift boxes, this trend seems to be at its peak. Typically these shiny box packaging comes in two different types such as silver foil packaging and gold foil packaging. Because it is shiny, it attracts more customers, which leads to them buying the product.

What do you need to know about metalized boxes?

The product packaging is more than keeping the product in. Your product packaging tells more about your product quality than you assume. Nowadays it has become a method of conveying your brand value to your valuable customers. Therefore you need to design a packaging that makes you customer by your product immediately. You need to know that the uniqueness of your packaging makes your product stand out among others. Metalized packaging is one of the unique boxes that you can have to boost up your sales and it also helps your brand to be recognized in the market. Typically these shiny box packaging comes in 2 different types such as silver foil packaging and gold foil packaging.


How it is different from standard packaging?

The metalized boxes are very much different from the basic standard packaging. Where the standard packaging shows the simplicity of the product. The metalized boxes give the premium experience of packaging. Metalized box packing catches more attention of the customer as compared to standard packaging. As its shiny interior help to attract the customer from far away.

Customize Metalized Boxes:

Mostly every business prefers the customized metalized boxes, from food to cosmetic products, from soap to gift boxes they all are using this packaging to show their brands’ eliteness. Customers judge the superiority of the product by its quality, design, and style of packaging. Therefore to grab the attraction of your customers you need to invest in customizing metalized boxes. You can personalize these shiny boxes in any shape, size according to product requirements. When it comes to finishing the packaging, gold foil, and silver foil are the most preferred ones. You can choose other colors as well according to the requirement of your need. Customize metalized boxes come with a variety of designs such as window cut design that let your customer know more about the product.

Perks of metalized boxes

metalized packaging


Visual Appearance:

The metalized foil adds up the value to the packaging that makes your product most desirable among others. This helps your product to stand out among others even it is stacked with other products as well because the customers are more drawn to the metalized packaging as compared to plastic or paper packaging.


There are several varieties of finishing that you can apply to your packaging boxes and each finishing has its uniqueness that changes the whole experience of packaging. You can add the name of your brand and logos to raise the market value of your brand. Besides that, you can have a different style of boxes such as window cut out on the metalized boxes which will enable a customer to see what inside the packaging. 


The main material used to make materialized boxes is aluminum. As a natural material given by the Earth, aluminum is durable, strong, and lightweight. In addition to this, the main benefit that you will have is less cost on shipment because of its lightweight.


These boxes are remarkably friendly to any type of printing method. Companies are using high-quality printing to add more value to their product, and the metalized boxes can also handle the high-quality printing on them very easily.

Boost in sales:

Metalized boxes have been in trend for the last 2 years now and it seems that this trend is here to stay. So if you want to be prominent in the market, you should try the customized metalized boxes to boost your sales. The metalized boxes not only increase the beauty and quality of your product. But it also helps to increase the sale. Its shiny appearance not only attracts the customers but also leads them to buy the product.


The main factor that both consumers and manufacturers prefer aluminum because it can be recycled again and again without losing its quality. And it also helps to keep the environment clean by reducing the waste of plastic packaging.


The standard boxes easily get punctured where the customized materialized boxes can’t. The metalized packaging passes through so many tests including wear and tear before getting to its retailer.


One of the main concerns that come to mind is that these metalized boxes will cost more as compared to the standard boxes. Metalized boxes are very cost-effective to manufacture as compared to standard boxes.

Improved Properties:

These metalized boxes help to consume the product not only from the oxygen and light. The aluminum in this package protects against moisture and UV rays. Due to this reason, the material used in packaging is very beneficial and the customer is willing to purchase a product that is protected from all external influences.



As we have discussed the barrier properties of aluminum metalized packaging and not only prevent light and moisture. But it also helps in keeping the food fresh that is why most restaurants use metalized packaging for their product which keep them fresh and warm for a very long time.

Where to find the best manufacturers?

If you are finding a manufacturer company that is known to be at best what they do then look no more. The custom cardboard packaging provides the best packaging and delivers their shipment in committed time. CCP is known to be produced the best-metalized packaging without compromising its quality.


This article concludes that if you own the business no matter a small one or a big one you should vouch for the customized metalized boxes as it will give a premium look to your product but it will also help you to boost up your sales, which will help you to be recognized in the market within no time.


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