Repair your Apple MacBook Logic Board on UTMios-Solution – Apple Technical Services. We repair it thanks to our expertise and advanced suitable equipment. The logic board has a computer stove, which is the main connection of microprocessors. There can also be failures, as the bulk of errors are common.


To find out where the error is on the board and to resolve it, and inform the client about the entire process. The most common causes of breakdown can be humidity and electrical faults. After enjoying a cruise, many customers may face humidity problems onboard their logic. That may also be due to the fact of living off the coast. Moisture on the logic board affects the entire functioning of the computer.

Spills of liquids such as soft drinks or coffee are classical failures of the logic board, once wet rust or short circuit can necessarily lead to cleaning and repairing the logic board.

Sometimes a battery adapter charger failure can cause a logic board failure or a power supply failure. In this case, the MacBook does not turn on, or it may turn on for some time and then shut down. Sometimes there is also poor quality power supply on the market which can affect the correct functioning of the computer. They may stop working after a while due to electrical failure.

If a logic board cannot be repaired for any reason, we will provide you with a new one (warranty included).

Contact us on mobile + 91-9971909844, or by filling in the form in the contact section. You can also come to our repair center during office hours. Our address is: 507, Skylark Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

MacBook Pro logic board repair at UTMios-Solution such as:

  • MacBook Pro won’t turn on.
  • Liquid damaged MacBook Pro.
  • CPU failure due to choked ventilation.
  • MacBook Pro having corrosion in the logic board.
  • Boot Failure: SMC Failure.
  • Display Backlight issue.
  • GPU circuit: Visual artifacts, banding, or blank MacBook Pro Screen.
  • Tin whiskers eventually cause unintended electrical connections between circuits and it results in motherboard shorting.
  • MacBook Pro suddenly went off to prevent any physical injury with extreme heat.
  • and many more problems concerns with the MacBook Pro logic board…

Why Replace the MacBook Pro when you can repair it and save some bucks for the Weekend?

For some MacBook Pro users, a logic board or Graphics failure is something like a terminal disease. Nobody seems to know why it happens. Everything was fine for years. suddenly your MacBook Pro won’t boot up.

MacBook Pro “logic board”, commonly known as “motherboard” has thousands of ICs, transistors, registers etc. and main core components such as SMC Controller, CPU, RAM, NVRAM, MacBook Pro backlight controller IC on main circuit board.

We also heard a misconception from many MacBook Pro users that they believe MacBooks are dust and moist proof.

Apple MacBook Laptop Screen Replacement Service at UTMios-Solution

Apple MacBook Laptop Screen Problems?

Apple laptops are well-built and strong, but screens are still glass and still susceptible to cracks, screen breaks, and malfunctions. If you’ve been unlucky enough to break the glass or screen of your Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro, or Apple MacBook Air, or if nothing comes up on the screen when you turn it on, you have a good, professional, reliable, experienced UTMios- Apple MacBook Screen Repair Delhi service providing a solution, preferably without incurring any money load. The Apple MacBook Pro screen is made up of 2 parts, the screen, and glass. If you see a crack on the screen, but the display remains normal, you can just replace the front glass. However, if the display itself looks damaged, it is necessary to replace the screen. If the screen is damaged, the entire top of the laptop will have to be replaced.

A broken Apple MacBook Screen?

Our MacBook laptop screen repair service is quick and convenient too. And because we don’t ship your MacBook shorts to a third-party warehouse to be removed, we save you money over time. Our MacBook laptop screen replacement service is simple and smart. You can call us, our contact number is +91-9971909844, and our address is 507, Skylark Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019. Then we come to you, we take your MacBook laptop and screen. Functioning it, we also bring it back. It’s very easy. Or, if you’re going through one of our local UTMios-Solution screen repair shops, you can leave your machine here, and we’ll fix it while you wait.

Variety of screen sizes and types of Apple Gadgets.

UTMios-Solution stocks a variety of screen sizes and types, and only fit the same high-quality parts as a recommended or Apple-branded MacBook repair company. You can cast a rock through your Retina or a drumstick through the screen of your MacBook Air or Pro, we can help too.

UTMios-Solution’s services for Apple products.

The UTMios-Solution also fixes the iMac screen. If you tell us the year and screen size, and we’ll fit a new one as soon as possible. If you don’t know the screen size or even the model year, bring the laptop to our shop, or we can get it from your home or workplace. We will identify the correct screen and fit it for the FaceTime meeting at that time.

Apple Repairing Cost at UTMios-Solution Delhi:

The cost-effectiveness of UTMios-Solution is friendly. Reliable. Local. You have a better Apple MacBook Screen Repair Solution in Delhi. If you want to deal with real experts who can fix your Mac today, you know who to call. The Mac screen is difficult to fix. But they are not indestructible. If you break or sabotage, or have developed dead spots and decentralized areas, those are the ones you want to put things back on. No need to wait to send your MacBook or iMac to a repair center here, as we do all the repairs ourselves. If you don’t know about us, let’s just use the same high-quality parts called Apple Care.

Our Screen Replacements Expertise

Here, Mac screen replacements are served by Mac experts who know each model and type of screen. Even if you don’t. Don’t be discouraged when your retina is dim or your laptop or desktop Mac displays wavy lines and purple patches. You. ‘4K resolution’ before we can show you again in ultra-clear HD.

Apple Service Center


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