Methods to Repair and Recover Exchange Database

Exchange databases can be restored in one of two ways when they become corrupt. Eseutil, Microsoft’s built-in repair programs and third-party software can be used to fix the Exchange database. But both approaches to recover Exchange database have its own advantages. If you are confused about selecting a method to recover the Exchange database, then stay tuned with the blog, as it provides answers to the questions of its readers.

Reasons for Exchange Database Corruption

Certain instances adversely affect the Exchange database, such as incorrect mailbox component count & some search errors. Recovering the Exchange database then becomes essential to regain access to the database of Exchange. But before making the way to recover Exchange database, we will look at some reasons that cause damage to the Exchange server database.

  • If there is some bad sector present in the hard drive where the EDB file is located, then there are chances that your Exchange database will face corruption.
  • Whenever the Exchange database file EDB crosses its permissible limit, it will show dullness when the user tries to fetch the data. This situation will also lead to damage to the EDB files.
  • Encountering the improper closing of the system will have a significant adverse effect on the Exchange database. It can even cause corruption in it.
  • Installing the file-level antivirus program on this system that is not compatible with your existing version of the Exchange server can make the EDB file corrupted.
  • Attack of a virus will also cause corruption in Exchange EDB. Some viruses also cause boot failure, making the EDB file corrupted.

Why Users Should Avoid Utilizing Manual Methods to Recover Exchange Database

If the Exchange database backup is outdated, restoring the database components may not be possible. Next, you can use Eseutil or Isinteg to recover Exchange database. However, these utilities can be used to repair the Exchange database in circumstances when the level of corruption is relatively low. When a database is damaged, Eseutil uses either soft or even hard recovery to restore the database’s content. So this makes the need for a third-party Exchange recovery tool. Before moving forward, look at some more limitations of the Eseutil.

  • User needs to back up their data stored in the EDB files because the Eseutil can also cause data deletion if anything goes wrong during the recovery.
  • Eseutil consumes more time as compared to the other Exchange database recovery utility.
  • Novice users will find it very difficult to deal with recovering the Exchange database through Eseutil. Executing the commands is sometimes even more challenging for the technocrats.
  • Executing the command consumes more space, directing the EDB file to increase the size, which is impossible.

Reliable Solution for the Exchange Database Recovery

One of the better approaches to repairing the corrupted Exchange database without requiring any prior technical knowledge is utilizing the Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager tool. It comes with a better-designed user interface which creates no problem for the user while running the recovery process. Moreover, the software is highly efficient and provides a seamless working experience to its user.

 Capable of Repairing Severely Corrupted EDB 

Even if there is minor scale or a large scale corruption, the software perfectly recovers them without losing any data. The software does not show any dullness while recovering them.

Data Previewing Facility 

This solution meets the requirement of users who want to verify the data item before starting the recovery process. Users can view all listed items of the EDB file under the software preview pane.

Incremental Option

A highly-advanced option that benefits the most when the process faces interruption. Users can apply this option to ensure that no duplicate item gets processed during the EDB recovery.

Search & Filter Item

This software allows searching any of the file items from the EDB & any source file based on some criteria. Search criterions such as To, Bcc, Cc, etc., are available from which the user can locate any particular item. Filter options also have their significance to include and exclude an item from the source file.


Healthy Exchange is an essential requirement for the users for their business communication. It needs to be in a healthier state at all times. If the Exchange administrator faces any issue while accessing their database, they need to look for a better solution. We have talked about the Eseutil & third-party software to recover Exchange database in this write-up, but before picking up the solution, we need you to consider many things.


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