Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Lips?

Dry lips are uncomfortable and are not enjoyable at all. This is why it’s vital to take proper care of the lips. Therefore, you should find out whether you’re taking the right care of your lips.

As opposed to the skin on other parts of your face the lips’ skin doesn’t produce any oil of itself, since there aren’t any sebaceous glands in your lips. This is the reason why your lips require extra water. We don’t really know how anyone can survive with out lip balm.

Don’t adhere to social standards or notions of what is beautiful or what’s not. Our philosophy is that you are the one who decides what you think is beautiful.

If you want to know we say you’re beautiful, then you are gorgeous.

Beauty industry professionals have developed the specific guidelines for what a person’s lips ought to look like , or be wanted by everyone. We believe, however, that the condition of your lips is more important.

Let’s look at the various ways to offer nourishment and care for our mouths.

Let’s begin by identifying some of the common issues we have to face by mouth.

Dry Lips

Our lips are among the most delicate area of the face. They have less layers of skin cells, which means they are subject to the external environmental conditions very quickly. Dry lips are a problem that a lot of people struggle with. The cause is dehydration that is caused by drinking insufficient water, the cold and dry conditions, sun exposure or even a lot of lip licking.

Lips that are chapped Lips

It is common to have chapped lips when you fail to take good care of your lips or experience allergies to something. Lips with chapped lips are the most frequent during winter, and could cause inflammation, cuts and even bleeding from the lips. This isn’t the most pleasant situation to be faced with therefore it is important to care for your lips! Hydration that is rich and hydrating with ingredients like the shea butter and castor oils or products that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic can greatly help with this issue.

Dark Lips

In India it is an issue that is common. Sometimes, dark lips can be an inheritance issue that is in line with your skin. Other causes for dark lips could be discoloration caused by exposure to sun light and sun’s rays, or lip biting, sucking or picking at them continuously. Smoking causes darkening of the gums as well as lips. Certain drugs can cause spots as well as darkening of the lips. Hyperpigmentation may cause the lips to darken. To prevent this from happening the best option is to use an SPF-infused lip balm to protect your skin from sun damage. exposed to sun. Also be sure to avoid smoking and consult in with your dermatologist about any medications that might cause reactions.

Swollen Lips

Lips that are swollen can be caused by reactions to an allergy or insect bite. The allergic reactions could be caused by medications, food items or even specific ingredients in your lip care products. If you notice your lips becoming swollen Consult your physician or dermatologist to determine the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Useful products to treat your lips.

Lip Balm

It’s true that lip balms are the most common method of hydrating your lips throughout the day. Everybody has it on hand and if you’re not using it purchase it, you should do so now! A quality lip balm with nutrients should be applied regularly, whenever your lips are dry. Applying a lip balm with an SPF helps protect your lips from sun’s UV rays and the. Since your lips do not have sebaceous glands they are unable to make the natural oils they need for protection. They require you to provide them with additional protection and hydration applying lip balm.

There are many kinds of lip balms that are available in the market that it’s impossible to choose only one. Apply a very rich layer of lip balm in the evening to get up with super soft lips.


Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are generally composed of natural ingredients, and perform in the same way that face scrubs work. They scrub your lips to remove the dead, flaking and dryness. They also leave your lips shiny and soft. It is crucial to finish a the lip scrub using a sufficient quantity of balm for your lips in order to restore the moisture the scrub could have sucked away. If you are using the lip scrub, make sure you are gentle because the lips are soft and delicate, and require a gentle touches. Lip scrubs are used like face scrubs, and should be applied either every week or once.

Your lips can collect dead skin and flakes , just as your face. It is essential to apply a scrub to your lips and exfoliate them. You can make your own scrub or purchase a shop-bought one. An homemade scrub can be made from powdered sugar and almond or olive oil.


A different product which is getting more and more popular are lip oil. They’re mostly made with oils that are essential and E oils that make them extremely beneficial for lips. You can also make use of coconut oil in its pure form to treat cracked lips.


Lip Masks and patches

Lip masks are a fantastic method to provide your lips with the nourishment they require. They supply long-lasting hydration, repair the lips of damaged skin and help them re-energize. Ingredients such as Vitamin E as well as hyaluronic acids and antioxidants are the ingredients you need to look for in the lip mask. There are now lip masks that you place on your lips as the face sheet mask. They can also help in supplying moisture and keeping your lips smooth. Patches and lip masks are able to be applied twice per week.


The best way to ensure that your skin, body and mouth healthy is to water your body properly! That means you should drink plenty of water even if it means you going to the bathroom each 15 minute. Don’t regret it. But most important your lips will be grateful to you!

The silver liner

We’ve all experienced the pain that dry lips face can prove difficult. If you take a little care of them you will be able to achieve all your goals for your lips, regardless of shape, size or the thickness. We hope you enjoy your lips as they are as there’s no reason to not!


1. How can I protect my lips from lipstick?

Utilizing a good lip primer or hydrating balm for your lips prior to applying any type of products for your lips will help shield your lips from harmful ingredients and dehydration to a certain extent. Always test your product to ensure you’re not allergic to the product.

2. How can I maintain my lips?

The above methods are excellent ways to begin an ongoing lip-care routine. Keep in mind these points:

Always remove your makeup at the time you return home, particularly before going to going to bed.

Beware of products that have harsh chemicals.

Apply lip balm every day.

Select the best products by selecting the correct ingredients or consulting a physician.

3. Do I need to brush my lips?

While it may appear like a great idea to remove rid of dead skin It can be quite rough to your lips. It can cause your lips to be exfoliated. Yes. But, it could also harm them in a severe way. We suggest using a lip scrub and use your fingers gently in circular motions to scrub.

4. What can I do to treat a swollen lip quickly?

The fastest method to help you heal your lips is to stay clear of makeup and other chemicals when your lips are fresh. Apply a generous amount Lip balm all day long. Take plenty of water, and do not lick or bite your lips!


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