Batch Upgrade Visio VSD to VSDX

How to Batch Upgrade Visio VSD to VSDX Latest File Format?

Are you looking for a solution to batch convert Visio VSD to VSDX latest file format? And if your answer is yes, then don’t worry here we will assist you with the perfect solution. But before starting the process let’s have a brief introduction of Visio and other important points related to it.

What is Microsoft VISIO?

Visio is a Microsoft diagramming software that allows users to create flowcharts, organizational charts, floor plans, network diagrams, mind maps, info graphics and more. Visio is part of the Microsoft Office Software although it is sold as a stand-alone program.

Microsoft Visio is also depended on data visualization. Upgrade VSD file allow to draw diagram from excel data and also embedded in Visio diagram.

The first version of Visio was launched in 1992 by Software Corporation and acquired by Microsoft in 2000. Visio is primarily offline software but released an online version in 2017 there are no native MAC OS version of Visio. Microsoft visio is

VSD File

VSD file format is the initial file format launched by Microsoft Visio for storing drawing elements. The file structure is based on binary file format. VISIO files are creating to show the graphical representation of data flow and interconnection between two object such drawing contain object, entity diagram, gang chart, UML diagram, Data flow diagram, network layout, data base module and other information. Microsoft Visio offers to save Visio file into different formats like PNG, PDF, JPG and others


Microsoft lunched VSDX format with the release of Visio 2013. This version upgrade VSD file to VSDX format used by vision 2010 version. VSDX files are totally depend on the open packaging conversion. This format inherits many of the same structures as its parts from the VDX format.

Now, if we talk about this conversion, then there are “n” number of users asking the same questions on various forums and community sites. Some of the common queries are mentioned below:

User 1 : How to Batch Upgrade Visio VSD to VSDX Latest File Format?

User 2 : How to Convert VSD file to VSDX format?

Why User Need Upgrade Visio File to VSDX?

The new file format provides multiple features such as:

File Size:- The upgrade VSD file comes with new technique of compression smaller file size up to 75 percent smaller than binary documents that reduces the storage space required the store files.

Security: – XML based formats is most secure than other format using in old version of Visio and transparent because they store data in standard structure that makes it easier for application to detect security issue.

Data Recovery: – Upgrade Visio version improves the data recovery segment and storing different component within the file.Browse revisions

Interoperability: – It provide the facility to work with default file format outside of Visio. You can use any application that supports XML to access, extract the data using development tools

Expert Solution to Batch Upgrade Visio VSD to VSDX ?

Converting Visio file to VSDX file without using Visio program is critical task. So we are using BitRecover Visio converter wizard for batch Convert VSD file to VSDX file format. It is an easy to use application developed by industry experts. With the help of this utility you can easily upgrade Visio file without installing any software and there is no technical knowledge required to operate the software.

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How to convert VSD Files to VSDX file format?

Firstly, install and open the software any window-based computer.

Software comes with dual mode, Select file and Select folder option.

visio vsd to vsdx converter

Here you can see the uploaded file. Choose file & folder as per requirement

select visio files

The tool provide the 25+ saving option choose as per need and destination location.

convert vsd file to vsdx

Click on the convert button for conversion.

Features of Visio VSD to VSDX converter:-

  1. Software upgrade unlimited number of Visio files in some clicks
  2. The Software convert all the drawing shapes from VSD to VSDX.
  3. Tool convert batch VSD file to VSDX without Visio files
  4. It is a 100 % secure software to upgrade VSD file to VSDX files.
  5. The conversion speed of VSD file to VSDX is very fast and accurate
  6. VSD to VSDX Converter tool provide option to choose the destination path of converted files.
  7. Utility offers the separate option to save converted files in same source folder.
  8. Tool provides the 30+ saving option to convert Visio files

If you’re searching a solution how to batch upgrade visio VSD to VSDX latest file format. This article will solve your query convert Microsoft Visio files with complete steps. Use the demo version of the tool to examine its working process and features of the tool.

Frequently asked question.

Q1:- For this to work, users will need to be familiar with programming languages?

Ans:-No, Not required any technical knowledge and programming languages.

Q2:- Software support only VSD File?

Ans:- No, software support multiple formats of Viso files.

Q3:- Can I run the Visio converter software on Windows 11?

Ans:- Yes, you can download and start the conversion tool on all editions of Windows operating system.

Q4:- Converted VSDX file support Visio or not?Ans:- Yes VSD and VSDX both files format supported by Visio software.


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