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Every mom can feel the eternal weight of setting a good example for her family and keeping it all together, even when it feels impossible. One way you can set an example and show love for yourself and your family is with skin and body care that is kind to people and the planet. If you’re a new mom you can start with taking a little extra care of yourself, something too many moms neglect to do, with blends like a belly cream to nourish and support your expanding skin. It’s great for mommy marks and moisturizing.

There are also plenty of other ways that natural body products can help your family and teach your loved ones how to care for their skin while being conscious of the environment. It’s time to take an honest look at your daily routine and product lineup to prioritize plant-based blends that don’t sacrifice performance.

Talk to Your Family About Being Responsible Consumers

A lot of us simply grew up using the same old drug store products. We hear that natural is better all the time, but why? Maybe you’ve already done a lot of research, but it’s a good idea to educate your family. Talk to your kids about ingredients, and why a gel deodorant without aluminum, petroleum, or baking soda is different. When you select products with natural plant ingredients, see about planting a few in the garden so that everyone can learn about what they look, smell, and feel like. Even an herb garden on the windowsill can be a fun educational project. Get your kids to smell the difference between lavender and roses!

Show Your Children What Sustainability and Community Means

Every mom has the chance to teach their family lessons about sharing or how to treat others. There are so many lessons to teach about gratefulness, reciprocity, giving, and love. Talk about why it’s important to give back with charitable giving. Involve your kids in the shopping process and show them how to recognize a brand that supports good causes and takes environmental responsibility seriously. Talk about different types of communities, and the difference between local volunteering, charitable giving, and responsible shopping. Purchasing a natural gel deodorant is a good start, but it can lead to bigger conversations about what your family does for the local community, too.

Clean Up Your Bathroom Cabinet

Instead of using products with potentially harsh ingredients, you can enjoy a brand that harnesses the power of nature throughout their collection. This strategy means cleaning up your bathroom cabinet or daily bag and replacing everything with natural alternatives.

Encourage your family to stop using harsh scents and chemical-ridden products, even when it comes to hand sanitizers. Natural deodorants, salves, creams, and other body products are much better for the whole family. It’s just a matter of showing them why and getting them involved so that they’re excited to clean out their bathroom cabinets too. You can even get thoughtful, natural first aid and healing salves designed for kids, for inevitable cuts and bumps while they’re playing.

Be Purposeful with the Small, Everyday Products Like Lip Balm

We tend not to spend much time thinking about our everyday convenience and care products. If you need lip balm or other “out and about” essentials it’s tempting to pick up whatever you see at the front of the next store you visit. It’s worth it, for you and your loved ones, to be as selective about small things like lip balm as you are about deodorant and moisturizer. Prioritize products that feature carefully sourced plants. Look for botanical blends like a Natural Lip Balm that will keep everyone’s lips happy. A great ingredient to look for is non-nano zinc oxide for UV protection. It’s safe for marine life so that the whole family can minimize the chance for sunburned lips in an eco-friendly way.

Mom Needs Extra Care, Too, So Add Self-Care Products Like a Belly Cream

You may find yourself overwhelmed sometimes; a mom’s work isn’t easy. It’s important to take some time for yourself. Find time for skin and body care when you can and look for some specialty products for your needs. If you’re a new mom and don’t have older kids to teach yet, this is a perfect opportunity for you to start your new clean skin and body routine. Practice makes perfect, and if you’re going to teach your kids about responsible body products one day, it makes sense to start with what you use on your belly while they’re getting ready to be born.

Try a belly cream that is specially crafted to target stretch marks with moisturizing plant-based butters. It doesn’t matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in; the product can help you reveal skin that feels smoothed and soothed. Find a product inspired by nature with ingredients like rosehip and jojoba seed oil for a nourishing massage you can use on your belly and breasts. Add a nursing salve that’s safe for moms and babies to reduce feelings of soreness at the nipples.

The Best Time to Start Is Today

Whether you have kids in school or you’re embarking on your first parenthood adventure, it’s never too late to become a more conscious consumer, a thoughtful community member, and make natural personal care a priority. The right skin and body care routines can help you and your family live cleaner and more comfortably. They’re also a way to get conversations started about your family’s place in the world.

About Green Goo

Whether you’re outdoorsy or wanting to clean up your household routines, Green Goo is the brand that can lend a hand to your lifestyle. They harness plants with purpose to craft a diverse selection of high-quality skin and body products for everything from your skincare routine to the next camping trip, including Bugs Be Gone essential oil tick repellent. Their slow infusion process features herbs and oils for plant-based products that are both portable and potent. Enjoy game-changing solutions like their Gel Deodorant or Rosemary Mint Shampoo that can leave you looking and feeling confident and unstoppable. Let Green Goo engage your senses with a collection that spreads goodness to your home and organizations in need. It’s time to support a brand that’s changing the world one plant at a time.

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