Benefits of Cardboard Food Packaging


Benefits of Cardboard Food Packaging are considered for several years now, the world of food packaging has been undergoing a small revolution. No more environmentally friendly hydrocarbon-based packaging: the trend is now towards eco-responsible packaging in cardboard box with lid.

And among the wide range of environmentally friendly packaging, one of them stands out: food cardboard packaging.

In this article, discover five reasons why so many companies trust food cartons to package their products, as well as a good dose of inspiration for choosing your packaging.

The benefits of cardboard food packaging for your business

Guide to choosing your food packaging

The advantages of food cartons for your business

It respects eco-responsible legislation

At present, one of the biggest challenges for catering or agrifood professionals is to subscribe to new eco-responsible legislation, which is popping up worldwide.

In the USA alone …

  • The Single-Use Plastics Directive banned single-use plastic products, such as cutlery, stir sticks, straws, and plates
  • The 3R decree aims to reduce “unnecessary” single-use plastic packaging by 100% by the end of 2025
  • The AGEC law sounds the death knell for single-use plastic by 2040

So, for your part, you must therefore find alternatives to plastic packaging to ensure that your products are packaged in line with these laws.

Good news: cardboard food containers help you in this challenge, and even participate in your eco-responsible strategy!

You have to choose your food cardboard packaging …

  • Recyclable
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Compostable
  • Reusable

It allows optimal food safety.

Yes: In custom packaging for small business cardboard food packaging does indeed protect your food products optimally and sometimes even as well as plastic packaging!

However, you must ensure that the corrugated cardboard used for your food packaging is suitable for food contact: a real essential to preserve the food you sell in it.

It adapts to your products to protect them well.

The cardboard used in the manufacture of food packaging is resistant to bursting and impact. Boxes, trays, small jars, tumblers, pizza boxes, burgers, salad bowls, bags and sachets in kraft paper, packaging for bottles … There are many formats of food packaging, adapted to each of your products, that you propose to fast food, take-out or products sold in e-commerce.

Furthermore, the right food packaging cardboard can also contain other elements to protect your food better:

Greaseproof paper, suitable for wet and oily food contact

Insulated cardboard to keep your foodstuffs cool during transport

Lids, to hermetically pack your products

Continue reading this article to find out what type of specific packaging might be right for your business! For example, it facilitates your deliveries or take-out whether you are offering takeaway or e-commerce home delivery; the good food cardboard packaging can facilitate the transport of your food.

Moreover, since July 1, 2021, catering establishments have been required by Legalism law to offer doggy bags to their customers once the on-site catering is finalized.

So take the time to choose your packaging according to the modes of transport you offer your customers. For example, opt for packaging with directly integrated handles or kraft paper bags, practical and environmentally friendly.

It is customizable and enhances your brand image.

Want to develop your brand’s customer experience? Cardboard is a great ally to do this: it can be easily personalized.

You need to ask your packaging specialist to set up printing techniques (with eco-responsible inks based on mineral oils) or very elegant embossing techniques.

You can thus obtain personalized packaging, where you integrate your logo, your brand slogan, or any other distinctive element that can contribute to your customer experience.

Some examples of food cardboard packaging to inspire you

Now that you know the benefits of cardboard food packaging, are you perhaps looking for inspiration for your food packaging?

Here is something to feed your thinking: paper and cardboard packaging adapted to the food industry and very trendy. The boxes and food trays are in cardboard.

On the one hand, food cardboard boxes allow you to protect your products securely and are available with or without a window to reveal your food or with compartments to separate your different products.

On the other hand, the trays are ideal for take-out snacking.


Do insulated boxes need to keep your products at an ideal temperature? These cardboard boxes, available in several volumes, will keep your goods cool until their final destination.


Snack boxes in cardboard, such as burger boxes or French fries pouches: ecological essentials to sell your flagship products.


Kraft paper or cardboard pastry boxes are elegant; For instance they highlight your fresh pastry products to the delight of your customers.

Cardboard pizza boxes to choose from with integrated greaseproof paper to ensure a good tasting experience for your customers.


Cardboard meal trays are aesthetic and modern; they have a base, a wedge, and a lid in kraft cardboard, as well as four sugar cane plates. What to respect the environmental standards in force, all in elegance!

Salad bowl-food-carton

Cardboard salad bowls. Their lid snaps on easily and quickly to wrap food products quickly and well.


Greaseproof Kraft Paper Sandwich Bags pass both in the oven and the grill and pass through traditional recycling channels for a well-controlled end of life.


As a result cardboard jars they ensure optimal food preservation thanks to their practical cover: slip in your salads, ice creams, and other sweets in all serenity!


Kraft paper food paper, do your products need to be packaged as closely as possible without being degraded? Then, opt for this 100% recyclable paper packaging.


The kraft paper bag, with integrated handles, facilitates the transport of your superb products.


Cardboard boxes for bottles your bottles also deserve optimal protection: choose cardboard boxes specially dedicated to these products, incorporating ultra-protective braces or cradles.


Boxes with cardboard cushioning for beer bottles: moreover flagship packaging for wine merchants, which incorporates ultra-protective wedging.


Kraft paper insulated wedging even made from Kraft paper and 100% recycled paper fibers, on the other hand this innovative cushioning material keeps your products cool and easily wraps around your product to protect them well.

Cardboard cutlery

Moreover, cardboard cutlery allows your customers to consume your food in an environmentally friendly manner and try to avoid packaging mistakes.



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