Hydrating the body is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of all the systems of our body. Daily intake of water and other healthy beverages, fruit juices, etc., regulates body temperature, lubricates the joints, and maintains proper functioning of organs. However, hydrating doesn’t mean to add on sodas and soft drinks to our daily routine. It is a proven fact that the benefits of drinking warm water are more than that of consumption of regular water. Drinking warm water in the morning and before going to bed at night is always advisable to avoid digestive issues. Moreover, it helps the body to relax and relieves the individual from congestion. Some prefer hot beverages, especially tea, in place of warm water. Others add slices of lemon, ginger, or other natural ingredients in hot water to enhance the benefits.

Need for Warm Water Grownup individuals are advised to drink eleven to sixteen glasses of water each day, amongst which most of them should be warm to meet the needs of one’s system. Warm water acts as a fuel that offers loads of energy and ensures the proper functioning of all voluntary and involuntary parts of our body. Pain in the throat area at the starting point of the esophagus also receives relief after drinking warm water. Moreover, the temperature of the water should not be too high, as it can affect the tissues and the linings of the internal passage. Lukewarm water is the best option to serve all the benefits and avoid inconvenience. Warm water washes out the germs and other infections from the abdominal area. Individuals can even drink lukewarm water in between meals to help in proper and quick digestion of the three essential meals of the day.

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Drinking in the Morning

It is a proven fact that drinking warm water in the morning will flush out the toxins which are released into our bloodstream due to the previous day’s activities. After drinking lukewarm water, the body temperature rises a bit, which in turn speeds up the metabolism rate. Our endocrine system also gets boosts up after taking warm water. Individuals mostly add the following to get better results:

  1. Honey
  2. Lemon juice and slices
  3. Ginger julienne
  4. Basil leaves

Drinking before Bed at Night

The benefits of warm water can also be felt before going to bed after a tiring day’s work. Some of the proven beliefs for which drinking warm water should be a habit are:

  1. Balances the body temperature
  2. Enhances blood circulation and metabolism rate
  3. Flushes out the toxins and keeps hydrated
  4. Relieving pain and cramps in joints, stomach, and other areas
  5. Relaxing the muscles and the tensions in the body
  6. Repairs and heals injuries and spasms
  7. Breakdown the fat molecules present in the body after eating all the meals

Drinking in All Weather Conditions

Individuals prefer to drink cooler and soothing drinks in summer; however, lukewarm water is also advisable during the summer months. Warm water in summer helps the body to stabilize its temperature with the outside environment. Sudden consumption of cold water in the scorching heat of the sun can cause serious health issues. Warm water aids in the proper functioning of the electrolytic balance of the body.

Individuals should always prefer boiled and warm water in the rainy seasons to kill the germs in the water. Moreover, taking warm water also prevents the occurrence of any digestive or stomach problems. Allergies, infections, flu, etc., are common in monsoon; thus, drinking warm water will help us stay fit and healthy. It removes germs and congestion in nasal and throat areas.

The benefits of drinking hot water are maximum in the winter months when a runny nose and sore throat are common scenarios in every household. Most individuals tend to drink less water in these months because the regular water remains cold, and it offers a shivering effect. Moreover, the tendency to consume fatty and spicy food is also enhanced during this period. Therefore, drinking warm water– cuts the fat molecules, improves digestion, relieves the nasal and throat congestions, relaxes the body’s tiredness, and offers comfort to the shivering temperature.

What Happens To The Body When Drinks Warm Water?

Warm water is a medication on its own, as it offers a whole range of benefits to the body and its system on regular consumption. Proper hydration offers a feeling of rejuvenation to the body cells and maintains nourishment. The habit of drinking warm water should be made from early childhood days to ensure proper care for the body. Some of the benefits of drinking warm water are:

  1. Mucus built up, and other upper respiratory tract infections are most common during the morning. Warm water enhances the speeding up of the passage of mucus and other symptoms of a cold.
  2. Activating the body’s metabolism rate speeds up the fat-burning process in the body. In this process, the body gains a lot of energy, and the leftover waste materials are eliminated. Thus, warm water helps to control the body weight by not allowing the fat to store up in layers.
  3. Abdominal pains are most common due to digestive tract disorders and infections. Moreover, it also hydrates and lubricates the intestinal functions of the body’s digestive tract.
  4. Detoxification of the body and activation of the endocrine system plays a major role in the healthy functioning of the body.
  5. Most women experience abdominal pain during menstruation; warm water can also reduce this inconvenience. Warm water releases the cramps and the blood clots in the passage, which restores the flow and offers relief.
  6. Individuals experiencing dental sensitivity should always prefer lukewarm water to avoid pain and uneasiness while eating or drinking. Cold water always damages the dental filling and irritates the cavities.
  7. Relaxing of the muscles, proper flow of blood, and breaking down of fats offer lightning of the skin tissues. Thus, drinking warm water also adds to the glow of the skin and maintains nourishment.


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