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The video conference market globally is valued at $6.03 billion in 2021. According to LifeSize, video conferences prove to be better than audio meetings and improves communication by 99%. Secure video conferencing API has not only helped remote work but also helped in personal communication, healthcare, and other sectors that benefit from instant virtual communication.

If your business has an app to cater to your users, you should consider integrating video calling into your website and mobile application. In this article, we’ll discuss all the benefits of integrating video conferencing API into your existing application.

What does a Video Conference API Mean?

Web video conferencing API is an application programming interface that connects an existing application to a video conference application. An API can be integrated into any existing app to provide a video calling feature in the app.

As the world goes remote, a lot of industries such as education, medicine, and healthcare require discreet communication. This is made possible using web video conferencing software. If your employees are working remotely this is a must-have to improve communication.

11 Advantages of Integrating a Video Conferencing API into your Existing Business Application

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1. Customize your App

Customization is key these days. Users want a personal touch in everything that is served to them. This brought about the concept of personalization and all businesses who want to retain their customers invest in providing personalized experiences. Self-hosted video conferencing is designed to fit into any application. You can customize your app to cater to all segments of your audience using custom navigation. All the features can be provided across different devices and browsers to cater to users.

2. Provides Improved Communication

Video conferencing integration is available across cross-platforms. This means your app can be accessed by your users on any device and any platform – web or app using the same login. The devices are synced and the users can use the updated communication on the app from any platform. If your business offers customer service through your app, then this online conferencing API does help customers by live video and pre-recorded videos. Also a live support can be provided by live video and self-help customer support can be provided using pre-recorded videos.

3. Cloud-Based Solution

Online conference API does not require physical servers as it is cloud-based. It can be accessed, scaled, and centralized to store, organize and accommodate web traffic using the cloud servers. It is a fully cloud-based solution that is hosted and stored using the cloud. This means your data is safe and you can access it anytime from anywhere in the world.

4. Enabling Virtual Communication at Work

Employees who work within offices and out-of-office can utilize video conferences to connect. It can be across borders and improves the communication between parties. Discussions can be more lively when people can see each other as videos give a personal touch when people are not physically present. This improves work relationships and fosters growth within the organization.

5. High-Quality Video Conference

Web video conferencing API provides high-quality audio and video across devices and browsers. It is scalable, versatile, and customizable to suit the requirements of any industry at any level of communication, no matter whether it’s an Internal communication within employees, external communication with clients, or interviews with candidates.

6. Save on Transportation Cost

When you integrate video conferencing into a website, your business can communicate with clients virtually with the same level of touch of a personal visit. This saves travel costs, be it within the same city or another country. Sales pitches, demonstrations, site tours, business development, all can be done using videos. Video conferencing API within your business application is a secure way for this.

7. Quick Implementation

Video chat API is ready-to-use video software that only requires integration into your software/systems. It does not require any software development or testing. It can be set up in your system in a few minutes which means you can begin using it immediately. By this your business can save time, energy, and money.

8. Cost-Effective

When you use a video API, you do not have to allocate resources and funds to build or maintain the video conferencing feature within your app or website. It is a one-time purchase that provides all the features, updates, maintenance, customization, and customer service. This proves to be a cost-effective solution when compared to building it on your own.

9. High Security

Video conferencing integration not only includes the development, testing, and maintenance of video features, it also includes security. All the permissions required for usage of video conferencing within the app across platforms are taken care of by the API. Permissions, encryption, and coding is already done to ensure that videos can run smoothly on the application.

10. Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI enables several functionalities within an app such as seamless interactions, filtering content, transcribing, and saving the data on the cloud. AI helps in recognizing faces, concepts, adding captions to videos automatically, categorizing videos, enhancing videos using super-resolution. It can also detect inappropriate content in videos, recognize facial expressions using its emotion API. These help in signing in authentic users, security aids, reduces manual labor of adding captions and categorizing videos.

11. Uninterrupted Business Flow

Self-hosted video conferencing enables live video streaming, video calling, video conference, audio calling, real-time messaging, video recording, group calling, screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboard, and a virtual assistant. Apart from these, several other features are provided to businesses based on the requirements of the business and customization that is required in integrating the API into your website and app.


Now that you know the 11 advantages of integrating a video conferencing API into your app and website, you can use it to take your business to further heights.

It is a ready-to-use API that will provide you all the features and functionalities that your business needs duly customized to suit your audience. Video conferencing API can be used for internal and external communication.

If you have two apps for internal and external communication, you can benefit from integrating the API into both and utilize its functionality to the fullest.


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