Imagine signing into multiple applications every day to perform a routine task in your office. Sounds frustrating, right? Most of the time, the employees or the users feel demotivated and this decreases their interest in work. 

The technology sector is a booming industry where new technologies are launched frequently. Nowadays, a number of applications are available and are launched continuously as a solution to most of the user problems. However, the availability of multiple applications has its own shortcomings. As users sign up for more applications, the ease of use becomes a daunting task as they find it difficult to juggle between applications. 

As a result, the companies were in need of a solution that acts as a common bridge between these applications. The concept of integration was a great saver for companies. This helped them to make the data available between applications in a secure environment. Companies integrate with multiple applications to manage their business workflow. Owing to the decrease in redundant work, companies prefer boosting their business by associating with various software providers. One such technology with soaring popularity is Single Sign-On (SSO).

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a method that allows users to sign into multiple applications with a single username and password. It is acquiring access to more than one application with a single set of credentials in a secured environment. Nowadays, companies have begun utilizing this technology in their business operations for better performance and greater yield. This prevented users from facing the trouble of managing several usernames and passwords. Instead, they can use a single set of credentials across multiple applications. 

Coinciding with this, Apptivo allows its users to create accounts in Apptivo with other software providers for increased profits and enhanced security. 

Why Single Sign-On is a necessity

Override Password Fatigue

Since its inception on January 1, 1983, the number of people using the internet facilities is skyrocketing at a galvanizing level. Organizations are switching to cloud databases to manage their workflow. However, the problem is, it doesn’t involve one single application.

In most cases, businesses use multiple applications and software to manage their workflow, and the employees leveraging these applications are often asked to create multiple passwords that are strong and unique. It becomes difficult to remember multiple passwords and the end result – password fatigue. 

Due to password fatigue, employees tend to create weaker passwords and compromise their data security. By implementing SSO, your employees can create a single password that is distinct. Through a single set of credentials, they can effortlessly gain access to several applications that are integrated and secured. 

Further, SSO simplifies the password management process. The combination with identity security techniques like two-factor authentication helps businesses to effortlessly improve the security of their business operations online. 

Increase Productivity

Imagine, you have hired a new batch of employees in your company. They are freshers who need training. Your business operations mandate multiple applications online to generate revenue. To assist them, there is an onboarding team.

However, the biggest time consumption during the training process is creating multiple accounts with strong passwords. This is tedious and hence, pressurizes the new employees. The trainers also have to face a daunting task that involves educating them on multiple platforms, along with an overview of the login process involved in each platform or app. 

When you integrate all your applications with a single login credential, the time consumed on multiple login processes is drastically reduced and further, the trainers also can focus on more productive tasks. 

Moreover, the implementation of SSO increases the speed of your employees. In an organization where several employees work on the same applications, SSO prevents third-party intrusions and malware attacks. 

The most outstanding result – Your employees will be motivated to enjoy a digital experience without any hassle, and more employees will start using all your applications. 

Decrease Help Desk Costs

According to Gartner, 20% to 50% of IT help desk calls are for password resets every year. When your help desk team has tasks on better and more pressing issues, they are occupied with multiple password reset requests. This matures into a complex issue if each employee has a separate set of login credentials for every application. 

When your company has an SSO approach in your workflow, the workload of your IT help desk team is decreased substantially. As SSO is in operation, the effort on account maintenance lessens. Hence, the number of calls, emails, and messages asking for help for lost passwords decreases simultaneously thereby, minimizing the money invested in help desk teams. 

The implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) mitigates security risk where your IT employees can focus on fortifying your company’s cloud security rather than managing multiple user accounts. This shift concentrates more on the quality of your security systems, paving the path for advanced security level optimization. 

On the other hand, your employees also need not spend time logging into multiple applications and focus more on productive tasks that are profitable to your business. Employees can use their SSO login credentials on any device, even when they are away from their desk without compromising security. 

Smooth Access To External Applications

The main purpose of technology is to simplify your work operations. If you have stopped using any software because of any glitch in usability, then it marks the failure of that technology. This is applicable when the sign-up process or login process is complicated for employees. 

By creating an easy sign-up ecosystem through SSO, there is a higher chance of employees using the application. They will not get tired of the software and pay attention to obtaining better outcomes from the software. 

Multiple sign-ups or sign-in processes discourage employees. At some point, they might get tired of using these applications. However, SSO will create a secured environment where employees can enjoy a better user experience and your business can utilize the outcomes. 

Irrespective of the number of applications that you use in your business management, SSO will help businesses to streamline their operations with better security.

How Apptivo help businesses

Apptivo is an online cloud suite of 65+ business management applications that serves the purposes of multiple industry requirements. It is not related to a single business purpose. Instead, its versatile nature brings together different departments in your business and helps to achieve a common goal. It has department-based applications that work individually as well as in sync with other departments. 

The prime advantage of the Apptivo business management application is that it is suitable for any business purpose. It is completely customizable and adaptable to serve the needs of any business with minimum setup. It has a detailed security access level that helps managers to determine the accessibility of each user. The managers can predefine the view, create, and edit access of records across multiple applications. Apptivo focuses on security at the grassroots level. The administrator can determine the accessibility of each field in a particular application. These fields are dynamic and can function when a particular condition is satisfied for that field. 

We are in an era where artificial intelligence and automation are a significant part of our technology and applications. Software companies across the globe are continuously introducing new features that support automation and reduce the manual effort of humans. Apptivo has a number of automation facilities that save the time spent on redundant tasks by employees. For instance, Apptivo’s triggers feature is popular for its ability to automatically create, update, or delete records based on predefined criteria. This feature also lets employees receive notifications, update values in fields, or create activities like scheduling appointments or log calls automatically. 

The SSO feature of Apptivo enables your employees to create accounts and log into Apptivo using their Gmail, Office 365, PayPal, Xero, and Apple login credentials. By this, you can save the hassle of creating a separate account in Apptivo and maintaining a unique set of credentials. With SSO, you can securely sign in to Apptivo and have all your data synced according to your user requirement. Along with this, based on the application used, selective data available in the concerned applications will automatically synchronize with your Apptivo account. For instance, if you do not want your data in your Xero account to be synced with your Apptivo account, you can effortlessly disable that sync from the Ledger app of Apptivo. Apptivo provides the users with all the options to make the user application across the software easy. 

Likewise, when you sign up using your G Suite account, all your tasks, events, and emails will be synced with Apptivo once the sync option is enabled. The tasks, events, or emails available in your Apptivo account will be displayed in the G Suite account and vice versa. This avoids double work and prevents any type of double booking or sending the same emails multiple times to a single customer. 


With the continuous launch of new applications every day, it is a redundant task if users have to create a separate account for each application and manage them. By utilizing the SSO feature with a strong security system, businesses can worry less about the maintenance and operation costs and pay attention to other important projects to improve overall productivity.

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