It has long been people’s dream to create machines that can make their own decisions. While this thinking machine is a staple of many science fiction films, a full-size machine is a distant dream.

But we have come a long way in this area and now we are in a situation where we are always surrounded by instances of “weak AI” or “weak AI”. It is a machine or program that can perform certain, simple, or complex tasks on its own, and too efficiently.

For example, a driverless car can take you from your house to the office, taking into account traffic conditions, environmental factors, etc. There are many digital assistants on the market like Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri which make our life easier.

Yet there has always been a debate going on since the inception of the idea of ​​artificial intelligence. Opinions differ as to whether humans dig their graves by inventing intelligent machines or contributing to the catapulting of a higher human civilization.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits and risks of artificial intelligence and decide for yourself.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Improve Work Efficiency

AI-powered systems are well trained to perform every task that humans perform. Using AI technology ensures excellent work efficiency. The AI ​​engine corrects the human error and delivers the best business results.

In addition, the AI-based engine can operate 24 * 7. For example, the AI ​​Chabot can understand and answer client questions at any time. So, AI chat assistants will increase company sales.

 2 Reducing Operating Costs

By using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms like deep learning and neural networks, the system can perform repetitive tasks efficiently. In addition, ML-powered systems eliminate the need to write code every time you learn new things.

Machine Learning can optimize a machine’s ability to learn new patterns of information. So compared to humans, AI machines can reduce operating costs. For example, an AI engine can perform a task repeatedly without interruption or change in results.

 3 Help with Repetitive Tasks:

We do so many repetitive jobs in our daily lifestyle, like verifying errors on certain documents, writing thank you posts, etc. Using AI technology, we can automate these tedious tasks without repetition and we can eliminate human tactile work.

Example: In all banks, employees cannot. documents to approve loans, which is recurring work for employees. Using artificial technology, we can automate the verification process to the benefit of both customers and bank owners.

4.Let Machines Make Quick Decisions

AI uses machine learning and deep learning to facilitate machines making decisions quickly. AI-powered systems can clarify data, draw patterns and deliver results faster than anyone else. For example, an AI-based Chess game on windows. Based on the AI ​​algorithm used behind the app, it takes easy and fast movements in seconds.

  1. Independent Learning from Data

AI technology enables systems to learn from data. Not only with AI but by using deep learning and ML techniques, AI technology explains how to learn from certain data. Artificial Intelligence Online Training is one of the best training centre.

  1. Finally, Automate and Improve Work Processes

Based on the advantages of AI above, it is evident that AI-powered machines automate end-to-end work processes. The AI ​​engine processes the provided data securely. In addition, data provides valuable insights. This will then open up new business opportunities. Thus, the overall business performance improves.


  1. Harassment Can Be a Serious Threat

With the increasing adoption of AI, attention to artificial intelligence technology is also increasing in many ways. For example, misuse of AI-powered autonomous weapons could lead to mass annihilation. This means that if autonomous weapons are in the wrong hands, they will turn against the people. Therefore, AI is a major threat to humans in the future.

  1. Data Discrimination

Super intelligent machines can collect, store and process large amounts of user data. However, the downside is, these machines can use your personal information without your permission. AI will bring many benefits to society, but unfortunately, its high ability is used to carry out harmful or dangerous actions.

  1. Reduce Work

AI is trending in the market. Experts estimate that AI will eliminate about 75% of jobs in the future. Most industries are already using AI machines, devices, and applications. So, replacing people with AI machines could lead to global unemployment.

As a result of using AI, the human workforce must depend on machines to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, employees lose their creative power.

4 Make people lazy

Artificial Intelligence is definitely making people lazy with its apps that automate most tasks. It is possible that people will get caught up in this advanced technology which could cause problems for future generations.

  1. Lack of Box Thinking

The AI ​​engine cannot think outside the box. They can only do what they have registered. Although they can make tasks easier and faster, AI machines cannot touch the power of human intelligence.

AI devices can store massive amounts of information and image patterns, but cannot map data as needed without the slightest human intervention.

  1. High AI Platform Costs

The development of an AI system is very costly, because it is a complex machine. Then, AI engine maintenance requires a very large cost.

The built-in software program in the AI ​​engine needs to be upgraded to give the best results. In this case, if serious damage occurs to the system, the code recovery process can be a waste of time and money.

Conclusion –

Every coin has two sides and Artificial Intelligence is no different. AI pros and cons have been the talk of the town. While there are concerns associated with AI risks, one cannot ignore the convenience and benefits the growing AI stability is bringing with it.





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