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If you share a love for roller coaster rides and giant Ferris wheels, then you will adore the amusement parks in Europe. The continent is fairly popular for everything that it is a home for including its amazing amusement parks. And if you have already booked direct flights to Italy from US to fly to Europe. Then it is always beneficial to look for the top amusement parks in Europe to include at least one in your travel plans.

Let’s know the best amusement parks in Europe

Disneyland, France

Easily the most popular amusement park in the world, visiting Disneyland is on every other person’s bucket list. No matter if you are a child, toddler, or have retired already you can’t get over the charm of this majestic amusement park.

Having everything you loved as a child, Disneyland is inspired by your favorite characters from Disney movies and shows. Name a character and you will find it here at Disneyland including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Moreover, the park also hosts an amazing firework show you will adore along with the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Europapark, Germany

If you are taking direct lights to Germany from USA then you must include this theme park in your travel itinerary. This theme park is the second most popular theme park in Europe and the first one in Germany. Following Disneyland, France, this theme park is the must-visit amusement park in Europe.

Residing in the southwestern parts of Germany, this theme park offers 12 roller coaster rides to its guests. So, if you share a love for amazing roller coaster rides you know exactly know where you should visit. Besides this, one of the roller coaster rides in this theme park gains its charge from a diamond mine.

Parc Asterix, France

A theme amusement park, Parc Asterix enjoys good popularity in France and the other European regions. If you share a love for the story of the Asterix, then you will adore visiting this popular theme park in France. A popular attraction in France, this theme park is just 32 km away from Disneyland Paris and a great stop after a visit to Disneyland.

The park is popular for its great roller coaster rides and is famous among European people who love thrill-seeking adventures. Along with great rides, this theme park is also a great sight for tourists depicting the Egyptians and their styles.

Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

A famous amusement park in Denmark, Tivoli Gardens is standing here since 1843. Hence, being the second oldest amusement park in Denmark, this park receives millions of visitors every year. Besides this, it is also the second most popular seasonal theme park across the globe.

Having many recognitions, this theme park is a perfect adventure for thrill-seeking souls. Moreover, by visiting here you will also get to visit the 4th most visited park in Europe.

PortAventura, Spain

A luxury theme park of Spain, PortAventura attracts about 4 million guests every year. Easily the most visited Spanish Theme Park, this national park enjoys the same popularity across Europe. And this makes it the 6th most visited theme park in Europe with resort facilities.

This theme park is the home of 4 hotels and a Costa Caribe Aquatic Park with a lot of water sports. Moreover, this park is a perfect retreat for water games lovers. As a result, this theme park provides every experience that its guests may look for. Residing in the southernmost area of Barcelona the resort is easily accessible from two of the city’s main airports. Having 5 theme areas this theme park is just a 30-minute ride away from Barcelona’s main airport.

Gardaland, Italy

A popular theme park residing in the northeastern parts of Italy, this theme park is one of its kind. As a result, this theme park is one of the top 10 amusement parks in the world. Moreover, this park receives the 8th highest number of visitors in Europe in a year.

Otherwise known as Gardaland Sea-Life, this theme park shares its borders with the beautiful Lake Garda. Receiving 3 million tourists per annum this theme park has everything that you have been looking for.

Futuroscope, France

Another French beauty, this theme park has a record of receiving 46 million visitors since its opening day. Being the best-known and most popular theme parks in France, this theme park knows how to keep visitors interest. Spread over a vast area of 60 hectares, this theme park is one of its kind European theme parks.

Moreover, the park provides 25 unique experiences to its travelers that they can’t witness anywhere else in Europe. This theme park is a paradise for adventure lovers with the best opportunities to relax. Therefore, this park is the best place to take a break from your hectic daily life. The main attraction of this French theme park is the amazing 3D and 4 D rides it provides.

Grona Lund, Sweden

A popular theme park in Sweden, this theme park is residing on a beautiful island and is compact. This comparatively smaller theme park is the main attraction of people visiting Djurgarden island. Spread over 30 acres of land, this theme park has over 30 attractions for adoring on your visit here.

Moreover, this theme park has an island beauty touch to it that is adorable to island bugs. Also, Sweden’s oldest amusement park, this park is standing here since 1883. Besides this, the park has a unique location that easily grabs visitors’ interest with its 19-century-old buildings.

Walibi, Belgium

A unique travel and leisure park, this theme park enjoys good popularity in the land of Belgium. In the first place, this theme park has 40 attractions including 16 that are dedicated to children. Besides this, the theme park has everything from an aquatic park, theme rides, roller coasters, and everything else.

Moreover, this ideal theme park has an attraction for all age groups making it a great family-friendly visit. The park has River, Calamity Mine, and many other attractions to explore with your friends and family.

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