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There are a ton of great Arab TV series, but which are the best? Here are a few suggestions. Awake, Takki, and Secrets of the Nile are great choices. You can also check out the movies listed below. Those are the ones you’ll want to watch. Regardless of your tastes, there’s bound to be an Arab TV series that appeals to you. But which ones are worth your time and money?

Al Hayba

If you’re in the mood for an Arabic drama, you should check out Al Hayba, a new television show that is based on a novel by the Egyptian author Jumaah al-Libi. Directed by Samer Barqawi, the series stars Taim Hasan and Nadine Nassib Njeim as members of a fictional Lebanese family. Set in the 2010s, Al Hayba follows the lives of a family who are all trying to survive a gruesome accident.

The storyline revolves around an area of Lebanon, where two countries meet: Syria and Lebanon. In this small town, two rival clans vie for power and control of the smuggling routes. One of the clans, the Jabal, tries to balance his family affairs with his rivalry. This is an epic drama that will have you rooting for the characters. And if you’re in the mood for a little drama, you’ll find plenty of it to watch on Netflix.

Secrets of the Nile

Among the top Arab television series on Netflix, Egyptian drama Secrets of the Nile has taken the crown. The 30-episode series, produced by Egyptian production company Beelink Productions and Eagle Films Middle East, is the first Arabic-language drama to be available on the service. The show is centered around intrigues, love stories, and family inheritance struggles. But is it the best Arab TV series? Let’s take a closer look.

The series is based in Egypt, and it was a hit when it came out, as it reflected high-society schmoozing and a young woman’s dream of becoming a television writer. It follows her as she pursues her dream and deals with death in the family. Although the plotlines can take ten or twenty hours to get going, the actors in Secrets of the Nile are excellent, and the overall production value is great.


Netflix’s second original Middle Eastern series, Takki, is a compelling tale of a young Saudi filmmaker navigating the pressures of a rich-kid school. With Arabic dialogue and English subtitles, Takki tackles themes like bullying and social taboos, as well as romance and rivalry among young Arab men. Takki is named after the Saudi slang “takki,” which means “to relax.”

The web series was originally produced in Saudi Arabia and premiered in February 2012. Netflix recently bought the series and it has since gained international recognition. Takki follows the lives of young Saudi men and women and is a welcome change from the usual regional soap operas. The show is also very well made, with excellent character development and a plot that delves into the social and political challenges of Saudi youth. Takki also offers plenty of opportunities for audience participation and feedback.

Finding Ola

If you love the Arabic language, you are sure to enjoy Finding Ola. It is a story of a divorced woman and her ex-husband. It takes a lot of courage to stay strong in the face of life’s trials. But it is also one of the best Arab TV series. The story entails a lot of drama and intrigue. Ola has a tough life as her husband is a former fighter. She has two kids to raise and a business to run. Her journey will take her to become a self-actualized woman.

Inspired by the life of Ghada AbdelAal, Finding Ola is an upcoming Arabic-language TV series starring actress Hend Sabry as the main character. The story revolves around her relationship with her mother, her friends, and her self-discovery. As a mother, Ola strives to make her daughter feel accepted and wanted. Ola has a complicated past, which she is determined to mend.

Malak Rahma

The title of this Arabic TV series is a play on the word ‘face’, which means face. The series, which is written and directed by the Egyptian director Karim El Shenawy, revolves around the social issues that face Egypt’s youth today. The series stars a number of Egyptian actors, including Ahmed Badir, Nour, and Khaled Al-Nabawy.

The series is based on true events and features a female intelligence unit that uncovers terrorist plots and plans to divide the Arab world. It stars Amir Karara, Naeem El-Khanna, Jihane Khalil, and Mohamed Farag. Other actors include Mahmoud Abdel Moghni, Reham Hajjaj, and Tawfiq Abdel Hamid.

For Sama

‘For Sama’ is an emotional and intimate documentary about a young Syrian mother’s experience of war. The story follows Waad al-Kateab and her family through the five years of the Syrian uprising. Waad falls in love with Sama, and they eventually marry. The couple’s daughter Sama is born, and during this time, conflict escalates around them.

While the political and social conditions in Syria are complex and tense, the drama is a powerful and moving story of the human spirit. It explores what it means to be human and fight a tyrant for a better life. While this story is often portrayed as a dramatic and violent one, it is a remarkably affecting and moving drama. You will be moved by the end of every episode.

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