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For care, you can use table salt, vinegar, beer, vinegar, potatoes in raw form, turpentine, dishwashing liquid, gasoline, and vegetable oils as table salt, vinegar, beer, vinegar, potatoes.

As tools, it is best to use a soft type of cloth, cotton swabs, a piece of genuine leather, a piece of a soft brush.

It is worth getting a separate bowl and a container, which will serve for mixing ingredients in the preparation of the cleaning solution.

Concentrating liquid for cleaning products made from natural wood of the Nordland Polyrolla, Unicum brand, from household chemicals. They can effectively remove all kinds of everyday pollution, return the natural brilliance of the surface, prevent drying of the tree. After the cleaning operation, a protective layer remains, which is able to hold dust for a long time.

To clean polished furniture from the stains we’ve seen. Now we move on to efficient care methods.

To prevent dust from sticking to the surface of the cabinets for a long time, you can prepare the following folk remedies. You need to take any shampoo in the amount of one hundred grams, the same amount of antistatics, dilute both of these substances in eight hundred grams of water and mix thoroughly. The surface is then wipe with a soft cloth dip in this solution.

Another good recipe involves mixing olive oil and wine vinegar in the same proportions. Applying this solution is best done using soft tissue. After processing, you need to rub with dry ingredients. For example, flannel fabric.

Interesting way – a brass tampon moistened with oil. Cotton fabric is attached to the top of it. Butter begins to leak through it. Thus, it turns into a very convenient tool in purification from pollution. Oil residue is removed by a flannel rag.

What to clean polished outdoor furniture sets with fat spot fingers? Beer is a great tool. It should be heated with a piece of wax. And then a cool solution for understanding problem areas with pollution. The application should be made of wool fabric.

You can use used tea welding. It is going to the cotton cloth, and then it is rubbed places with traces of grease and dirt on the surface of the product. It is able to refresh it very well.

For cleaning, milk is use. It is moisten with a soft cloth, it is cleav by the plots with contamination. And then their remains are clean with a flannel cloth.

How to best clean polished furniture from spots, and what techniques to use in the next section.

First of all, it is worth noting that it is not recommend to use alcohol and acetone in pure form. They need to breed.

Contamination is thoroughly clean using a standard method – soapy water. It is apply with a soft cloth. And then, in order to shine, the surface is wipe with natural wool material.

Water divorces are also well remove by soap. The main thing is to always clean the surface after treatment with the solution. Stains from fingers can be remove by rubbing them with talc or by chopping fresh potatoes.

More serious contaminants are remove using other recipes. Old stains are remov using vegetable oil. Then it is clean with a wet cloth, and to give shine, the surface is wipe with a soft cloth.

How to clean polished rattan dining sets furniture from fat spots using flour? Such pollution is first poured and then lubricated with vegetable oil. Oil can be mix with ethyl alcohol in equal proportions. Such a solution is a well-clean fat, which is then remov with a swabbing cloth.

To remove traces from hot surfaces, for example, iron, you need to apply a conventional cook salt. It is place in a soft tissue, soaked in sunflower oil, and wipes the problem plot with the resulting tool.

How to clean polished furniture from old stains? Use vinegar. It needs to cut a little, then the swab is moist in it, and the resulting solution is apply to the problem contamination. After processing, swish the surface dry and then apply shoe cream without paint for polishing.

Polished Furniture Care Rules

You should always observe the following rules in cleaning operations:

  • if one of the family members, allergic should eliminate the use of household chemicals, and apply only folk remedies;
  • To wipe the surface and damage it, use only a soft cloth;
  • If you have a thread product, it is clean using a soft brush;
  • Do not forget to use the support under the hot to get to the surface of the unpleasant spots;
  • To remove contaminants, do not use acetone or alcohol in its pure form, only in diluted form, as the product burns out of them;
  • Such products cannot be place next to artificial heating systems.

How to wash and wash polished furniture

It is necessary to take care of polished furniture from time to time, not allowing large accumulations of dirt and dust. In the production of masks are cover with protective resins to prevent deformation of the web, and then polish is apply. Due to long-term operation, the upper layer is eras, and the headset dims.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of professional tools for polishing furniture in the form of aerosols, creams, and concentrates. The composition of Polyrol and includes:

Wipe the furniture is only a soft cloth so as not to damage the smooth surface. It is recommend to use WPLANE, BIKE, FEEL, IV, as well as microfiber. It is strictly forbid to rub the stain with a metal scraper and a hard sponge for washing dishes.

Wax material structure aligned;

  1. Natural oils and silicones, give the headset a shine;
  2. Solvents clean the surface from stains;
  3. tastes that attach a pleasant smell;
  4. Antistatics that prevent the attraction of dust to the surface.

Cleaning furniture with the help of special household chemicals contributes to an increase in the duration of operation: a protective layer is formed on the facades, which prevents the penetration of moisture, protects against sunlight, masks scratches and materials Increases wear resistance.


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