Best Place to Stay in Goa

Is the trip to Goa with your friends or loved ones are in your bucket list?

Have you planned a trip to Goa with your friends?

Were you successful in making that Goa trip plan to reality or still waiting?

Goa is the smallest state of India located on the Konkan coastline. Every year, the smallest state receives the highest number of tourists to witness its natural beautiful beaches, enjoy night parties at world-famous clubs and experience the cultural heritage of colonial times.

The festive season in India is at its peak and this is the best time to visit Goa as the weather remains pleasant during this time of the year. If you are also planning to visit Goa with your friends, this blog is apt for you.

Here, in this blog, we will recommend the best place to stay in Goa which is a backpackers hostel where you can uniquely enjoy your vacations.

Yes, you are thinking right, we are talking about Anjoned Café & Hostels which is regarded as the best backpacker hostel in North Goa. So, let us see some of the qualities of this hostel cum cafe that makes it stand unique from other places to stay.

Located in an Easily Accessible Location

Booking your accommodation at the wrong place can spoil the whole of your Goa vacation. What if you book such a hostel or resort or hotel where you cannot reach easily and from where it is difficult to explore other parts of Goa? Yes, the wrong location of your accommodation will be enough to make your vacations more exhausting.

While selecting the place to stay in Goa, you should consider some of the factors such as connectivity of the area to the other parts of the state, accessibility of transportation, nearby location and nearby tourist areas.

Us, we advise you to stay near Anjuna, Vagator, Candolim or Calanguete. If you want to enjoy the hip-hop life of Goa. These areas are well-connected with the other parts of Goa; making these places the best locations to stay in Goa.

Anjoned Café & Hostel is located near Anjuna beach. The location of this hostel cum cafe is appealing as you can explore the whole of Goa by staying at this backpacker hostel in Anjuna North Goa. The nearby tourist attractions to this hostel include Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Flea Market etc.

You can visit the beautiful beaches of Goa any time of the day by staying at Anjoned due to its easy reachability. You can visit the nearby tourist attractions on your foot making your Goa vacations pocket-friendly as transportation in Goa is quite expensive.

Anjoned Offers a Wide Range of Accommodations

If you get a good place to relax after an exhausting day. It will add some additional stars to your overall trip. Anjoned Cafe & Hostel knows this thing very aptly, thus offering the best place to stay in North Goa.

You must be thinking that as it is a backpacker hostel in Goa, it must be accommodating only bachelors. No, you are somewhat wrong as this hostel offers a wide range of accommodations to their guests. This hostel offers mixed dorm rooms, private rooms & family rooms.

It indicates that this place is the perfect place to stay for all types of travellers. Who came to Goa to enjoy their vacations and rejuvenate them. Irrespective of the type of accommodation, all three types are fully equipped with modern amenities such as clean beds & linens, air-conditioners, spacious & clean bathrooms etc.

A place to Make New Friends

Nowadays, the trend of opting for a solo trip is increasing. Many domestic, as well as international travellers, are coming to Goa as solo travellers. If you are also such a type of traveller and looking to make some new like-minded friends explore Goa together, Anjoned Café & Hostel can be the right place for you.

There is a common area in this hostel where you can meet other guests and become friends with them. There are also different indoor games that you can play with co-travellers. That will widen the scope of becoming friends with new people.

Now a major aspect comes regarding the safety of female solo travellers in Goa. If you are a female solo traveller and staying at Anjoned, you need not worry about your safety. This hostel is considered one of the best places to stay for solo travellers in Goa as the staff of this hostel is well-trained. If you experience any suspicious incident from any of the staff members or other guests. Then you can directly complain about it to the management.

Possessed With the Great Cafe & Bar

There is a famous saying that “Any trip is incomplete without having delicious food”. We feel that this is real because if you will be able to satisfy your appetite.

Finding the best place to eat in North Goa is not child’s play. You must consider the fact that Goa is such a place where food is expensive and you cannot focus on hit & the try method to find the best cafe for you as it will create a hole in your pocket.

Anjoned Café & Hostel is equipped with a multi-cuisine cafe. It would not be an exaggeration if we term this place the best cafe in Anjuna due to the mouthwatering dishes it serves. The dishes are prepared by qualified chefs who know how to force a customer to lick his fingers. The delicious dishes offered by them are freshly made. As this cafe is highly famous in the nearby area, guests visit frequently. Due to this, there is no chance that you will be served stale food.

Here in this cafe, you will be able to get dishes from all around the world. The major cuisine that is served in their cafe includes Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. All the dishes are reasonably priced which can help you in completing your budget trip to Goa. This cafe serves its guests round the clock which means you can order food 24×7.

If you are a partyholic, can you imagine a trip to Goa without having any booze? It’s a big “No” and the bar at Anjoned facilitates this by offering you different domestic & international alcoholic drinks to make your vacations more memorable.

Don’t you booze? No issue at all as this bar incorporated at Anjoned offers a wide variety of soft drinks also. You can order drinks from the bar at any time of day or night which gives you a kind of freedom to enjoy your trip in your way.


So, now you must be clear about the best place to stay in Goa. Anjoned Café & Hostel is a blend of comfort and home automation where you can feel like a home away from home. This hostel not only offers a comfortable stay but also fantastic food.

The icing on the cake is the price of the accommodation and food here which is incomparable.. So, next time just book your stay with them to gather lifelong memories at the end of your trip. We ensure that if you plan your stay with Anjoned while visiting Goa. It would help you in collecting the best lifetime memories of your trip.


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