Best places to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is an island state in the eastern corner of the world. Geographically speaking, it is south of the islands of Japan and Taiwan. East off the coast of mainland Indian subcontinent and north of Australia and west to Papua New Guinea. In the prehistoric era, when the ice age occurred, mainland China was connected to Indonesia. Hence, the people from Taiwan reached here via Thailand, resulting in similar facial features. Today, Indonesia is blessed with more than 270 million, which is massive compared to its size. Statistically speaking, this is almost the same number as the United States, while being a hundred times smaller in size. 

The state of Indonesia is an amalgamation of cultures, serene scenery, and huge metropolitan cities. The state is composed of more than 13500 islands and even more adventures. Every tourist that comes here has something to do and see. For example, you can spend your days visiting different historic temples or go trekking onto volcanic trials. You can even go underwater diving, which is a 

largely untapped source of entertainment here.

Explore the original medieval vibes of the country by visiting one of its several villages. See the far-off villages of Tana Toraja or shop from the bustling areas of Jakarta. Talking about nature, there is the Active volcano, Anak Krakatau, whose treks are famous for their serene landscapes. Then there is our favourite Bali, which has become somewhat of a honeymoon paradise in recent times. 

However you choose to explore the city, one thing is for sure, you will have one. Appreciate the nation for its beautiful nature and dive into its deep cultural history. Let’s not waste any more time and get in the groove of things with our article about Indonesia’s best places to visit.

Visit the beaches of Bali.

First, on our list of places to visit in Indonesia. Bali is most popularly known as an island of beautiful beaches. Every Year, thousands of tourists drop in the city for its beautiful and serene beaches. In recent years, it has become somewhat of a honeymoon paradise. You will find couples wherever you go, or maybe you will be one of those couples that visit here. If you are looking for a beach getaway, this is the place for you. Register yourself in one of Bali’s many luxury resorts and kick your shoes off. You will be able to soak the sun, drink some pina Coladas, and spend time with your loved ones. 

Additionally, apart from all the touristy stuff, the city is loaded with cultural hotspots that are just awaiting your visits. When they hear of the islands, the first thing that comes into someone’s mind is its beautiful sands and serene white water, and it surely won’t disappoint.

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Borobudur was inherited in the eighth century and built looking like a traditional Buddhist artistry. This old sanctuary is perhaps the most well known and socially critical tourist spot in Indonesia. It is one of the top UNESCO World Heritage locales. Additionally, it is viewed as one of the best Buddhist destinations on the planet. It is truly one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

The monstrous sanctuary was forgotten for quite a long time when it is accepted that a large part of the populace moved to eastern Java because of volcanic ejections. In any case, it was rediscovered during the 1800s and, today is one of the principles that attract Java. 

Definitely, you should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

See the Orangutans of Borneo 

No excursion to Indonesia would be finished without seeing a few orangutans. Fortunately, Borneo is a great spot to visit these lovely and imperilled animals. Even though orangutans live in the wild, a few asylums safeguard and ensure orangutans. This is done as land advancement encroaches on their regular living space. In Kalimantan, Borneo, the Tanjung Puting National Park is an abode to the biggest orangutan population on the planet. Additionally, this place also serves as a home to different primates, birds, and reptiles. 

You can still see Apes at the Orangutan Center of Bohorok in Bukit Lawang, a travel industry town in the Sumatran wilderness on the off chance that you do not visit Borneo. 

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The beautiful and fun Gili Islands 

The Gili Islands are a significant attraction to Lombok. They have originated in prevalence amongst visitors and sightseers throughout the long term. These pleasant islands offer seashores that rival those of the island in their excellence. The place has favourable circumstances for deep-sea diving and, in any event, swimming at a turtle asylum. In this scenario, you are looking forward to meeting Turtles, don’t worry. You can visit one of the turtle incubation offices here, where thousands of turtles are hatched every year.

Kayaking is additionally mainstream in the Gilis. If you’re looking for a spot to reconnect with your body, you will discover a few yoga classes. However, the Gili Islands give a more loose yet invigorating option in contrast to mainstream Bali.

The Komodo National Park of Indonesia

Next, on our list of the best places to visit in Indonesia is the Komodo National Park of Indonesia. Who has not longed for seeing a mythical beast in any event once in their lifetime? The komodos present in Indonesia are no legendary animals. Anyway, they are fierce and dangerous creatures. 

The National Park, a UNESCO site, envelops five islands and various more modest ones, just as the encompassing marine regions. The waters off these islands are the absolute most extravagant and generally different on the planet. Don’t miss the chance of visiting this amazing place.

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