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The coworking space is considered to be one of the best alternative options for office spaces to early startup companies.

It is also the best place for freelancers to do their work in a quiet office-like environment. Out of so many, we picked the best coworking space apps which are currently operating in the US.

This blog explains the top best coworking space apps and gives a tip on how to build a coworking space app.

Let’s begin.

1. WeWork

WeWork was founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York City. By 2015, the company had 51 coworking spaces countries in the US, Europe, and Israel.

The app first asks for the location you want to find your workspace and following that, the app asks for the number of people to accommodate. It lists down the spaces available to the given search filter.

You can book a tour to see the office space in person or prefer a virtual tour.

If you like the workspace, you can book through the app and move in to your space. You can find the app is available on the Android and iOS platforms.

2. LiquidSpace

The LiquidSpace is a workspace marketplace platform founded in 2010 by Mark Gilbreath. LiquidSpace allows booking a workspace for a month or year. The platform provides the option to book a meeting room, desk, and private office on an hourly and monthly basis.

The user first enters the location, the number of people the workspace needs to accommodate, and other space requirements. The website lists suitable spaces according to the search. The user can tour the space before confirming the booking.

The app is available in the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

3. Breather

Breather was founded in 2012 by Julien Smith and Caterina Rizzi intending to provide a quiet working space for people of all professions. The company made a soft launch in Montreal before starting a full platform in New York City.

The company provides options to book a space for Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Workshops, Presentations, Classrooms, Trainings, Creative Meetings, Collaborative Spaces, Coaching Rooms, Offsites, and Events.

To rent an office space, the customers have to choose the type of space and location. They can also use search filters like amenities, attendees, and neighborhood to find their needed space quickly.

The Breather app is available on iOS and Android platform.

4. Workville

It was founded in 2016 by DJ Dashti and Sue Bernstock in New York City. Their aim was to create a friendly and flexible space. Apart from move-in ready offices and shared space, they have lounges and outdoor terraces where members can work comfortably.

Before booking a space, the platform gives an option to take a tour to know whether it is suitable for the startup.

Workville have a website where you get all the information about the offered space and book it.

5. Deskpass

Deskpass founded in 2015 by Nicole Vasquez and Sam Rosen. Currently, it is operating in 20 cities in the US. To book a space, you can go through the website or download the Deskpass android app on your phone.

They offer a monthly membership for booking a coworking space. Also they offer hourly basis booking for using a conference room, classroom, or meeting room.

To try the platform for free, you can opt for the Mini plan offering 4 visits per month.

To book any space, download the app from the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

How coworking space is beneficial?

The present coworking space environment is offering amenities like

  • Free wifi network
  • Canteen
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Gym center and lounges

Apart from regular office-goers, coworking space helps people such as freelancers and contract workers to meet their clients in an office-like environment.

How to build the best coworking space app?

To build a best coworking space app like WeWork or Deskpass, you can approach web and mobile app development companies who are experts in developing a coworking space app.

Another way to build a coworking space app is to prefer a coworking space software that is customizable and readymade, making it quicker to launch an app into the market.

There are many scripts offered from different web & mobile app development companies each being different in technology, user Interface, and the features incorporated into the script.

One of the scripts, that is very robust in performance, is RentALL Space.

The highlights of RentALL Space are,

  • It comes with all the necessary features to do the critical operations on the platform such as booking a space and paying for it.
  • Built with top technologies like React and GraphQL.
  • The platform is completely scalable. With growing customers and newly added functionalities, the platform performance is uncompromisable.

Car Parking Rental App

The world of new business ideas is getting expanded day-by-day with innovations to make people’s lives more comfortable. One such business idea is the 🚗 car parking app.

Days have come where people want to book their goods and services through an app on their smartphones, anywhere and anytime.

To make it possible, let’s start discussing the car parking app development process and how far it’ll help you run your business seamlessly and successfully.

How does the car parking rental app work?

The car parking rental app connects the parking space owners and the end-users.

The space owners list their parking spots on the app. The users look for a rentable parking spot to book it.

  • The users search for the spot by entering the location and the time.
  • The app lists down the rentable parking spots in the specified location.
  • The user applies filters to narrow down the search results.
  • The user chooses the parking spot which is safe and best. They send the booking request to the spot owner and pay for it.
  • The space owner gets notified of the booking request and accepts it.
  • The booking gets confirmed.
  • The user uses the parking spot on the booked hour.
  • After the user checks out, the space owner gets their earnings from the admin.

5 Steps to follow to build a successful car parking rental app business:

These are the 5 steps to follow while starting your own car parking rental app.

Let’s list and check them out!

  1. Figuring out the business model and the revenue model of the car parking app business.
  2. Narrowing down the features of apps and the admin panel.
  3. Choosing the on-trend and appropriate tech stack for the car parking app.
  4. Making sure you choose the right developer’s team for your app.
  5. Knowing what it costs to develop a cap parking app.

What could be the business and revenue model of your car parking app?

When it comes to choosing the business model, make sure that your platform is adaptable and flexible to the changing circumstances of your car rental business.

The right kind of business model for any online marketplace is the aggregator business model. Aggregator business works by connecting people who need particular goods or services and the people who can provide those goods or services.

To complement the aggregator business model, most business owners prefer a commission-based revenue model.

The admin of the platform will receive the payment from the user. Then he distributes the earnings to the parking spot owner after receiving his commission fees.


As there has been an increase in the number of operating cars in the US, it eventually leads to an increase in traffic congestion.

Using private parking spaces and garages can solve the parking problems in a community. The car parking rental apps help in pre-booking space and also allow people to know the available parking spot from a single app.

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