Best ways to Fix QuickBooks Registration Error

Are you finding difficulty in QuickBookssss registration? You might encounter an error in QuickBooks providing information about a registration problem. Registering your account with a valid email id and authentic details is important to access QuickBooks. You cannot access the company file or update the payroll accounts without registration. But sometimes, an individual can get variable errors or problems while registering in a QuickBooks application. No need to face any trouble with accounting software and registration problems. We will guide you with the quickest and easiest procedures that can easily fix QuickBooks registration error.


QuickBooks Registration Error Image

Error Notification

You can see different error messages giving a statement.

We are soory, but your activation was interrupted Or The validation code is incorrect Or This service is temporarily unavailable.


Reasons leading to QuickBooks Registration Error

#1: Proper internet connectivity is essential for QuickBooks to register your account. Most of the time, due to server issues or internet service facing speed delay, it will automatically block the command of registration. Moreover, the system Firewall also plays a vital role in internet connectivity as the security system of our work. Also, it blocks the QuickBooks connection with the Internet service resulting in registration failure.

#2: Some users do not update their software and experience a failure in registration because Intuit discontinues the older version after a while, and you have to update the software to get new features and a better experience, but if you are still running on the older version then there is a possibility of registration failure.

#3: Some silly mistakes like entering the incorrect licence number or product number can define our registration in QuickBooks. 


Quick procedures to fix QuickBooks Registration Error

Procedure 1: Windows Firewall Configuration 

It is Important to configure Firewall’s QuickBooks settings so your application can access the internet service and the Firewall does not block any process in the software.

  • You can press the Start button and directly search for the Window firewall setting in the search box.
  • The firewall setting Window will open where you have to select the Advance setting option.
  • By pressing the right click on the Inbound rule, you have to select a New rule option in the action box.

QuickBooks Firewall Port Create a New Rule Screenshot

  • Select the option port and move to next.
  • Ensure that you have marked the TCP option and then again go to next.
  • Now tap on Allow the Connection option and press next.

QuickBooks Firewall Port Create a New Rule Screenshot

  • Verify all the profiles are marked properly.
  • Lastly, press the finish button and then try to login into QuickBooks.


Procedure 2: QuickBooks file doctor application.

QuickBooks File Doctor tool Screenshot

QFD is the most efficient application by Intuit that can fix your registration problem. Intuit created this application to fix the damaged file present in the QuickBooks application. The tool fixes the file and removes the bugs interrupting your registration process. The application is completely AI-based, so there is no problem in resolving the problem. You can directly detect the location where you find the issue in the book, and the rest of the application will do it on its own.

Additional note: before practising any procedure, users must be aware of the application version running in your system because outdated versions can be harmful and corrupt your file. Secondly, verify that you are entering the correct password and mail ID. Sometimes users do not remember the password, so verify again before writing the password, or you can take the help of the forgotten password facility.



We hope this procedure can be helpful for you in fixing the registration errors. Moreover, you can also contact us to get better assistance. Are experienced engineers can help you fix your errors in no time. You can contact us through our helpline 1-800-615-2347 or connect with our QuickBooks error support Team for further assistance.


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