Personal Brand is the public perception of an individual based on achievements and contributions to the industry. Personal branding describes the process of positioning oneself as an authority figure in the industry. It involves differentiating oneself from his competitors to increase his circle of influence. 

You are a brand. It is formed and determined by a variety of factors that you cannot control. Your ancestors, name, moral and religious upbringing, schooling, political traditions, friends, and relatives collectively make your unique branding. All you need to do is to use your influence and reputation to advance your business.

Getting your business across is hard when you start as a small business. Every company specializes either in the manufacture of select goods or in providing unique services. So many salespeople are trying to close deals with similar products. Therefore, you need to find a way to tell you apart from your rivals. One way you can do this is through personal branding. Your business gets more visibility as your branding and reputation as a person shines through. Personal branding is not about your person alone. Your website, content, products, and company say something about you. You might need to redesign your website or publish different content for your branding. You can get the website designing services of a digital marketing agency to help you.  

Building a brand is important in any business and in your personal life. However in the current day and age, with people using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with others, you don’t need to convince someone to buy from you or your business; instead, you need to make them want to follow you online and build a relationship with you. There are several types of personal branding such as Social Media Marketing, Public Relations (PR), etc.

Colonel Sanders & KFC

Colonel Sanders is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC. When he was 40, he was selling chicken dishes in a service station. After World War 2, he started a restaurant. Initially, his customers rejected his chicken dishes. After 1,009 rejections, Sanders created the secret recipe. It was a huge success, and it was named “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” The title “Colonel” was an honorific one. After receiving the title, he repeatedly referred to himself as Colonel Sanders. White linen, glasses, goatee, and a string tie make the KFC logo. Colonel Sanders has become popular with his secret recipe and his portrait in the logo. Although KFC is under a different hand, the company uses the logo of Colonel Sanders to make profits. KFC’s revenue in 2012 was $27.9 billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo % CR7

One cannot talk about football without referring to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese footballer was eighteen when he signed to play for Manchester United. Now he has joined the hall of fame with his impressive dribbling skills. Over the years, the successful footballer has built a brand for himself. He has endorsed several products and is a brand ambassador to several products. His fans know him as CR7. The two letters stand for his name, and the numerical is his jersey number. It has become a well-known brand among football fans. CR7 now sells footwear, sportswear, and socks. He has a large following for the CR7 hashtag on Twitter and other platforms. 

How to build your Branding & Reputation

Your unique gifts and talents

The first step in building your branding is introspection about your skills, goals, passion, strengths, limitations, circumstances, niche, and contribution to society. Your friends, colleagues, and relatives know more about you than you do. Take what they say and compare it with what you know about yourself. Connecting the dots, you can create a detailed profile of yourself. 

Your unique product

Secondly, you have to choose one product or service that you will offer to the world. It will set you apart from other businesses. Your product will show your personality, values, tone, and voice. It is your offer/service with which you will bless the world. Your website and social media channels should communicate your values. If you want to redesign your website to establish your brand voice, consider the website designing services of a digital marketing agency.

Your audience

Next, you have to know who you reach out to with your product. Setting a target audience limits the competition and allows you to target with greater focus. It ensures that your money is well spent and gives you higher returns. 

Your community

The next step is to communicate with your audience to build a tribe around you. By publishing content, you stay in touch with your audience. You need to use content so that your customers find your content easy to process and understand. By creating groups on social media platforms, you can build brand affinity. 

You as a brand and your business are intertwined. What happens in one thing will affect the other. Therefore you should make sure that your company provides top-notch service. Your character affects your business too. It is essential, therefore, to invest in your personal development and the way you carry yourself. 

Attending workshops, seminars, and interviews gives you more coverage. They have a positive impact on your reputation. Wherever you go, you have to communicate your values and what your business is trying to achieve. It is a big booster to your credibility. You also should make sure to preserve your reputation. When your reputation is at risk, you also risk loss in revenue. 

Branding yourself is a process. You cannot build it in a single day. As you pay conscious attention to how you project yourself to the world, you will see your business grow together with you. 

Personal branding is a skill that can help you stand out from the crowd, and gain a competitive advantage in almost any industry. If you create an effective personal brand, it can accelerate your career, build your business and empower you to share your mission with the world. Many agencies build their own personal brand for years and have learned a lot along the way.


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