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This blog we’re going to dispel 5 commonly held misconceptions about makeup, and also provide information about the truth behind them.

In this blog, we’ll encounter a variety of misconceptions regarding Makeup. There are some truths however there are also misperceptions as well. This article will help you aware of the facts and misperceptions in Makeup.

When it comes to makeup it’s easy to fall to believe something that’s not factual. Sometimes, the eyeliner that you thought will give you the perfect winged liner of your dreams , leaves you with a racoon-like look. In other instances, you’re relying on lies that are far from reality that happen more frequently than you could ever imagine. Find out the truth and what’s not as we debunk these common makeup myths.

Myth #1 – Makeup Causes you acne

Perhaps the most well-known myths that are out there. However, it’s just an old wives legend. Cosmetics alone won’t give you acne. If you’re using makeup products that are no longer in use or aren’t appropriate with your complexion, this is where the problem starts. Today’s makeup is extremely advanced and is even infused with beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E, and Argan oil.

Myth #2: Sharing products is fine

There’s no need to worry about it. Sharing brushes or makeup products that come into close touch with the skin may be unsanitary since they collect skin cells and fluids, then transfer them to another individual, this is the way bacteria can spread. However, this isn’t the case for products that don’t require direct contact such as foundation that has pumps and are able to be shared with ease.

Myth #3 – Put Foundation on Your Wrist

When you’re looking to purchase foundations Some recommend you try the foundation on the inside on your wrist. But, this isn’t the right location. The inside of your wrist isn’t exposed to the sun as your face, and could be a shade lighter because of it. This could lead you to purchase foundation that appears like ashy and pale when applied to your face. Instead, test the color on your jawline or neck instead.

Myth #4 – Makeup doesn’t Last forever

Cosmetics aren’t created with magic, so they come with an expiration date. Certain products last for a few months like mascara , while other more durable ones such as eyeshadows last as long as a few years. Be sure to check the labels to determine what they are, as nobody wants to put outdated cosmetics on the face today are they?

Myth #5 – Expensive Makeup Is Better

Don’t fall for the extravagant packaging and celebrity endorsers in the realm of makeup, because most of the time, it’s the result of expensive makeup. It’s easy to be pulled into chrome-finished makeup pans and celebrity-filled billboards, but ultimately it’s the formula that counts and if it’s designed to suit your skin and makes your look as beautiful as you’d like then that’s all you require.

Myth #6: Certain makeup shades aren’t designed for Dusky skin


For those with dark skin, they typically feel restricted by their cosmetic choices due to being misled into thinking they aren’t able to wear certain colors of make-up products such as eyeshadow or lipstick don’t suit their skin tones. It’s not true. For shades such as blues and pinks that they tend to stay clear from, it’s essential to be aware of their undertones and choose the shade of pink lipstick and blue shades that complements the tone to perfection.

The first myth to go out of the window is about the foundation being applied


Many of us believe that applying foundation can be used to brighten our skin. This is a misconception. The reason for this is that the reason foundation is used isn’t to lighten. The main purpose of foundations is to even our skin tone whatever our skintone. So , whatever your foundation, make sure it matches your skin tone. Also, the foundation should be matched to the type of skin we have. In order to do that, you need to look into the formulas that we teach to students in workshops in makeup. In the event that your foundation fails, and you try to brighten your skin, won’t work and it will turn an ashy substance. Therefore, foundations aren’t to be used for whitening your skin.


The second myth that is likely to be busted is about the expiration of products.


A majority of people believe that they can make use of the product till it’s done. They’ll wait for years before using all of the products. Many people don’t realize the fact that there’s an expiry date on every cosmetic product. The expiry date can be printed on the outside of the packet or inside the packaging, in the event that the small, elongated lid. If the product is not unopened or opened the product will expire on the date stated on the packaging. The product will expire at that time, regardless of whether you used the item. If you decide to open the box and check the date on the packaging such as an lid. This means that there is an expiry dates for all of the products. Be cautious about this.


The third myth that is going to be busted will be about Red Lipstick.


Many people have been misinformed that Red color doesn’t work for them. This is a common misconception. Red lipsticks are suitable for all however you need to be cautious about what red you choose to wear. There are many kinds of reds available. They include pinky reds deep brown-based reds, orange-based reds, and many other varieties of reds are available. The key is to choose the kind of red you use. Red lipstick is suitable for everyone and for all skin tones and for all skin types and for all face shapes.


Fourth myth that we are about to be busted is about Mascara


Everyone is in love with Mascara because it provides an improved look to the faces and eyes. It’s also very easy to apply makeup. Many people use mascara until they are finished or has dried. This is a common misconception. The reason for this is that Mascara will expire each 3 months. When we open the box and wait for 3 months later, down the line, the product will expire. Do not use it until it’s finished. It can increase the risk of eye infection.

Also, many people don’t realize that Mascaras and eyeliners shouldn’t be used together. It isn’t known to many makeup artists, beauticians, and professionals. They employ the same wand to apply numerous. It’s not right. Eyes are susceptible to infections. The best thing recommended is to make sure you make use of disposable eye wands. It’s extremely crucial. Take your own mascara. If you plan to make a professional makeup ensure that you have the appropriate Mascara. Because the chance of getting eye infections are extremely high with Mascaras because there is Bacteria on your mascara.


The fifth myth :The fifth myth is about Mascara the Mascara itself.


To get the product, everybody will pump the wand in the hopes of buying more Mascara. Do not do it as it is incorrect. The reason is because once we pressurize it air gets in and the product is drying up. It will not last long. To obtain the product, you need to twist the wand. This is how you get the product. Do not pump the product. If you pump it, the product will dry faster than you would expect.


Through this blog we’ve dispelled five misconceptions about makeup. We hope we’ve answered a lot of your questions.


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