A villa is a house that is perfect for a family. You won’t depend on neighbors. Moreover, you will have a swimming pool, barbecue area, parking zone, garden, and other areas. Buying a villa in Turkey is a good investment because the cost of real estate in the country is increasing by 100% per year.

5 Reasons To Buy A Villa In Turkey

To be frank, many people don’t need the information because they know why they want to buy real estate in Turkey but it is better to refresh it in your mind.

1.       Investment attractiveness. Real estate in Turkey, including villas, is an attractive investment destination due to the country’s stable economic growth, high-quality construction, and low inflation.

2.       Many variants. The Turkish real estate market offers villas of various styles, sizes, and price categories, which allows you to find the perfect variant in compliance with your demands and financial features.

3.       Climate. Turkey has a comfortable climate, which allows you to enjoy life in a villa all year round. Here you can find villas both on the seashore and in the mountains, where the air is especially clean and fresh.

4.       High level of service. Turkey has a well-developed infrastructure, so villa owners can count on high-quality services, such as cleaning, pool maintenance, security, etc.

5.       The feature of obtaining a residence permit or citizenship. While buying a villa in Turkey, you can get a residence permit or citizenship, which opens up additional opportunities for property owners, including visa-free entry to the Schengen countries and other privileges.

6.       The value of real estate is constantly growing. Annual growth reaches 100%. There is no European country that guarantees such high investment returns.

7.       If you do not want to move to Turkey, then the villa can be rented out for additional income.

There are many villas for sale in Turkey. It’s better to purchase it in a tourist city. Stay Property company is ready to help you to find real estate in compliance with your demands.

Best Places To Buy Villa In Turkey

There are several cities that are in demand among foreign investors.

1.       Istanbul. It’s the largest city in Turkey. Here you can find villas in luxury and economy class districts. Specialists are ready to help you to purchase the house of your dreams in compliance with your financial features and demands.

2.       Antalya. The tourist city is developing very fast. You can find villas in new and old districts near the sea and in the mountains.

3.       Alanya. It’s a beautiful city with a developed infrastructure. Many tourists move here and some of them don’t want to live in a hotel. So, if you are not going to move to Alanya, you could rent your villa to get some income.

4.       Mersin. It’s a small city but it is developing really fast. According to the practice, the average cost increase is about 70%.

5.       Marmaris. The city is also becoming more and more popular among tourists, that’s why investors buy villas here.

You can find the villa in the living complex on the stage of construction or already built. Contact Stay Property Company specialist to get more information.


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