Storage lockers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and suit a varied range of applications in homes, offices, factories, and public places. Whether you are expanding the usable area, cleaning clutter, or preserving valuable belongings, storage lockers can prove to be a worthy investment. They make storage easier and improve security and add to the look of your home or office.

However, many factors are considered when deciding the right storage locker for you. This is further complicated with the large range of lockers for sale with varying styles, sizes, colors, and configurations. So, how do you buy lockers that best suit your requirements? This guide is carefully crafted to help you make the experience of buying storage lockers as easy as possible.

Top Considerations For Storage Lockers

Looking at the number of options available, making the right choice for a storage locker can be tough if you are unsure of what you need. Let us discuss the important things you should consider before finalizing your storage solution.


Storage lockers are available in a variety of materials. The right choice of material depends on where you will install the locker. Steel is more suitable for schools, while plastic is best suited for wet conditions.

Metal storage lockers are largely popular as they facilitate a great deal of flexibility in terms of shape, size, and configuration. You can also find powder-coated metal units that resist pest growth and rust.

When it comes to materials, there are many more innovative options currently available for buyers, with a wide range of functionalities such as reduced friction, sturdy, and temperature control. While you buy lockers, you should have a perfect picture of your use-cases and requirements to make the most of these options.

Type of Area

If your storage location tends to get wet, plastic lockers are ideal as they are waterproof and even work outdoors. Steel units, on the other hand, are suitable for dry areas. The latter is a more popular type owing to its customizability and versatility.

Laminate storage lockers are perfect for dry and wet areas and are popularly used in high-usage environments like gym change rooms. School lockers often undergo significant wear and tear, so a sturdy build with a strong material will sustain for the long run. You cannot decide on the right option based on the price alone, and value must be the top consideration.


There are three main lockers available – cube, low and high. The selection depends on the amount of space required for each user. If the storage unit is only needed for bags, cube lockers can be easily assigned to users and arranged together.

Low storage lockers offer more space and suit schools and offices. You can arrange them in a way to create additional space. High lockers allow hanging clothes and storing bigger items without much horizontal space.

Number of Compartments

Storage lockers are available in various structures with several compartments to suit the needs. The configuration depends on the amount of space available, the number of users, and the type of contents stored in each compartment.

For example, a two-compartment locker is perfect for placing bags and hanging coats; you may get a six-compartment unit to let users store other personal belongings.

Laptop Charging

Some organizations like schools and offices benefit from investing in laptop charging units to guarantee that devices are always ready for use. Such storage lockers are available in a huge variety with many tiers. They can either have one main door or individual locker doors for extra security.

This is an incredible perk that can add plenty of convenience for users but comes with added complexity with additional plug-points, maintenance, and energy costs now coming into the picture.

Type of Security

The storage lock type depends on the location – combination locks are more common in offices where a single user controls each locker. However, gyms and sports centers benefit from coin retain/return type lock as multiple users use the same locker.

Even state-of-the-art biometric locks are available for lockers at the top-end of the price range. Still, such security mechanisms can add substantial value depending on the location and use-case, especially when they can help reduce costs on other ends.

Tips To Buy Suitable Storage Lockers

While all storage lockers provide a safe and secure storage environment, not all of them are equal. They are available in different types, some of which may be more suitable for your needs than others. This means you should not buy the first product you come across. Here are a few tips that should prove to be helpful when buying storage lockers.

Plan The Purchase

First, you need to decide what type of storage locker meets your requirements in advance. You should also decide the space where the locker will be installed. See that the locker you consider does not block the light and passageway. Also, ensure that the unit’s color suits the area’s décor.

Know Your Budget

Many of us get overwhelmed by the wide variety of products available and make an expensive purchase that ruins the budget. Allocate a budget for the purchase and try to stick to it. This will save you from buying too big units or choosing products with unwanted features.

Select The Right Shape and Size

One of the most critical considerations for buying storage lockers is the choice of size and shape. If you are shopping online, you should measure the available space for installing the locker. Also, decide the best shape of the unit for your requirements and environment.

These considerations lower the chances of wasting time and effort on the wrong product. You can refer to storage guides available on the internet to better make your decision.

Go For Outdoor Units

Though indoor storage units seem to offer maximum amenities, there are situations where outdoor storage is a better fit. These units can be quickly shifted to parking spaces at any time. They can store construction equipment, industrial tools, heavy items, and lightweight things like documents and stationery as required.

Consider Security Features

The locker you buy should provide you with necessary security features like a fire alarm, lock and key, and more. Most high-quality products also come with a coated finish to prevent rusting. You can even choose to add storage insurance later for the additional safety of your valuables.

Beware of Hidden Costs

When you choose to buy storage lockers online, the delivery cost is one of the biggest considerations. Many stores add hefty delivery charges towards the final phase of your purchase.

Such hidden costs compel buyers to drop their purchase though some may buy anyways. Avoid such situations by choosing only the stores that offer free delivery or mentioning the charges beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Storage lockers add a lot of convenience to home or office and provide a safe and secure space to store belongings. A lot of thought and consideration is a part of the planning stages to ensure an optimum setup and seamless operation.

They are available in various shapes, sizes, configurations, and materials to suit your area and needs. This guide should make it easy to make the right storage lockers and optimize their benefits.


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