Hair Transplant A Solution For Hair Loss

‘Hair Care’ is one of the standard practices vital to follow by everyone, be it men or women. In some cases, hair health does not deserve much attention because hair is automatically healthy. On the other hand, some individuals need to take extra measures to care for their hair. Well! It’s not just about taking care; sometimes, extreme hair loss occurs, which can be massive trouble in itself.

Hair loss is one of the unsettling states when it’s sudden, severe, and even leads to baldness. However, that is what is referred to as an alarming stage. So, What approach to follow in such a situation? Or Which treatment plan can make a difference in hair health?

Before I direct the focus towards the self hair care regime tips, let me help all those individuals who are looking for the hair restoration treatment option.

Are you in search of a permanent solution to save hair locks?

Hair transplant in Ludhiana is one of the most acceptable treatment plans to help your hair grow naturally permanently. The choice should always be to spend the money wisely so that the results obtained are worth it.

Is it essential to follow an after-care regime following a hair transplant?

If you have recently undergone the FUE Hair Transplant in Punjab, it is essential that you follow all the necessary tips given by the surgeon. Taking into account what all the surgeon has told you will ensure the hair transplant journey goes with ease and the results are visible on time.

Self-Care Expert Tips, ‘For all those who are losing excess hair’

Hair loss is one of the significant concerns in which individuals don’t know the right approach on when to take help or how to deal with this issue. In such cases, the best options they think are suitable for them includes:

  • Take measures to hide the problems by changing lifestyle or hairstyle
  • Get all the necessary products which help in restoring hair
  • Include intake of supplements and vitamins, which are significant in terms of hair growth
Bear In Mind! If you are taking supplements, you have to be careful about the same. Because even excess of it is troublesome to the hair locks. If you take any supplement or vitamin, you have to follow the doctor’s instructions. 

Are you losing hair? Some Important expert tips which you should follow

  • Schedule initial consultation with the board-certified doctor

Hair loss is likely to occur due to different reasons. Here, you must find the primary cause behind the same to achieve the desired results.

Consulting the medical expert at the earliest will help determine on time what’s the problem and how it negatively impacts hair health. The medical expert will do a different test to determine what’s wrong and which hair loss treatment you need.

  • Be careful with hair wash and conditioning regime

Shampoo and conditioning are an essential part of the hair care regime. But you don’t have to be aggressive with it. If your hair is thin, its chances of getting damaged are higher. Here are some suggestions which you can follow in this scenario:

  • Use a chemical-free shampoo not to strip the moisture from the hair.
  • Apply conditioner on the ends of the hair so that the chances of split ends & breakage are less.
  • Include a leave-in conditioner in the regime to reduce hair breakage.
  • Do not blow-dry your hair. Prefer a microfiber towel to tie your hair after washing them.
  • Hot oil treatment is beneficial 

Hot oil treatment works great on the hair when hair is fragile. Using this approach will prevent the hair from further damage.

  • Limit the use of hair strengthening and other hair care treatments

You have to stop the same, whether it’s hair coloring, perming, straightening, or any other hair treatment. Excess of the same is not beneficial to hair locks, and you have to find a professional to take proper care of the scalp. If you have problems with hair locks, then better seek medical assistance to get the option that makes a difference.

  • Limit use of blow-dryer, If you want to use then keep the setting low

It’s okay to use the blow-dryer sometimes, but even when you do that, keep the setting at a low temperature. Excess heat will make your hair weak, so be cautious about excess heat usage, which comes in direct contact with hair.

  • Be considerate about the hairstyle

You should not tie your hair too tight in a ponytail, bun, cornrows, pigtails, or braids. If you keep the hairstyle too tight, you are at increased risk of having traction alopecia. When your hair is pulled too tight, the chances of permanent hair loss increase, such a case demands changing the hairstyle, so that hair loss is prevented on time.

  • Be careful about the way you deal with your hair

You should not twist, turn, or pull your hair too tight. If you are doing anything that makes your hair suffer, you have to stop doing that right away. Excess of such habits increases the chances of making it fragile, thin, and weak.

  • Be careful the way you comb

You have to be gentle with your hair, brushing or combing. Be gentle with your hair; otherwise, it will result in hair loss.

  • Do not smoke

Smoking is one of the unwanted practices which can affect hair health. If you smoke or drink, then your hair can get involved. There may be inflammation, and hair loss can get worse with time.

  • Follow a well-balanced diet

If your body is not getting enough nutrients like iron, protein, vitamins, or other things, hair loss increases. If you are not sure about what to include in your diet after hair transplant surgery or even in general, you have to take medical assistance.

  • Calories have to be taken in the right amount

If you do not take calories in the right amount daily, then hair loss increases.

Consult the medical expert without any delay

To decide what is suitable for your hair health, you have to consult a board-certified doctor to select the best option. Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Vikas Gupta to better understand what’s right and how your hair health can get back to normal.


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