There’s always something that can go wrong with your car. That’s why every car owner needs to know what to look for and how to recognize the signs of common malfunctions. Knowing how to spot and identify car problems can help keep you off the side of the road and may even save you some money by preventing serious damage to your vehicle.

Looking Out for Lights

Broken headlights and taillights are very common and easy to miss. They can also put your life in danger and there’s a good chance they will get you pulled over eventually. You should check on your head and taillights at least once a week for cracks or burned bulbs. This is particularly important for motorcycles that rely on a few lights for most of their night-time visibility.

Running Hot

Engines are supposed to get hot, but not too hot. High engine temperature can damage expensive components over time, which is a safety hazard for everyone in the vehicle. The solution may be as simple as a tune-up, but could also require replacement for major parts.

Dropping Tire Pressure

Almost every driver has to deal with a flat tire at some point during their on-road experiences. However, low tire pressure can cause a lot of problems even if it’s not as dramatic as a flat. Maintaining the right pressure ensures better fuel efficiency and traction on the road. You can learn more about tires for your vehicle through search tools like those provided by Family Auto Service. Find local service stations that can provide quick help when you need new tires.

Losing Alignment

Your car’s alignment is tied to the structural integrity of the frame and connections between the steering wheel and the tires. You can mess up your alignment by hitting a nasty pothole, taking a speed bump too fast, or in any kind of collision. A simple check for bad alignment is to loose your grip on the steering wheel momentarily to see if it stays in the middle or drifts off-center. If the wheel doesn’t rest in the middle, then you have an alignment problem.

Leaking Fluids

It may be basic, but it’s always a good idea to check under your car for fluid leaks. Pay attention to any stains or spots your car leaves behind when you pull out of your driveway. A healthy car shouldn’t leak any kind of fluid. Don’t wait to get fluid leaks checked out, because they can have nasty repercussions for your car and cause unnecessary environmental pollution.

Managing Car Problems

Spotting early warning signs of car trouble can make your life a lot easier. Change your oil, get tune-ups, and address car problems as soon as you can to keep your automobile in good shape. Taking care of your car is an important investment into something you rely on every single day.


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