Car shipping cost

On average, it’ll cost between $240 to $1,200 to move locally. If you’re moving out of state or cross-country, then that number will shoot up even more.

It’s expected that relocating will cost a pretty penny. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fork out your entire life savings to move!

There are ways to make smarter decisions to cut down costs and still get fantastic services. For example, while auto transport can be pricey, you can tweak your choices so your wallet’s happier.

You’ll want to get car shipping quotes, but how can you ensure you get the best prices available? Here are some cost-saving tips you should follow!


Do you already know when you’re moving? Then you need to book auto shipping services pronto! The more short notice your booking is, the more it’ll cost to move your car.

Plus, if you book early, then you’ll cross an important thing off your to-do list. This can be a huge burden off your shoulders, which can help you focus and feel more positive about all other tasks for the move.

Go With Open Auto Shipping

To save money, open shipping wins out when deciding between an open vs closed carrier. These prices tend to be much lower because there are more drivers available. Not only does this keep costs low, but it also ensures you have a better chance of finding someone that fits your needs.

However, if you’ve got a classic or luxury vehicle, you might want to spend more on enclosed shipping. Open carriers will expose your car to things like dust, debris, hail, and wind, which can potentially cause damage. Not to mention, thieves can see the precious cargo on board.

But for average run-of-the-mill vehicles, open carriers will do just fine!

Choose the Right Time of Year

If you don’t need your car urgently, then choosing the right time of year for auto shipping can save you tons. There are peak and off-seasons; adjusting your shipping dates by just a month or even a few weeks can lower the price drastically!

Generally, you’ll want to avoid transporting your vehicle in the summer. Families will be relocating in droves, which means truckers will overcharge and be tough to book.

Although it’s not as busy, winter is another bad season. There are bad weather conditions and not enough daylight hours, so drivers can’t ship as many cars as they can in other seasons. They’ll also take time off work for the holidays, which then causes a backlog when they get back on the road.

Your best bet is to ship in either the spring or fall. Avoid April though, as snowbirds are migrating home (prices are cheap if you’re going the opposite way though). Part of September is also bad since college students are shipping their vehicles.

Pick Your Start and End Locations Wisely

You’ll have to pay by the mile, which thankfully becomes cheaper the higher the number goes. So long-distance car shipping ends up being cheaper, miles-wise.

But did you know that 2 journeys of the same distance can have different shipping prices based on the start and end locations? This is because major metropolitan areas are easier to access and will save time and money for the trucker.

So even if you don’t live in a big city and aren’t planning on moving to one, consider driving to the nearest ones for pickup and dropoff. It’s added hassle, but you can save hundreds of dollars!

Opt for the Slowest Shipping Speed

Booking early will pay off here, as you can select economy, standard, or expedited shipping. If you contact an auto shipper as soon as you know your moving dates, you can choose economy shipping for the lowest prices around.

But if you need your vehicle as soon as you arrive and you’ve booked last minute, you’ll be paying dearly for expedited shipping. Do your bank account a favor and explore your options well in advance.

Make Sure Your Car’s in Running Condition

Is your car not in the best condition possible? So long as it’s operable, you won’t have to pay extra. However, if it needs to be towed on and off the hauler, there will be additional fees since the driver needs to spend time sourcing equipment.

Taking your vehicle to the auto shop and having it fixed up isn’t a bad idea. By paying a little to ensure your car’s drivable, you’ll avoid extra fees.

Ship Multiple Vehicles Together

If you’re moving your entire household and you’ve got more than 1 car, ship all of them together. Most (if not all) car shipping companies will offer a group discount.

To get this, you need to select the same pickup and dropoff location. You can even select terminal-to-terminal delivery to lower costs even more. This does mean you’ll have to drive out to predetermined locations though.

Request Car Shipping Quotes

Now that you know all the inside secrets for lowering car shipping costs, it’s time for the grand finale: getting a car shipping quote.

Even if the first company gives you an attractive rate, don’t stop there. Check with all reputable businesses to see if you can get lower prices. They can have better availability too, so investing additional time to request quotes will pay off!

Ship a Car Affordably With Our Tips

Of course, you should request car shipping quotes to get the best deals possible. But you can ensure these prices are as low as possible by following the cost-saving tips we’ve given you in this article.

So when it comes time to relocate, don’t throw away money needlessly. Keep this post in mind and you’ll have more cash to treat yourself after you’re done with your move!


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