Cash App and PayPal have come immensely popular since their debuts. Cash App boasts 44 million druggies as of 2021 and PayPal has 429 million druggies at the end of Q1 2022. Consumers are decreasingly looking for the stylish payment app on the request, but which is the better one overall?

Cash App vs. PayPal Differ of Features

Despite some overlaps, Cash App and PayPal differ in notable features of payments, stocks and cryptos, client service and freights.

still, the main differences are that PayPal has further transnational vacuity, whereas Cash App limits its services to theU.S. and theU.K. Cash App Investing doesn’t charge freights for trading, but PayPal does have a detailed figure schedule for buying and dealing cryptocurrency.


Cash App

Cash App druggies make instant payments for free. A simple entry of the philanthropist’s dispatch, phone number or “$ cashtag ” allows the finances to arrive within twinkles. Cash App druggies can also make contactless payments with stores that use Forecourt by surveying a QR law.

druggies can request or make payments withU.K. regard holders without app freights. still, druggies should anticipate the currentmid-market exchange rate at the time of payment to be applied.


PayPal druggies can shoot and admit plutocrat fleetly and securely without app freights forU.S. deals. still, druggies can anticipate to see card freights when paying viaU.S. disbenefit, credit, PayPal Credit or Cash Card sale.

PayPal uses Xoom for transnational plutocrat exchanges, allowing account holders to make payments to further than 100 countries.

Stocks and Cryptos

Cash App

Cash App guests can invest in crypto and stocks, where deals can start with as little as$ 1 with fractional purchases, and druggies can set up automatic deals.

Cash App provides regular perceptivity, statistics and charting data so druggies can make informed investment opinions. While some apps only allow buy and vend orders for digital means, Cash App druggies can transfer crypto to and from separate digital holdalls .


PayPal regard holders can buy, vend or transfer some cryptos, similar as Bitcoin and Ethereum. presently, only certainU.S. druggies have crypto transfer capacities to another PayPal account or external portmanteau, but PayPal is working toward adding transfer eligibility in the future.

Client Service

Cash App

Cash App has a sprinkle of channels for client support

In- app elect a profile icon, click “ support ” and start a converse.

Phone Available by calling1-800-969-1940 Monday to Friday from 9a.m. to 7p.m. EST

correspondence Cash App, 1455 Market Street Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94103

Social media platforms Active on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit and Twitch


PayPal has a many ways in which druggies can find the help they ’re looking for

Help Center Find answers to common questions via PayPal’s website.

Chatbot Log into an account, go to “ Contact client Service ” and click “ Communication us ” to start a converse via PayPal Assistant.

PayPal Community Help Forum Members can help others with introductory and nonimmediate questions and problems.

Resolution Center Log into an account to report and resolve sale or account problems.

Phone Available at1-888-221-1161, 6a.m. to 6p.m. PST Monday to Saturday

PayPal CREDIT1-844-373-4961, Monday to Friday 5a.m. to 8p.m. PST and Saturday and Sunday 6a.m. to 6p.m. PST

Account holders outside of theU.S. can call1-402-935-2050.


Cash App

druggies can make free standard bank deposits from Cash App. But the finalization of the transfer can take between one to three business days. Disbenefit cards are eligible for moment deposits at$0.25 minimum with0.50 to1.75 freights applied.

Investment services don’t come with freights when opening an account. There’s also no minimal balance demand and trading is commission-free.

Cash App cards can be used at all ATMs with freights between$2.00 and$2.50. still, those who ’ve entered at least$ 300 in qualifying direct deposits can admit payment of three ATM pullout freights every 31 days, up to a outside of$7.00. Any farther recessions within those 31 days will dodge a$2.00 figure.


There are no buying freights with PayPal unless a currency exchange rate occurs. While PayPal druggies wo n’t see freights when holding crypto in accounts, other freights apply when copping and dealing crypto orders. Druggies can relate to PayPal’s website for further information involving transnational sale freights.

There are no freights for transferring plutocrat domestically and noncommercially from a PayPal account, bank account or when using American Express shoot ™ for particular transactions. However, a 2, If account holders use a card to make payments.90 figure will apply along with a fixed figure per the currency entered.

transnational particular deals from a PayPal balance, bank accounts, credit cards and American Express shoot ™ come with a5.00 figure no lower than$0.99 and no advanced than$4.99. fresh currency exchange rate freights also apply, depending on the type of sale.

There are no freights when withdrawing from original bank accounts, but instant recessions come with a1.75 figure of the quantum transferred, which also applies to card recessions. The minimal charge is$0.25 and the outside is$25.00.


Cash App

Cash App uses the same encryption and fraud discovery software. Used by its parent company, Block formerly known as Square. waiters are secure no matter the position or internet connection. And Cash App is PCI Data Security Level 1 biddable.


PayPal uses two- factor authentication for logins, which includes the stoner’s word and a one- time leg for each login time. Security features involve fraud monitoring, discovery technology and payment evidence by dispatch. Eventually, PayPal uses a Transport Layer Security to cover druggies no matter where they’re or what connection they’re using, cracking all data.

PayPal has buyer and dealer protection programs in place, helping to minimize chargebacks and cover deals for merchandisers as well as protect buyers in the event of copping controversies. The platform has a range of coffers for druggies to educate themselves on swindles, security and fraud.

still, you might be trying to decide Cash App or PayPal? This full Cash App vs PayPal review is exactly what you need, If you ’re looking for easy ways to make and admit electronic payments.

While numerous PayPal vs Cash App features are relatively analogous. There are differences in the exact ways you can use your accounts, and the freights you ’ll pay. This companion covers all that.

Plus, we ’ll also introduce an volition, Wise. Wise accounts are free to open. And it can be over to 6x cheaper than your bank if you ’re transferring a payment overseas.

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Cash App vs PayPal Comparison

We ’ll run through point by point comparisons to see how a Cash App account measures up against a PayPal account in a moment. First, an overview to help you decide if PayPal or Cash App might suit you stylish.

Vacuity Which is available in further countries?

Cash App druggies must be resident in the US or UK- that means you ca n’t use Cash App. If you ’re an American living overseas, for illustration. PayPal, on the other hand, is available nearly across the globe, with the option to shoot and admit PayPal payments to a huge range of countries.

Cash App is may be limited when it comes to transnational services, as you can also only shoot plutocrat internationally between the US and UK.

Making payments to bank accounts grounded in other countries is n’t possible at the moment.
Exchange Rates Which one offers better rates?
As a payment serviceregard holders do have a better range of options when it comes to transferring transnational payments.

still, if you need to shoot or admit plutocrat from overseas, you ’ll presumably find that you or the other party has hefty currency conversion freights to pay.


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