Are you still in a dilemma about what to wear in the morning, during workouts, during parties? Stop this tension ladies, save your thinking process for anything else. Everyone wants to look sexy, cute, fashionable, attractive each day and during every occasion. It is a human trait that we always fall for fashionable and stylish things. Many casual tips will make you slay your look and in different outfits with different accessories. 

Your outfit portrays your personality and directly affects your confidence level. Good outfits make you feel confident from the inside. So, to make you aware of some fashion and styling tips, here we are bringing this article that will pinpoint some of the casual tips that will make you slay your look. Let’s first give you a quick guide on how to choose your outfit. 

How to choose your outfit?

Your outfit changes according to the change in party themes and occasions. Whether it is a casual date or formal office meeting, the proper dressing will always keep you one step forward. Your outfit will speak to everyone before you do! Here, in this section, we will give you some tips about how to choose your outfit. 

  • Fitting: Always make sure your outfit is of your size. Don’t wear clothes too big or too small. They look creepy and unorganized. No doubt, Extra-large outfits are in trend nowadays, but they are only meant for some special informal occasions. These oversized and small-sized clothes give ill-feeling and don’t portray a good signal in front of your audience. Your first layer of cloth should always be of your size. 
  • Color Combination: There is always one color that gives you a perfect color. Save that color for normal occasions. Plus, always make sure you are coordinating your color combinations correctly. Unmatched and multi-color outfits look odd and informal. Find color which matches your skin tone, your personality, and your occasion. The correct color combination can convert your dull into a bright mood in just one go. The right shade of color also boosts your confidence level. 
  • Opt for flattering outfits: Don’t go for those old-looking, ugly-colored outfits ever. They will feature your wrong. Always keep your wardrobe updated with the latest trends. If you are budget-friendly, then learn styling techniques that can save lots of your money. Styling technique is an essential part of fashion and trends. Look for an outfit that will make your body look more defined. 
  • Balancing upper outfit and lower outfit: Your upper outfit and lower outfit should set to tune each other. It is necessary because both parts will combine to give you a complete look. Make sure you are pairing the correct things with the correct outfits. For example, if you are wearing oversized clothing on top, then to maintain a proper balance and wear slip-fit leggings at the bottom for a completely defined look.
  •  Outfit speaks: Yes lady, outfit speaks. It tells others about your personality, occasion, and about your perspectives. There are different outfits for different occasions, so choose wisely. Plus, your outfit will mark the first impression. 

After these important tips about choosing your outfits, we will now discuss some slaying outfits and outfit styles that you can try. You can change the style but these items should always be present in your wardrobe. 

Top 5 outfits that will make you slay your look

1. Dresses 

Well, dresses are an inseparable part of any woman. It is a fact that every woman loves dresses and you cannot deny that. Do you know the best part about dresses? They are versatile and can be paired with any accessory for any occasion. There are dresses present for every occasion like formal meetings, and informal weddings. They are comfortable plus easy to style. Some fashion tips with dresses are:

  • Pair a maxi dress or a casual t-shirt dress with boyfriend jeans for an informal occasion like hanging out with friends.
  • To increase the elegance level, pair it with some simple earrings, a pendant, and a simple bracelet. This will complete your look in a more defined manner. 
  • You can also layer your maxi dress with a blazer to portray a semi-formal look. 

2. Smart Trousers

Tailored trousers are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe. Perfect fitting trousers feature an intense and bold look which is required for some formal events. They are comfortable, easy to pair, and give smooth finishing when rightly coordinated. You can also wear trousers casually in a simple fabric. Some fashion tips for tailored trousers are:

  • Smart trousers will give a perfect look when paired with a crop top. 
  • You can also try to pair it up with a knitted top, oversized t-shirt, any dress for a complete look. 
  • Complete your look by pairing with some accessories like heels, a delicate chain, and a contrasting blazer. 

3. Skirts

It is the best casual fashionable outfit for any occasion. Fashion blogger’s favorite, Skirts are always in trend in the market. There are many varieties of skirts available like pencil skirts, skater skirts, and many more. They can also be worn on formal occasions when paired correctly. It is a must-to-have item in your wardrobe. Some casual fashion styling tips with skirts are:

  • Find a skirt that suits your body shape and size. It should be comfortable, of proper length, and features you correctly. 
  • Skirts can be paired with a V-neck top, oversized sweater, bell sleeve blouse, simple top, or any shirt. 
  • For a bold and complete look, pair your outfit with a satchel bag, minimal make-up, strappy heels, and a drop earring for an edgy look. 
  • This outfit is best for late-night parties, formal parties, and informal events like a family get-together. 

4. Co-Ord sets 

Picture Credits: Pinterest

It means matching tops or blouses and is derived from the word ‘coordinates.’ This stylish outfit is trending nowadays for its ability to give an intense and bold look. They are easy to wear, easy to style, cheap, and almost best for every casual occasion. You can set the party with minimal make-up and proper styling. Here are some styling techniques with Co-Ord. 

  • Try to wear a skirt and a Co-Ord top set. This outfit is amazing for every informal occasion. 
  • Pair your outfit with oversized hoop earrings, slight high heels, a little bit of makeup, a handbag, a sleek ponytail, and a clutch bag. This outfit can make you a centerpiece for the party.

5. Oversized shirts 

Well, oversized clothes are in trend nowadays. People pair it beautifully with sleep pants and leggings and deliver a great look. This outfit is very easy to wear and is definitely meant for any casual parties. This is the best casual fashionable outfit nowadays. Here are some ways that can help you to style your favorite oversized shirt. 

  • Wear a skirt or legging for bottoms with an oversized shirt to deliver an intensive, partially fit, cozy look. 
  • You can pair it with some external accessories like a belt, simple earrings, and a beautiful small light necklace. You can layer it up above a tight-fit corset, tee, or top. This outfit will look amazing on simple flat stylish slippers. 

So, here were some of the best casual fashion tips that will make you slay your look. You can experiment with more of the accessories and outfits but these were best from the rest. You can stay tuned for more fashion hacks.

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