CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera

Monitor companies anytime, anywhere: Whether dome or bullet, vandalism and weatherproof or simple and light: you will find the right IP camera in our extensive range. Whether dome or bullet, vandalism and weatherproof or simple and light: you will find the right IP camera in our extensive range D-Link is the only provider with a complete IP surveillance solution with cameras, network video recorders and network infrastructure – for security and surveillance around the clock. Regardless of whether it is a small business or a large corporation with several locations.

The lenses from D-Link are made of high-quality glass and deliver excellent images. Details such as license plates can be captured in Full HD, even at maximum zoom.

D-Link security cameras make day-to-day business easier, keep you safe and keep you up to date with instant notifications in emergencies. Virtual and on-site analysis to help you fully understand your needs.

Project analysis

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a completely new network or an upgrade for an existing location: A project analysis by one of our competent technicians will help you assess your network.

Surveillance Floor Planner

Surveillance Floor Planner

Select cameras and simulate the camera positioning and coverage – ideally adapted to customer requirements. In this way you can offer your customers a professional video surveillance solution.

  • Place cameras and adjust settings for better coverage
  • Export report with details of each camera on each floor
  • Manage multiple projects at the same time
  • Add cameras, adjust camera settings, export floor plans

Camera set for body temperature monitoring of groups.

Thanks to D-Link’s state-of-the-art infrared thermography technology, you can precisely and reliably identify people with elevated temperatures. Watch crowds flowing in large areas and instantly see who is and who is not in an elevated temperature. People with increased temperature are detected in real time and with an accuracy of ± 0.3 C 1 , which immediately triggers an alarm.

Body temperature measurement in groups of people

The DCS-9500T is a complete solution consisting of a thermographic camera, blackbody calibrator and comprehensive software package for archive management, temperature data reports, statistical reports and detailed analysis according to age, gender, time, type and system monitoring in real time

Multiple person recognition

Record up to 45 people at the same time with a lightning-fast response time of less than 30 ms.

AI algorithm

The AI-supported face recognition and recognition 3 is available free of charge with our extensive management software. This offers all the necessary functions for temperature monitoring and alerts you effectively 2.

Accuracy = ± 0.3 ° C

With up to 17 color image modes, temperature detection with alarm if values ​​are too high, memory alarm and digital I / O alarm.

Sharper optical and thermographic images.

The high-resolution thermal sensor, based on an uncooled IRFPA microbolometer, and the digital signal transmission provide you razor-sharp thermographic video image in real time.

CCTV Camera
Thermal Imaging

AI facial recognition with early warning management.

Immediately informs you about the time and place of detection of people with increased temperature. This solves the problem of unacknowledged messages. At the same time, the camera provides material for further investigation and generates a practical report for data analysis.

The AI-based face recognition can be combined with thermography, so that doors are only opened to known people with normal body temperature.

Capture up to 45 faces simultaneously within 30 ms.

This solution enables the skin surface temperature quickly and accurately 1 of up to 45 people to be recorded with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C. If necessary, you will be notified immediately and can take appropriate action.

Record the temperature of moving crowds. Without waiting

Ideal for the rapid handling of access controls without queues. With the help of AI face recognition, you can scan up to 45 faces within 30 ms and check the temperature of the people concerned directly.

Complete package: everything you need included.

The DCS-9500T is a complete package for temperature measurement with everything you need to precisely record the body temperature of several people at the same time. The scope of delivery includes the thermography camera, a blackbody calibrator, two wall brackets and free management software with AI functions. No additional hardware or software is required.

Thermal camera

1.80 m above the ground. ONVIF compatibility enables easy use with existing D-Link NVRs. The PoE support ensures that you can flexibly install the camera with just one cable.


The thermal imaging camera needs a black body as a stable temperature sensor in order to calibrate itself as precisely as possible. This should be about 2.9 to 5 meters away from the targets and in the camera’s field of view.

Modern software

With the free management software, it can check up to 45 face images per second and you can compare up to 16 faces with an optional database of up to 10,000 images. Also compatible with the optional NVR DNR ‑ 2020‑04P .


Free wall brackets are included with the DCS ‑ 9500T. Alternatively, you can also use the ceiling bracket DCS ‑ 9500T ‑ 1.

8 Megapixel H.265 Outdoor CCTV Camera

  • 8-megapixel lens for 4K Ultra HD
  • Weatherproof according to IP66
  • 30 m night vision with WDR and Low Light +
  • PoE for easy installation
  • Easy remote management with D-View Cam

Professional surveillance in 4K Ultra HD

Combines an 8-megapixel lens and the latest image enhancement functions in a compact housing that is equipped for outdoor use.

Resolution in 4K Ultra HD

8-megapixel sensor with resolution in 4K CCTV Camera Ultra HD up to 3840 x 2160 for detailed recordings


Waterproof and dustproof housing according to IP66 with an operating temperature range of -30 to 50 ˚C

30 m night vision

Up to 30 m visibility in the dark thanks to integrated IR lighting

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

WDR for improved picture quality with high contrast

PoE capable

Supports 802.3af PoE for flexible and easy installation

Storage options

Slot for microSD cards for local recording, ONVIF-compliant for storage on NAS

Low Light+

Optimized for higher image quality in a low-light environment

Convenient remote administration

Use the D-Viewcam software to create snapshots and video recordings and save them on a local hard drive

High video quality in all lighting conditions

Video resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 deliver incredibly detailed videos, while noise reduction, WDR and low light performance always ensure optimal image quality.

Point of view

(H) 108,6°–35°

(V) 56 ° –21 °

(D) 125°–42°

18x digital zoom

Hold on to everything without reducing your perspective

Versatile monitoring in every environment

This waterproof and dustproof camera is ideal for use in all weather conditions. Thanks to the adjustable bracket, you can easily align the camera to the desired area.


Withstands rain, moisture and temperatures from -30 to 50 ˚C

Optimize bandwidth and storage

To optimize bandwidth utilization and improve image quality, the DCS ‑ 4718E offers video compression in real time with the H.265, H.264 and MJPEG codecs. The camera also supports three different profiles for video streaming and recording at the same time.

Flexible connection

The integrated 802.3af-compatible PoE module significantly simplifies installation, as only one Ethernet cable is required for the network connection and power supply.

Optional recording on an NVR, VMS or NAS system

The support of ONVIF Profile S enables the easy storage of video streams on your ONVIF-compliant NVR, VMS or NAS system. You can access videos centrally and record them without interruption around the clock.


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