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Marriage is a union of two souls, and India is a country in which every great religion finds home. In India, there are a lot of traditions. From childbirth to his wedding ceremony there are a lot of rituals and customs, and every religion has different customs. In Punjab, there are some different cultures. South Indians follow different rituals etc. So, there are many religions and many customs in India.

For some Indians, it is very difficult to do each and every ritual so they hire wedding planners or event management so that they can manage all the activities etc. And nowadays people prefer to get married in hotels where guests can stay for two or three days and follow all the rituals in the banquet etc. 

Before proceeding towards the traditional, let’s highlight some modern wedding trends. As social media is growing large and people are loving to share their media stories on social media channels. Nowadays couples pre-wedding shoots are also being a trend.

wedding traditions

Mordern Wedding Trends

Pre-wedding Photoshoots & Videos
You can hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your pre-wedding photographs. With pre-wedding photographs you can also create a sweet short video where you can play some romantic moves with the bride.

Before Wedding Dance On The Floor
Dance on the floor! for being all filmy in both the bride and grooms family the relatives prepare a cool dance event. People hire professional choregraphers to prepare the dance for the wedding day for the Groom and the Bride to make the wedding look fabulous.

Loving Speeches for the Groom and Bride
To share love with the bride and the groom. The closest relative prepare heart touching speeches for them and speak at their wedding day to make em feel love and precious.

While in between the wedding days the relatives plays fun games like cards, truth and dare, dum sharath, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and more.

The Entry of The Groom and Bride
The entry is one of the important thing considered in a wedding. It is so high that people came to their wedding even in helicopters. In the past days Indian people are used to do normal entries on horses and now people use to come in luxury vehicles, boat rides at destination places, entry with phoolon ki chadar, dance entries, surprise entries and more.

Destination Weddings
It not the same time where people use to celebrate their wedding in hotels of their hometown. Nowadays, people like to celebrate their wedding , Mauritius or Goa on an Island or Hotel with their families and closed ones.

As people follow Indian celebrity wedding traditions and wedding venues, they also prefer to tie a knot in Rajasthan as Rajasthan is full of heritage and cultural traditions. This state gives the feel of royalty like a maharaja of the royal era. So without any further ado let us discuss some of the Indian wedding traditions.

indian wedding traditions

Traditional Weddings 

Ganpati Nimantran
In India, before any auspicious occasion, we invite or devote Ganesh ji as he is the Vighnaharta. He is, therefore, worshiped first in order that any upcoming obstacle may be destroyed. So, both the groom and bridegroom go to the temple of Ganesh ji and give them an invitation card for his presence of him in the entire wedding ceremony. 

Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony
After Ganesh Ji Nimantran, we start off with the sangeet and Mehendi ceremony. In sangeet the ladies play dholak and manjiras and sing bannas and bannis. After singing bannas and bannis the DJ starts and everyone performs dances etc. In Mehendi, both the bride and groom have to apply henna on both hands, etc. 

Nowadays couples used to have aviator sunglasses in the Haldi ceremony. And now everything has changed. Rather than following customs people used to enjoy weddings.

Haldi ceremony
On the morning of the wedding day, the bride and groom apply mehendi. For good luck, they apply turmeric paste to themselves. It is believed that the paste provides powerful healing properties and repels evil spirits.

The wedding procession
In the wedding celebrations, the day begins with the groom’s procession which is called Barat. In this ceremony, the groom entered the wedding venue on the white horse, and this is called the grand entrance. After that, the bride and her family welcome the groom and perform a tilak ceremony on the door. And went to the stage to exchange their garlands (malas). In this, the groom used to wear a long sherwani with a safa on his head and the bride used to a lehenga which can be of any color except black and white as these colors are not good colors to wear at weddings. 

The Mandap
When the bride walks down the aisle, both the groom and bride sit under the pavilion decorated with flowers, drapes, and lights. In the mandap they take Saat Phere, Saat Phere is the most crucial part of Hindu weddings. Both the bride and groom walk around the holy fire praying for a happy future. Each phera has a different vow, which is read out by the priest before the couple becomes husband and wife.

Pick out the best venue for your wedding ceremony
These days couples prefer hotels for their wedding ceremony, no matter how near their home is as it is very difficult to reach the venue every time and most of the people choose venues which have different gardens and banquets to celebrate each and every ceremony. Moreover, Jaipur is the preeminent place for destination weddings. From Bollywood celebrities to the common man, everyone is preferring Jaipur for their destination wedding. So instead of searching for venues here and there one of the best places for destination weddings is HOTEL CASTLE KANOTA. It is one of the traditional hotels in Jaipur to stay in with 18 air-conditioned rooms, which are beautifully renovated and decorated. As it is an old castle it has huge open spaces. Your wedding guest will sense the perfect experience of an Indian home.

destination wedding venues


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