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In the course of accidents, serious injuries, including fractured limbs, degloving injury, and amputations. they are also responsible for 7 percent of fatalities among construction workers. Workers who sustain injuries at work are generally protected by their employer’s workers’ insurance. In certain instances, however, it is possible for workers to claim additional compensation through the third-party liability claim.

Employees Beware: Four Areas to Monitor
written by Cesar Ornelas

Your employer may have praised the advantages of being an “independent contractor,” be careful. Employers usually emphasize the capability to deduct expenses for work as well as “choose your hours” when you are an independent contractor. But these same employers also have strict rules regarding how you conduct your work, which makes you an employee under another name.

How Does a Non-Compete Affect Me If I Leave or Lose My Job?
Cesar Ornelas

Non-compete agreements are becoming more common in Florida and may defend legitimate interests in the business. However, they must be interpreted carefully and subject to restrictions according to Florida law. Employers must have agreements that are valid and can be enforced with efficiency. Employees should be aware of the rules and how to avoid violating these agreements as they progress in their careers. This article examines both aspects.

What You Need to Know About Family Leave
By Cesar Ornelas

If you’re injured, sick, or pregnant, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of family time. The two most significant laws comprise that the Oregon Family Leave Act (“OFLA”) and the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”). The OFLA is unique for Oregon and is identical to the FMLA which is the version that is federal. Here are the responses to frequently asked questions:

The BOLI Complaint Process
written by Cesar Ornelas

Whatever your situation, whether you’re the employer or employee engaged in the Bureau of Labor and Industries (“BOLI”) complaint procedure It can be a bit frightening. The best way to deal with your anxiety is to know your rights, responsibilities as well as the process in general. The following guide will guide you to the various components of the BOLI complaint.

Where’s My Paycheck?
written by Cesar Ornelas

Oregon law requires that employers pay employees at least 35 days. Oregon law also stipulates that employees must pay on time, and pay the entire amount they owe each payday. What is a great concept!

Agency Workers: How Does the Employment Law in the UK Affect Them?
By Cesar Ornelas

In the United Kingdom, there are numerous types of workers and each comes with its own set rules and regulations as per the law of employment. Workers and employees enjoy many different entitlements and benefits, the less talked about types also are entitled to their own benefits that are equally rewarding. This article will look at an in-depth look at apprentices and agency workers and examine how the law of employment impacts their rights and privileges.

Situations When You Need to Take Help of An Employment Lawyer
by Cesar Ornelas

The employment lawyer can help you in resolving any workplace conflicts. The lawyer is skilled in the resolution of any legal rights. They also take care of issues related to human rights. If you would like your lawyer to assist in your cause, they’ll ask for specific facts (evidence) to help your case. They would like you to be more realistic about what will happen. By helping them in a professional manner will save you time and money. It increases your chances that you will win the lawsuit. If you are aware of how to prepare, it will make your life easier.

10 Signs to Detect If Your Employer Is an Abuser Before He Beats You
by Cesar Ornelas

Abuse isn’t an old story in the world of foreign Filipino workers. Numerous cases of abuse by employers from the case of Flor Contemplacion and the execution of Jakatia Pawa to the most recent one, Joanna Demafelis, the lady kept in a freezer caused a number of ill-effects throughout our history, and have sparked fear in aspiring OFWs.

How to Cope With Wrongful Termination
by Cesar Ornelas

A wrongfully terminated employee has been dismissed or sacked from their job without legal grounds. The reason for this type of termination is that it affects the employee in a variety of different ways. Employees who have been wrongfully terminated may make a claim against the employer to demand justice and compensation.

When Do Interns Have to Be Paid? Revised FLSA Test May Create New Unpaid Internship Opportunities
written by Cesar Ornelas

Federal minimum wages and overtime laws typically apply to employees, but not to interns. Employers faced a challenge to determine if someone who was an intern needed to be compensated to cover their expenses. In January of 2018, the Department of Labor updated the test under the Fair Labor Standards Act to differentiate interns who don’t need to pay from employees who do.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in California
by Cesar Ornelas

If you’re working in a large or small business, there is always the chance of being attacked at work, without even noticing it. Many would use their official power to obtain what they want in exchange for job security.

How Do Employment Practices Apply to Volunteers?
Written by Elizabeth Leontief

In this article, we will discuss the liability for employment practices of nonprofits and the liability of volunteers in relation to hiring procedures and the status of employment. Understanding the role of volunteer status and its impacts on EPLI may change the hiring practices of nonprofits and liability insurance coverages.

Guide to New Employment Laws for California in 2018
written by Cesar Ornelas

A new set of Laws and Regulations for employers were in effect on January 1, 2018. The regulations concern minimum wage increases as well as parental leave laws. They also cover municipal ordinances Ban the Box, pay history, retaliation, and much more. Learn more about the latest laws in the following article.

Your Agenda While Moving House
ByCesar Ornelas

So you’ve taken care of everything you need for the new home. The printed materials are done, boxes are made and your moving date scheduled. However, it seems as if you’ve missed something.

Was That Sexual Harassment?
by Gina DeNicola

In 1991, I was a teenager. I was 24, and was four months pregnant however, I was not pregnant. I was in the third year of an abusive marriage. Not physically, but mentally.

Gender Pay Gap
written by Amanda Ventrone

In our modern society, women can accomplish almost everything they want to if they are able to earn exactly the same money men. Everyone has seen this quote in the media: Men make more money than women in the United States. It’s a fact that women are more likely to be working outside of the home as compared to earlier generations. It’s hard to imagine that in the present time and age, where so many improvements are being made in the name of equal rights that someone would earn more money according to their gender. But the statistics are certain to draw our attention. Women earn an average of 78 cents per dollar when compared to males. What are the methods used by economists to come to this conclusion? Are other countries suffering from the same gender pay gap well? What can we do to reduce this percentage? These are issues that are crucial in understanding the issue that affects the female population, families, and our economy too. We need to take action as a nation to reduce the gap and ensure that our workers get paid fairly, regardless of gender.

An Overview of the ILO Constitution on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
of the late Yeshwant Naik

The International labor rights system has seen a major transformation in the past few years. It was the International Labour Organization (ILO) has responded to increasing pressure to improve respect for standards of work by adopting an instrument that is not lawfully known as The Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in 1998. The transformation process began in 1995, at the Copenhagen World Summit for Social Development.

FAQS About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
by Cesar Ornelas

If you suspect that you’re victimized by harassment or aggression in the workplace, you should contact an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer immediately. You are entitled to protection, which is why the 1967 Title VII Civil Rights Act safeguards them.

Getting the Compensation for Unpaid Earnings
by Cesar Ornelas

There are laws that have been put in place to stop employees from being exploited in relation to their hours of work. Based on your specific circumstances and the laws in the area you reside, you could require the assistance of an attorney for unpaid overtime. If they feel that the laws were not followed and they are able to assist you in obtaining the compensation you are due for the non-paid wages.


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