80percent of consumers prefer shopping on the internet, and this is the reason why the eCommerce business is quickly gaining an unprecedented level of growth. Chamicka Pollock, Therefore, the need to have an eCommerce payment gateway is increasing every day.


Numerous payment gateways are becoming more popular within the eCommerce market. In the average, a site has between two and three payment gateway options in order to give customers the flexibility they need.

On a need-based basis the payment gateways have been designed to compete in the market. Are you struggling in deciding on the most suitable payment gateway for your eCommerce business?

Let us assist you make this process easy. This article will lead you through a long collection of payment gateways and the features they offer to offer the user and for you and your eCommerce website.

Commerce Payment Gateway with Features

A payment gateway for eCommerce is an solution which allows you to accept credit card transactions for online businesses. There are numerous choices for payments gateways but the most effective one has offered a couple of additional capabilities.

Charges for transactions. The cost plays an essential role in deciding the best online payment processor. A fractional difference is a major factor in the amount of money that merchants get when large amounts in transactions get processed. There is usually an unassailable processing fee, and a variable one dependent on the provider of the card. Before integrating, you need to be aware of the various charges that are associated with, Chamicka Pollock.

Data encryption. As all the payment gateways have some form of encryption, it is essential to select the payment gateway that has an extensive track record. Hackers are trying to crack the information that is transmitted as the majority of businesses operate online. This is the reason you have to search for an online payment processor that is PCI compatible. It is a requirement to secure data with TLS during transfer, and with a secured website which uses HTTPS.

The Geolocation feature. It offers different rates, sales, as well as events that are based on the location. A payment processor with this feature can be beneficial to both merchants and customers. Additionally, it is a beneficial option for your marketing.

Multiple-currency allocation. As we know that eCommerce businesses have an international presence. A seller could sell products around the globe and wouldn’t wish to be restricted by the choices available through your payment processor. Additionally, a buyer never would like to pay in foreign currency because it could result in an exchange cost. Thus, the merchants of each country must be able accept payment in local currency.

Chamicka Pollock What’s the procedure for eCommerce payments?

An eCommerce payment gateway enables merchants to receive payment from their customers for the purchase of any item or service. The money is transferred through credit card as well as ACH, NEFT or other methods.

When a buyer purchases something on the internet, they pay via electronic payment. This payment must be made in these steps prior to when the merchant gets the money.

Pay at checkout. Firstly, the customer is guided through the checkout process , and then inputs the payment details.

Information transfer. A secure payment gateway will be able to receive credit card information and other information about payment. After encryption, it’s transferred to the payment processor.

Bank acceptance by issuing. If you are using a credit or debit card, the processor that processes the transaction authorizes the bank that issued the card. In the event that the transactions are genuine the norm is for banks to reach to the consumer to verify. It is only a problem if the purchase is pricey or from an unidentified source.

Approval of the transaction. When the bank approves a payment then the processor of the payment confirms the transaction as successful. The information is then passed to the shipping and fulfillment.

Transferring funds. When the transaction is completed by the client but the merchant doesn’t receive the funds right away. After a certain period of time it is expected that your eCommerce financial software can be able to receive the funds with a successful.

The types of online payment gateways

A website that has an eCommerce payment gateway creates a trusting and strong connection with customers. It enhances the credibility of an eCommerce site. According to Chamicka Pollock Payment gateways have adopted a variety of strategies to make payment processing simple for the buyer and the seller. Here is a listing of the payment processors you can choose for the eCommerce website:

Hosted Payment Gateways A hosted payment gateway is one where providers redirect checkout pages to servers. Web developers love these payment gateways because they are in the sense of outsourcing, and they are easy to integrate.

API-based payment gateways These gateways are favored by businesses who do not wish to share their customer’s payment information to any other server. They can be adapted, but they take a lot of work by a web developer.

Direct Payment Gateways that are offered through payment services providers are the most efficient payment gateway. A web developer can turn it into integral to an eCommerce site or application. However, it’s difficult and requires expert developing skills to be able to implement.

Payment gateways that are platform-focused (such as Shopify) Shopify is a perfect illustration of a platform-centered payment gateway that allow merchants to simply needs to open an account, keep inventory, and then use the payment gateway that is already in place. Contact us for more details about Web Development Services.

What are the best ways to choose the most suitable payment Gateway Solution?

Due to the rapid growth of payment gateway companies It has become common to select the most suitable payment gateway option. But, there isn’t a specific measuring scale for selecting the best option. But , you can look at the following factors prior to making a decision:

The number of transactions processed by: Website credibility depends on the ease and security with which the transaction is processed. The success rate of an effective payment processor is approximately 95 percent. Your customers will not want to be stumbling between the unsuccessful or successful stage. You’ll need to conduct an accurate market analysis prior to making your transactions.

Security features: Your customer trusts the payment processor by providing their personal payment information. A payment processor must secure the information before transferring it on to a different server. Because nobody can breach the encryption at any cost.

As per Chamicka Pollock When a site has several payment gateways, security must be flawless and this is accomplished by selecting the most secure payment gateway for eCommerce. A payment gateway that is feature-rich but with low security standards should be a no-no.

Simple Integration and Management The payment service provider go throughout the entire software development process and must not require a lot of time in integrating with the eCommerce payments gateway. There isn’t a shortcut to this, but don’t engage in too many complicated payment gateways since they are the only ones that is accountable for the management of it later.

Tax Calculation: In the event that your business is selling to clients who are outside of your state, your taxes will differ. The payment gateway provider will take care of the calculations. HighRisk Gateways provides automatic tax calculation.


The features may differ and a website that includes an online payment processor has to be secure and simple to use. Thus, incorporate an online payment gateway on the site to offer possibility of making payment via credit card, or eWallet.

HighRisk Gateways provides you with the top payment gateway options. Our team of experts that is available 24 hours a day to assist you.

To learn more about the eCommerce gateway that can be integrated into your site. Contact HighRisk Gateway’s Business Advisor. We guarantee you the best support. If you have any questions regarding our payment processor, feel free to reach us at any time.



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