Pink is a vibrant colour to work with and can enhance even the dullest surroundings. A pink two colour for bedroom walls can make a room look bright and cosy. It can even make a small room look large.  You can use pink as a single colour or in combination with other colours. Many times, people are not sure about the colours combinations that work with the pink colour. In that case, use the colour palette to see which colour goes best with the shades of pink. It has been a popular notion that pink should be used in the girls’ rooms only as it is a feminine colour.  We have seen that nowadays pink is being used everywhere.


Here are some of the best pink two colours for bedroom walls to brighten up your home.


Dual pink wall colour

The dual pink colour combination works best for the children’s bedroom. This dual pink two colour for bedroom walls works wonders in natural light and makes the room look bright and vibrant. You can pair pastel pink hues with a dark pink colour combination to create the perfect bedroom look. Even light shades of pink can be paired together to create wonders.


Brown with pink

Combine candy pink with wooden brown colour to create stunning interiors. Let pink be the main colour of the bedroom and brown should complement it and break the monotony. Use brown coloured furniture for cupboards, cabinets, drawers, window panes etc. Make sure the bedroom gets a lot of natural light for this colour combination to work.


Pink with green colour combinations for walls

Most people find it tricky and are not sure how to match the green colour in our home interiors with pink wall colour combinations. Choose a light pink colour combination for a good wall paint design as it gels really well with green hues. Use the green colour for a piece of furniture like cupboards or chairs which can enhance the pink two colour for bedroom walls.


White with dark pink colour combination

Dark pink shades will work really well to accentuate the white components in the room. You can try different hues in combinations with white as it is a very versatile colour. White and any shade of pink colour combinations can also be used to create a sophisticated and elegant kitchen.


Purple with pink two colour for bedroom walls

Purple matched with pink colour can give a royal look to the bedroom if used well in a combination. This combination works perfectly for the large bedrooms, the purple and pink colour combination will give an amazing contrast in the room. If you want only pink colour for walls, choosing furniture and home decor accessories in purple hues will also work well.


Blue and pink combination

Try a different colour combination for the children’s bedroom wall, instead of making pink the main wall colour, use shades of blue. On the blue wall, incorporate stars, flowers, characters or animals in a variety of hues of pink. This will be a different way of including pink in a child’s bedroom.


Orange and pink two colour for bedroom walls

Give a nice warm and earthy vibe to a bedroom by using a unique colour combination of light pink and orange. If there is enough natural light in the room, the bedroom with this combination is sure to glow even more. These colours work for both small and big rooms.



Experiment with different combinations of pink shades according to your personal choice and let the interiors of the bedroom reflect your personality.  Explore various pink two colour for bedroom walls and you will have an amazing bedroom.

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