orthotics billing
orthotics billing

Denials are inevitable in the orthotics billing process. And practices end up losing a lot of valuable time and money resolving and avoiding those pesky orthotics billing denials.

In fact, in a recent report, 20% of healthcare denial claims are never appealed. A report by Change Healthcare analysis found that the cost of each denied claim on average is $117 and costing your organization a lot on money.

So now the question is how to reduce your denial claims and keep up with revenue generation for your orthotics billing operation. The answer to this question is simple – Sunknowledge Services Inc.

Sunknowledge helps in improving your orthotics billing and its denial rate:

With a complete understanding each payer’s medical necessity policy, Sunknowledge following present industry mandates and all the orthotics billing requirements has helped many leading names with improved ROI in the orthotics space for ages.

With experienced professional and knowledgeable staff on payer policies, we offer better billing operations than many RCM destinations in the industry. In fact, our experts take special precautions in order to reduces the denial rate like –

  • Improving the documentation process – efficient documentation plays a vital role in managing a seamless orthotics billing operation. Accurate documentation information in fact not only helps in faster treatment solution but also ensure a faster reimbursement rate as well. This is why Sunknowledge experts with constant communication and direct doctor office follow up not only ensure the correct documentation but also the right modifiers and codes; reducing the chances of claims denials. Maintaining a 99.9% accuracy and relevance on patient claims before claim submission, we further help in improving your practice’s ROI in no time.
  • Staying up to date with codes and its recent guidelines – wrong diagnosis codes often result in n claims rejection and denials and costing practices with time and money. This is why Sunknowledge trained and certified coders communicate and ensure the right codes preventing the chances of denial.
  • Being up-to-date with process knowledge, billing mandates and software – with the ever changing billing regulations and evolving healthcare industry, being up-to-date is very essential. It is very important to make sure the billing software is up to date on new procedures and diagnosis codes in order to avoid errors. This is why Sunknowledge experts are not only up to date with the recent billing regulations but are equally proficient in working on different billing software like – Brightree, CPR +, kareo, DME Works and more. This not few denials but also saves you from wasting time and cash.

 The Sunknowledge benefits:

Eliminating common errors and ensuring timely claims submission, our experts have improved the workflow of many.

Cutting down your operational expenses by 80%, our experts further help in reducing your accounts receivable bucket by 30%.

Choosing us will only help you with a seamless billing operation, and increased ROI / better collection.

So what are you waiting for? Speak to our experts over a no-commitment call and let us show our experts can reduce your claim’s denial and rejection of claims in no time and provide you with improved cash flow that you have always wanted.


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