Commercial moving North Vancouver
Commercial moving is not just about changing your moving your office. Moving is a complex operation that requires a lot of attention. It is not a confusing set of things that move, but rather so-called expensive objects. This definition refers precisely to the affective sphere. Also considering a very simple ornament as a potential memory to jealously guard and saved.
Therefore it is inadvisable to get to work by resorting to do-it-yourself or by turning to non-professional subjects. Perhaps to a friend who, to raise some money, suddenly works that he doesn’t really know how to do. Moving furniture, appliances, dishes, and all the other things that are containing in a house, in fact, requires specific preparation. In addition of course to dedication and attention to every detail of the intervention.

Experience and reliability

Our company has been operating in the commercial moving sector for over 10 years. The long experience accumulated allows us to meet every customer’s need by satisfying all needs. We have built our main mission precisely on the work done well, to use our seriousness as a business car. Because we know that trust is the main engine of every activity. Shiply is a leading freight forwarding company that makes it easy for people to find freelance courier jobs.
Over the years we have encountered a series of new difficulties that we have faced as if they were real challenges, constantly updating ourselves and always trying to improve. The moving world has changed radically and today it is no longer enough to do the job as it was a long time ago. So we relied on the continuous training of our employees, to offer a service of undisputed excellence.

Speed ​​and accuracy

North Vancouver moving for individuals and companies at certain times with Vancouver Storage. By contacting our company, there is double security. Respect for the integrity of the objects entrusts and the moment in which things can use in the new location once the intervention is complete. When you interface with a person to whom valuable goods are entrusted, we cannot speak only of speed in completing the work but of the relationship between speed and accuracy.
Our employees are quick to pick up items, put them safely inside the packaging. However, they place the utmost scrupulousness in the actions they perform, always evaluating the best solution without leaving anything to chance.

Be the best commercial moving company in North Vancouver

For example, a set of porcelain or crystal glasses is carefully removing from the piece of furniture. Then we move on to the insertion inside the container which can be the original box or one of our boxes, with the appropriate protections that are used in packaging for fragile materials. The issue of dirt is also given importance, avoiding contact with dust that could arise when you are about to move furniture elements. The scheduling of the times in this sense is very important, setting the operations at the most appropriate moment.

The move of tranquility

The most advantageous formula we offer to our customers is the “relocation of tranquility”. The client just needs to contact us, evaluate with us what to do, share a strategy, and calmly wait for the intervention to take place. The customer does not have to worry about anything and we guarantee the success of the operations.
If you need to call in a locksmith or carpenter, we are perfectly equipping to disassemble a door, a piece of furniture. Or any other element, using professional staff and cutting-edge equipment. We can also operate at great heights thanks to very modern aerial platforms. We can make custom-made cases and packaging to avoid accidental breakage. During the loading, unloading, and transport phases, the goods are handling with extreme caution, if necessary using padded vans.

Moving and storage of furniture

The pieces of furniture, or in addition to disassembling and transporting, are subsequently reassembling in the new office. Or in the new company where the goods are to place. For the offices and workstations to move, we ensure the integrity of the computers, electronic devices, and accessories, detaching the cables, packing the equipment, and reactivating them at the new headquarters.

Complete quote

The commercial moving estimate is compiling taking into account all the details of the work. Everything necessary to pick up the material and to place it at the address indicating the conditions and times agrees with the customer is count. The budgeting phase is very important and we guarantee the certainty of the final price. Being able to finish the work effectively, quickly, and without any problem or hitch. We also take care of the practices relating to the possible disposal of material that must dispose of during the move.


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