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Essays aren’t as easy to write as easy they sound. And when it comes to writing an academic essay, you must avoid making a few mistakes. Although, yes, none of us make mistakes deliberately, if you are eagerly looking to get great grades, then there are some mistakes that you must avoid.

Academic essays must be written in a professional tone. Your audience is your university professors. As your essay shows your point of view regarding a topic, there is no chance that you can use slang or unprofessional language to counter your argument.

The steps mentioned in this write-up will help you avoid some common mistakes while writing your academic essay, and instead, you might end up getting great grades. Although, if ever you feel that you won’t be able to write an essay yourself, you can ask someone to “write my essay.”

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Confusing Introduction and Conclusion

When you are working on your academic essay, one of the most common mistakes done by the students is that they don’t clarify the introduction of their essay and write a justified conclusion.

When you start writing your essay, it is better to write your essay’s introduction at last, even after writing the conclusion. This is a great tip for writing an academic essay; it is because when you are done writing your entire essay, you will know what flow you’ve been following until now.

Writing an introduction at the starting might make it a miss-match from the rest of the content. Also, while writing the conclusion of your essay, try to leave a strong impact on it.

Moreover, one of the most common mistakes students make in essay writing is that they neglect to write the thesis statement before the introduction. And if you still feel confused, you can opt to ask an expert to write my essay online.

Failing to Research

Being a university student, you must know the format of an essay. The thesis statement, introduction, writer’s argument, counterargument, refutation, and conclusion are very simple. When you are working on your academic essay, do in-depth research. You need to research because this will help you fill the format of your essay with ease.

An essay stands for showing the author’s point of view on a particular topic, and when you don’t do enough research, you fail to write your essay. And this becomes the reason for making your essay narrative instead of making it factual.

Moreover, students also find it hard to balance the number of facts and words; this leads to the essay being too informative or informal. If you deal with the same issue, you can opt for the write my essay service provided by the professionals.

Forgetting Citation

One of the biggest blunders done by the students while writing an academic essay is they forget to mention citations in their essay. When writing your academic essay, you need to quote a great personality’s words in your essay to support your argument.

When you do so, you get yourself a better chance to represent to your professor that you have worked hard to write your essay.

Moreover, performing the research step helps you support your arguments, just like citations and quotes. Also, it would help if you mentioned references in your essay for cross-checking; mentioning the same will help you score great grades.

Although if you think that you won’t be able to do justice to your essay, you can take assistance from an expert who provides write my essay service.


While writing your academic essay, you need to do research, and you have to mention the citation and references; this could lead you to show plagiarism in your essay, which isn’t a very good sign.

Although plagiarism is highlighted in facts, it can be neglected, but if you copy-paste your whole essay, this could lead you to bad grades in your academic essay.

So, in fear of not getting your essay plagiarism-free, you can opt for the write my essay online service and ask an expert to do your essay.

The professionals know how to write academic essays, the format, and the university guidelines so that you can trust such service providers.

When you opt for an online essay writing service, you get the authentic answer to your essay and error-free content that will help you get some extra points there.

Other than the mistakes mentioned above to avoid, students make a few more mistakes while working on their academic essays, such as forgetting to proofread, submitting essays with typos, writing too many arguments, and more.

If you are looking to get started on your essay the next, make sure that you don’t follow such mistakes that could cost you your great grades. Instead, you can opt for the “write my essay” service to play on the safer side.

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