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We’ve now examined the various options for platforms that you have to choose from when creating mobile applications, and the latest technological trends, it’s the time to explore the various errors in mobile app development associated with the process of developing mobile apps which could have a negative impact on your future prospects in the mobile world.

Lack of proper targeting

If your app does not reach the intended users, it doesn’t have a chance of being downloaded. This is among the primary reasons why mobile apps do not succeed. Therefore, it is essential to think about and develop strategies, rather than jump into the mobile app development process.

Lack of proper targeting

The first thing to do is understand your target market, trends, and usage figures of your market. Another thing to do is discover what your competitors are doing better than you and what they’re lacking. This can help to increase the retention and install rate of your app and engagement with the intended user.

Building a poor UI

Another mistake that is often made while developing an app is not paying attention to the user interface of your app. The user interface or UI is the first impression you give your app, and it is the one that gives your app its first impression.

There are many apps on app stores, users can be anxious when they make a decision about whether to keep an app installed on their mobile phones.


In another way, a well-designed UI is the most important factor in the retention of users, and it is not to be overlooked. The process of designing for mobile is an essential step to creating an app that users will be able to love.

Here are a few things to consider when designing the app’s UI:

  • Don’t start your design without a flowchart for your app.
  • Pay attention to the resolution. Avoid designing with low resolutions.
  • Don’t make an animation to introduce the app since users are impatient, and any animation that is not able to be skipped can cause them to remove the application.
  • Be extra careful with the animations used to show loading times. Make sure to use things that keep users entertained.
  • One of the most advanced features that could be added to the UI is the use of gestures to navigate the interface.

Lack of monetization strategy

When creating an app, there will be expenses to incur all the way from production through outsourcing of staff after deployment. To cover these costs and earn profits in the future it is essential to select the best method of monetization. There are many ways to earn money for your application. These include paid advertisements, subscriptions, in-app purchases and many more. Whatever method of monetization you decide to use, make sure it will be profitable over the long term.

Lack of monetization strategy

Adding too many features

If you believe that adding too many features can increase the appeal of your app to users it could be a mistake. The presence of too many features in the app causes it to be cumbersome and heavy in weight but does not add much value to the user experience.

However, the absence of crucial and targeted characteristics makes mobile apps simple to comprehend and use.

Furthermore the fact that having too many options can increase the time to load and slows down the application. Not to mention the time, resources and efforts involved in creating those additional features. The best way to go is to incorporate the primary feature along with other features to make the function of the application complete.

Not considering making an MVP

An MVP provides you with an opportunity to test your app in real-world conditions and receive feedback from users that can help enhance the app’s performance. The process of creating your MVP as a preliminarily developed product helps reduce mobile app development time and cost. It also allows you to get useful feedback from the market and make the necessary changes to the app’s design and improve your final version. It is therefore recommended to create an MVP to ensure the app’s success.


Making an app is usually an extremely long and laborious process that takes an extended time. As they develop the app, the developers will make a few mistakes that could make the app less successful.

Commonly bad mobile app development practices include a lack of comprehension of the needs of users over-involving parties and ignoring retention rates.

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Know the common mistakes to avoid while building a mobile app development.

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