Marketers have found the ultimate solution in user-generated content via Instagram. This allows your followers to get more involved with the brand and reduce marketing costs.

This strategy has proven to be a winning one for user-generated content campaigns. Starbucks’ #Red Cup Contest, for example, is an excellent example of how to convert followers into brand advocates.

Every December, the campaign invites people to upload creative photos of Starbucks’ red Christmas cup. The hashtag has attracted 37,000 entries so far.

User-generated content can be used to benefit almost any industry. Take a look at Santander’s “Prosperity” campaign.

The campaign used short clips of users to tap into the humor and emotions of daily life. These were then combined into a video clip that explains what prosperity means for its customers.

Check out the entire range of Instagram video formats.

While a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth a 1.8million.

Even though Shakespeare fans might disagree with this stat, it is not impossible to see the popularity and efficacy of online video content. Instagram is aware of this and provides various video options for marketers.

You can use Instagram Stories to combine videos into one ad or standalone 60-second videos ideal for long-form features.

Consider using Instagram Stories’ live video option to answer questions or reveal big information about new products and services. Or, you can use a pre-recorded advertisement to share authentic behind-the-scenes stories with your followers to increase their engagement on Instagram.

Instagram Reels are the new star of Instagram. Here’s a guide to help get you started.

Don’t forget IGTV. Although experts claim that the feature is dead, it could be premature to call it finished.

Originally, Instagram wanted IGTV as a destination for original, long-form video content. However, adoption has been slow. 72% of brands reported no plans to create IGTV content for 2019.

This also offers savvy marketers a chance. The layout is mobile-friendly and ideal for creating evergreen content like interviews and features.

Consider Imperial College, for example. London’s Imperial College uses IGTV as a way to attract students. It has relatable content like a video that answers the question, “How much do students spend for coffee?”

Closed captions and subtitles for Instagram videos

Instagram claims that 60% of stories are viewed using sound on… while 40% are viewed without sound.

Video is now the dominant online medium. Many users don’t want audio enabled when watching videos. Subtitles are essential for marketers as they allow core messages to be displayed on-screen with visuals.

According to research from Facebook, captioning videos can increase average video views by 12%. The messaging effectiveness of captions is greatly improved, with an 82% success rate compared to 18% for sound on and no captions. Another study showed that 82% of respondents thought captions would increase their chances of watching the whole video.

You can auto-caption a video on Facebook and save it for Instagram. However, be sure to verify any captioning errors. Or, you could create your captioning file. Learn more about adding closed captions by clicking here.

Although captions are a powerful way to grab attention, they are not recommended by Instagram for stories.

Many stories can still be viewed with sound on. It’s important to invest in great sound experiences even after enabling sound.

Activate Instagram Reels

Have you used Instagram Reels yet? This feature, which has been around since last year, is hugely popular on Instagram. This video feature is a clone from TikTok’s videos and allows your brand to engage with the community in brief clips of up to 30 seconds.

You can use the app to create and add effects to your videos. Your video will be a rockstar on Instagram.

Be creative with your Instagram reals to show your brand’s authenticity. You can, for example, show the behind-the-scenes by opening the curtains. Sephora offers a few examples:

You can use Instagram Reels to showcase your brand in various ways, including short tutorials and introductions to your team. GoPro has a great example of using this feature to share eye-catching, user-generated content.

Instagram recently launched Reel Ads, which allow you to invest in reaching your audience and making them more engaged. This guide will help you learn more about Instagram Reels.


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