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The world of dental marketing is growing faster than one would have imagined. Because of the high return on investment, many dental practices are moving online. This has brought increased competition to satisfy the needs and demands of the wider user base who are willing to rely on quality dentist advert services. 


3 Dental Marketing Strategy That Will Work For You In 2021 

#1 Brand Awareness With Facebook Advertising 

It is important to have a careful blend of organic and paid dental marketing strategies to contribute to increased website visitors and conversions. One of the best ways to accelerate your digital marketing strategy beyond the organic growth program is with Facebook advertising. 

Facebook Ads are really effective to generate leads and increase brand awareness against the target audience. With the right in-house strategy that can be overseen by a dental marketing expert such as an ad professional, you can do so much more than converting website visitors into patients with its targeting capabilities. 

Facebook ad content evolves over time and presents new ways to engage with a target audience. Follow these result-driven practices as you implement Facebook Ads strategy into your dental marketing program: 

  • Prioritise good ad creatives and invest in copywriting and graphic design. 

  • Ensure mobile-first friendly ads as a priority

  • Create custom landing pages for each of your Facebook Ads campaign

  • Leverage the power of visuals through the video medium 

  • Strategise and develop a full-funnel strategy for your Ads on Facebook 

  • Continue to test and refine your strategy based on your findings


#2 PPC Ads To Capture High-Intent Searches 

PPC ads are one of the most popular ways to climb up the SERP. It enables your dental practice to show at the top of the search engine and when done correctly will definitely bring more patients to your clinic. Pay-per-Click ads allow you to place lead-generating content and CTAs at the top of the Google search results for competitive keywords.

Connect with your target user base at the right time and the right place. The main purpose of PPC is to get results a lot faster than SEO plans.  

Dental marketing can have a great impact on one’s dental practice’s bottom line. In addition to having a fast and intuitive site, it can also be the anchor of your dental advertisement efforts. Bearing all this in mind, we are about to present you with a complete guide that will help you increase conversion rates for your dental practice irrespective of wherever you are located.  

It is important to know why you are creating the dental website in the first place. Clearly defining your website goals will be key to your success on the online stage. Are you revamping an existing website or starting from scratch? Are you trying to increase dental SEO? Which dental treatments do you offer, unlike other dental clinics? Best dental websites always go out with a strong motive converting visitors into patients.

This is how PPC works on Google Ads:

  • Choose relevant keywords for your PPC ads to rank for

  • Create a Google Ad by targeting those keywords

  • Users search for the keywords and related keywords

  • Your PPC ad is displayed on top of the search engine result pages

  • When an online user clicks on your ad, you have to pay a certain amount of money to the Google


PPC ads work great for dental advertisements such as for discounts and special offers. If you have decided to use PPC ads, it is best to get the advice of an experienced dental marketing expert and a digital marketing agency. A lot of science and digital strategies go behind PPC to get the results you would want otherwise you would simply end up wasting money for results that won’t turn into any kind of leads.  


Build your campaign on the best PPC practices such as:  

  • Build out a comprehensive keyword strategy

  • Optimise your campaign structure

  • Test call-only ad campaigns wish works great for dental clinics

  • Prioritise ad extensions to increase engagement

  • Create quality PPC landing pages

  • Target your ads based on locations you have your dental practice 


#3 Reach Your User Base With Videos 

Types of Videos you can craft to reach your website visitors, followers, and target audience. 

  • Introductory videos: Develop videos to introduce your dentists and staff to prospective patients. This will give them the idea of the expert and experience of the dental clinic. 


  • Patient Review & Testimonial Videos: Website visitors and followers who are looking for dental treatment will definitely spend time reading testimonials and reviews. What better way to actually have the patient talking and discussing their treatment journey. This is arguably the best way to convince prospects about what to look forward to. 


  • Dental procedure & Treamtmet overviews: This is one of the easiest video productions you might undertake. Inserting the images of “before/after” treatment with a subtle soundtrack lets the audience know about what to expect. This video content can be a voiceover of a dentist who was actually part of the procedure highlighting the challenges and solutions that they were to overcome and resolve. 


  • Informative video: Highlight the importance of oral health hygiene and why it is important to have regular dental checkups and much more with educational videos. 


Wrapping Up 

These 3 killer strategies outlined above can bring you more than just patients. Build trust and transparency with your target consumer base so you attract more patients online. Knowing a dental marketing strategy and implementing one is a different ball game. With a careful blend of dental SEO & paid marketing campaigns, you will never have to rely on traditional marketing platforms such as print, radio, and commercials. In the digital world, dentists and patients have all the technological resources at their disposal to improve upon long-lasting relationships.


More and more consumers are purchasing products and services through smartphones and laptops. The time is ripe to concentrate your marketing efforts digitally and grow your dental practice like never before. Whether you have a stand-alone dental practice or multiple, these tips can help you drive leads and increase conversion rates wherever you are located irrespective of the competition. 


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