Attending Cosmoprof 2022 Will Allow You To Learn About Cutting-Edge Beauty Technology Solutions.

Cosmoprof Discover the AI and AR technologies that are transforming consumer experiences throughout the Cosmoprof Beauty market by joining Perfect Corp. between April 28 and May 2 at Cosmoprof Products Bologna.

The event will take place in Italy. It is widely acknowledged that Cosmoprof Products is the most significant trade event for the beauty business, and it brings together industry executives from all over the globe. Stop by our location, Stand 8, in the Service Centre to learn more about our assortment of Cosmoprof Beauty technology Cosmoprof Products.


Showcasing Individualized, Cutting-Edge, And Innovative Beauty Shopping Solutions

When looking for new Cosmoprof Products, customers in today’s modern world want firms to provide them with more individualized product suggestions and customized shopping experiences wherever possible.

We will be demonstrating a variety of Cosmoprof Products solutions that allow companies to satisfy the ever-changing expectations of consumers, abandon the approach that assumes one size fits all, and get on board with the customization revolution. Some of these solutions include the following:

Real-Time Evaluation Of The Skin, Including A List Of Suggested Products

This skin diagnostic tool is driven by AI and augmented reality, and it can identify up to 14 different skin issues in only two seconds. This technology leverages the camera on the user’s mobile device to provide an accurate and in-depth diagnostic of the skin, after which it recommends goods to address the specific disorders that have been identified, apply Cosmoprof Coupons.

Powerful augmented reality technology is also able to simulate the elimination of any of the problems that have been identified. This provides people with a real-time visual of the prospective outcomes that may be achieved by employing the items that have been advised. These two qualities have resulted in significant gains in sales as well as improvements in the happiness of customers.


Guided Augmented Reality Makeover Tutorials Available On The Youcam Platform.

This one-of-a-kind solution offers customers a hyper-realistic, augmented reality (AR) driven Cosmoprof Beauty lesson that delivers an immersive, teaching experience with the highest possible level of accuracy.

The live picture of the user’s face is overlaid with each brush stroke as it is shown on the virtual instructional platform, which makes use of a tunable face chart to demonstrate to customers how to apply cosmetics to get the best possible results for their facial characteristics.

The lesson player even provides users with a guided narration and the ability to repeat their training films, providing users with all of the tools and instructions necessary to apply their makeup flawlessly.

Solutions For Virtual Trying On That Have Won Awards

Perfect Corp. is a pioneer in the Cosmoprof Beauty technology industry, and its suite of virtual try-on services offers the finest quality augmented reality (AR) experiences across a broad variety of product categories, including the following:

Makeup Virtual Try-on is a service that provides users with the ability to experience hyper-realistic virtual makeovers that cover the whole range of cosmetic Cosmoprof Products, ranging from lipstick and eyeshadow to foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and more. The technology is accessible across all customer touchpoints and was developed specifically for use in omnichannel deployments.

Nail Polish Virtual Try-on offers completely customized nail art and a nail polish virtual try-on experience, both of which are driven by cutting-edge hand tracking technology. Those interested in nail art may try out hundreds of colors in a moment thanks to this instrument, which eliminates the need for messy testers and the time-consuming clean-up that comes after them.

Hair Color Virtual Try-on is a 360-degree, customized virtual hair color try-on shopping experience that offers a broad variety of color and pattern options, as well as the ability to change coverage, blending area, and gloss level.

Exploring The Potential Of Immersive Digital Spaces To Shape The Future Of Beauty

Join us on Thursday, April 28th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the Service Centre as we participate in an enlightening session at CosmoTalks – a live conversation and cosmetics, design, trends, packaging, marketing and innovation, politics, art music, literature, and fashion are among the topics covered in this series of interviews with the world’s leading Cosmoprof Beauty professionals.


During this session, which is called “Finding Your Brand’s Place in the Metaverse,” our AVP of Business Development, Sylvain Delteil, will join a panel of guests to discuss how brands Consumers’ online and offline identities are always evolving or diverging, and these identities must be combined to generate unique individuality for each customer.

The topic of discussion will be how brands need to keep up with how consumers’ online and offline identities are shifting or differentiating, and how they come together Alongside other speakers from CEW, The Virtual Events Group, and Cosmetics Design, he will discuss how brands can delight buyers, challenge the status quo, and pioneer the next frontier of their industries by being adventurous with future-forward tools, NFTs, and cultivating Metaverse experiences. This can apply to product development, service delivery, or customer engagement.


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When: the 28th of April to the 2nd of May, 2022

Where: Piazza Della Costituzione, Bologna, Italy.

Directions To Locate Us: Location: Stand 8 And Service Center

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