Features of eCommerce Website Development
Features of eCommerce Website Development

Since E-commerce has entered normal living has become the most valuable aspect of life. Everything seems easy and available to get on an instant basis. This not only has changed the life of customers but has had a major impact on the lives of other sellers. There is every kind of seller nowadays either big or small, available here.

Also, the most interesting thing about eCommerce is all the types of sellers including the varieties of buyers and end-users together, are in one place despite being available from their locations. Additionally, this eCommerce platform has allowed all individuals boundless freedom to market their products and services without any barriers.

Has it Ever Stuck in Your Mind the Practice of eCommerce Website Development?

Here, we will completely guide you all about the eCommerce website development which makes you aware of every aspect of a successful eCommerce website.

Size of an eCommerce Market and their Evaluations

As e-commerce has entered the market in India has reshaped the working possibilities of trades. It has been evaluated that the eCommerce market will grow to US $200 billion by the year 2026 which was US $ 38.5 billion in 2017. And here one of the reasons which cannot be denied is that smartphones and enhancement of internet service have somehow pushed the eCommerce market.

As per the current digital transformation in the nation, it would be vital to enhance the total internet user base to 829 million by the end of 2021 which has been found to be 636.73 million in FY19 Meanwhile, the nation’s eCommerce revenue is believed to take jump from US $39 billion, which was earlier recorded in 2017, to US$ 120 billion by this year 2022. Not only here in India, but this eCommerce is growing seamlessly across the world.

Mobile App vs Website Traffic

Across the world, half of the web traffic has been sourced from smartphones or portable devices. In the last year, which was a concluding month, 56.6% of website traffic was made through smartphones excluding tablets, which was specifically roaming around 50% since 2017.

The different mediums like tablets, gadgets, cell phones, and other flourishing markets have eliminated the desktop phase totally and moved directly onto the mobile and all. And the reason would be the low base and monetary restrictions. Whereas in the US, mobile devices only tend to grab 40% of the online market. Therefore, after evaluating all, we come up with the conclusion that even many top brands are picking their desktop devices to view the websites to get an enhanced user experience.

Progressive Web App Grabbing Mobile Audience?

Progressive Web Apps use the web to render app-level expertises. Therefore, customers are no longer required to install the app from the app store as they just navigate on any browser. Whereas PWA techniques focus on instant loading, even if you’re offline, and also in case of fewer data. It is said that 53% of mobile visits get jilted, in case a website takes over 3 seconds to load. Sometimes users even leave a mobile website if it takes time.

Kinds of eCommerce Websites Development

Firstly understand the types of eCommerce websites prior we talked about the E-commerce website development procedure –

  • B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce Websites
  • B2C ( Business -to – customer) eCommerce Website
  • C2C (Customer -to – Customer) eCommerce Websites
  • C2B ( Consumer -to – Business) eCommerce Websites
  • Price Comparison (Aggregator) Websites
  • Auction / Bidding eCommerce Website

Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Developing an eCommerce Website

As you step into the development of an eCommerce Website, it is essential to understand each and every aspect that needs to be considered. Here is the list –

Evaluate Your Ecommerce Website Development Budget

Budget is considered a prominent part of the way of developing an eCommerce Website. Things that influence the cost during the development are –

  1. Type of developer you are hiring
  2. Developer rates
  3. The intricacy of web architecture
  4. Number and complexity of site functionalities
  5. Number and assimilation of APIs offered by third parties
  6. Cost for website hosting, SSL endorsement cost

Go Through the Deep Research of Your Business Industry

Initially, you need to go through a deep research analysis of your business. And also, take a brief market analysis that will aid you in understanding the loopholes of the market.

Study the eCommerce Websites of your Competitors

Do a proper study of your competitors and their working segments. All this will get you by browsing the indexes, like Google and Yahoo, using applicable catchphrases.

Find out the Famous eCommerce Web Development Platforms

For a fruitful web-based business, you need to pick the correct platforms for eCommerce business. There are a lot of business platforms in the market. And you have to just sense the appropriate one for your specific business.

Recently, some of the popular online shopping website development platforms are –

  1. Shopify
  2. Shopware
  3. OpenCart
  4. WooCommerce
  5. osCommerce
  6. PrestaShop
  7. Magento
  8. Sylius
  9. BigCommerce
  10. 3dCart
  11. BigCart

Find the Target Audience of Your eCommerce Business

After keeping what you need to sell in priority, then in the next step, you require to focus on who would have to sell.

Develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Mostly this eCommerce software is exhibited by several online services for selling and buying goods. Therefore, the primary job of the eCommerce business is to sell. Regardless of this, the focus of eCommerce MVP is to test the caliber of a particular trade to encourage people to buy products and goods from them.

Alliance of 3rd Party

The business of an eCommerce simply cannot run all alone for attaining the target of the businesses. So, basically, numerous individuals or businesses collaborate together to perform as a team for better output.

Security of eCommerce Website

Around the marketplace of eCommerce, security plays a crucial role in making the website bug-free and safe. There are so many hackers and fraudsters who target this eCommerce marketplace to acquire the customers’ personal details, product details, price information, and financial details related to banking & credit cards.

Regulations of Geography-centred eCommerce Website

Since a transaction takes place between the two parties in different areas, at that moment, then the principal starts becoming complex.

Advance Components of an eCommerce Website

  • Social Login – Signup
  • Chatbot for customer support
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Multilingual &Currency
  • Product videos
  • Shipment Tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Role-Based Dashboard
  • Business Intelligence ‘
  • Behaviour Tracking
  • Advance Ecommerce Analytics
  • Marketing tools
  • Attracting UX/UI designs
  • Loyalty programs

Now, you must have a better understanding of eCommerce Website development. So, by reading this article if you also want to own your eCommerce website then you might be looking for the best company for your eCommerce website development.

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