Countries with best education system in world


Education leads to the development of human beings and equips them with the necessary skills & experience for livelihood. Education is one of the basic requirements of human beings and it is the responsibility of states & governments to provide basic education without any regional or class discrimination. a strict sense implies the process of formal learning that takes place in recognized & approved institutions. Formal education always comprises a structured curriculum after completion of which students will be awarded a certificate of honors. On the other hand, informal education is unplanned education that can be acquired through conversations & observations.

Education helps in distinguishing us from one another, liberating people from shambles & empowering people to act for the betterment of society. In the coming years, the young generation will be the ones governing the world. It will be the thoughts and actions they have learned while getting their education and hence education will be one of the biggest predictors of the nation’s success. The Best countries of education are ranked based on a few factors: having a well-developed public education system, whether people would consider attending university there and if that country provides a top-quality education. It is compiled on the scores based on a perception-based global survey. 

Worldwide, countries with best education system are providing high-quality education to people in a variety of fields and are accepting potential students from all around the world. 

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Pursuing higher education from a foreign country comes with its own sets of pros and cons. Taking into consideration parameters like living standards, teacher-student ratio, etc the list is going to include countries with modern education like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Japan, etc. Here is a list of countries with best education system in the world based on parameters such as; programs offered, placement, university rankings, number of enrolled international students, etc, A mix of federally run and decentralized education systems rank highest. These are the top five.

  1. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is the leading destination for education. It has been a learning center for centuries. Its education system is a unique blend of rich English culture & diverse learning opportunities. The UK universities are renowned for their arts, literature & design courses. Education is quite valued in the UK and individuals & bodies sponsor the education system. Hence, the chances of scholarship opportunities & student loans are much higher which makes the UK the best country for education. The United Kingdom is the home of universities like the University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Birmingham University, etc.
  2. United States of America (USA): The United States is the pioneer of modern education. It is known for providing high-quality education by world-renowned faculty. There are more Nobel laureates in the United States than in any country in the world. The country invites more than a million students every year. The universities offer a variety of courses like Computer Science, Engineering, Business Management, Law, and Arts. In the US Education system, the emphasis is on research & Development and the Universities offer research-oriented STEM courses at graduate, post-graduate & doctorate levels. The US education system is flexible and versatile making it the best education country in the world. They are more focused on practical aspects & help their students in understanding, managing & providing solutions to real-life problems. The United States of America offers scholarships to overseas students based on qualifications. Boasting universities such as Harvard, Boston, Yale, Oxford, and MIT, the US undoubtedly has the best education in the world
  3. Australia: Australia is the 6th largest country by area and is world-renowned for high-quality education & excellent career opportunities. There is compulsory education for students between 6-15 years of age and the Government provides massive financial support for the education system. Australia’s education system offers diverse courses such as Engineering, Administration, Architecture, Media, etc. They offer Vocational Education Training (VET) which is training that prepares individuals for employment. They emphasize practical training and provide opportunities to international candidates. The University of Melbourne, University of  Sydney, University of Queensland are the top universities that make Australia the country with the best education in the world.  
  4. Netherlands: Dutch education system is worldwide known & accepted due to its excellent quality & world-class universities. Dutch universities are known for their well-designed, cutting-edge curriculum and facilities. There is a solid relationship between teachers & students which is highly valued in Dutch institutions. They include practical training in degree programs. The Netherlands is the first non-English speaking country to develop English courses that attract overseas students. The cost of studying is cheap as compared to other countries making it the best education country in the world.
  5. Sweden: Sweden and its other Nordic sister countries like Denmark, Norway & Finland are also included in the list of countries with the best education system. Sweden has a world-class education system and they believe in academic achievement, learning & quality education over grades. They equip their students for a successful career by placing a high value on development as a team. They use the approach of forward-thinking research and have contributed to the emergence of inventions of Bluetooth, pacemakers, skype & Spotify. 


Hopefully, with this blog, you’re now conscious of the countries with the simplest education system. The decision regarding your higher education should be taken thoughtfully and whale considering every possible parameter. When a person has the best degree from the topmost universities in the nation, they are considered high-class, wealthy, and successful, meaning that they have the best chance to get a good job at a good salary, which is what they deserve to enjoy their lives to the fullest. If you wish to pursue higher studies in these countries but aren’t sure about a way to start with it then the experts at Ewriting champs will assist you in every stage of the admission process. 


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