You must be quite familiar with the sky-rocketing growth of the on-demand economy. Entrepreneurs who enter the on-demand marketplace with their smart solutions can quickly gain attention. Until the previous decade, traditional businesses were the norm, and only a few were trying out online services. But the convenience vested in online services has pulled people of every age group.

What is this write-up all about? This write-up will be a full-fledged topic on a multi-delivery app like Postmates

Why are on-demand apps augmenting in popularity?

You know the level of response on-demand apps is getting these days. Even if you are given a choice between on-demand and traditional services, you will pick the former. Therefore, let us point out the different types of advantages available in on-demand services.


on-demand services and the word “prompt” can be termed synonymous. One of the main grounds for users choosing on-demand services is they are accessible promptly.


Immediately next to convenience and availability, users will look for cost-effective services. Undoubtedly, on-demand services are affordable to commoners in distinction to traditional services. 

Easy to pay

Online services are always convenient for users in a variety of aspects. One of them is the ease of payment. When compared to traditional services, the number of payment options available in online services is relatively high. Without any disappointments, users can choose an option and head to finish the transaction.

Easy to compare price

In one of the previous points, we discussed the budget-friendliness of on-demand services. Here, let us see the benefits of comparing the prices of different service providers. In every on-demand services app, there will be a list of service providers. Along with that, if the app has the cost estimation feature, then users will get a double advantage. Yes! You know the working of the cost estimation feature, right? This feature will instantly inform the cost of a service selected by the user. 

So, users can choose multiple service providers and compare their charges. 

Easy to book

Booking any kind of service via the on-demand apps is no rocket science. Not to leave, though on-demand apps are technically advanced, they have a simple user interface. Therefore, the easy-to-book nature of on-demand services is also a reason for its popularity.

Top domains in the on-demand services business

Transportation and logistics services

Transportation services have seen a drastic shift with the penetration of on-demand services. You know how major players like Bla Bla car, Uber, Lyft, and other companies are battling in the field of ride-hailing services. These are global companies that are spread across nations. Also, there are many regional on-demand services that are marking their business in the respective region.

Another sky-rocketing transportation service is logistics. Companies and individuals reckon on-demand logistics transportation services. The on-demand logistics services let users track their goods from the starting point to the destination. 

Courier services 

The level of convenience one can attain through on-demand courier services is immense. After registering on the courier service app, users can book their service easily. Upon mentioning the source and destination, the nearest courier delivery person will be roped in to take care of the delivery. Hence, the courier services app eliminates the necessity of users stepping out to send out couriers. 

Food delivery services

An ever-thriving, busy, and lucrative business is the on-demand food delivery business. The hot sales rate of food delivery services encourages many entrepreneurs to take advantage of this business opportunity. What’s new with online food delivery services? Creative thinkers who enter the food delivery business keep injecting smart moves.

Some of them include virtual assistants for ordering, real-time tracking of orders, delivery through small drones, etc. Join this bandwagon of creative entrepreneurs by exposing your ideas that appeal to users.

Grocery delivery services

If there are some main on-demand services where users crowd, then grocery delivery services are one among them. When physical stores were shut down due to the plight of the pandemic, online grocery delivery services were the ultimate option. Similar to how users order food items, grocery ordering is also the same. Users can start by picking a nearby grocery store, add groceries to the cart, pay the bill, and get them within the same day.

How on-demand apps are categorized?

On-demand apps are neatly categorized into three types on the basis of their end-users. 

Business to business (B2B)

If a business keeps an alliance with another business in terms of providing services, then it is termed as business to business. Saas-based companies provide their software solutions to other companies for helping them manage their business. 

Business to consumer (B2C)

If a business directly deals with consumers or commoners and provides services, then it is business to consumers. You can clearly identify businesses that come under this category. They are delivery services, taxi services, home services, etc.

Consumer to consumer (C2C)

Businesses that directly link a category of consumers to another are called consumer to consumer. For this category, you can take the reseller platforms as an example.

Why is Postmates like app recommended for multi-delivery business?

You know Postmates specializes in the multi-delivery niche. The on-demand services that are available in Postmates branch out into food delivery, home services, e-commerce, taxi services, & various other categories.

Postmates has been able to provide a bunch of services as per the bookings via its seamless application. Again users will reserve multiple orders and pay for them simultaneously. So, the app must possess the ability to process every single order without much difficulty.

Therefore, the Postmates like app will work best for a multi-delivery business. 

Multi-delivery app’s features

  • Social media sign-up
  • An advanced search bar
  • Service category
  • Real-time tracker
  • Cost estimator
  • Instant notifications
  • Payment gateways
  • Admin dashboard
  • Live map, 
  • In-app chat, etc.

Wrapping up

It is no big amazement that on-demand services are rapidly growing. The increasing rate of on-demand apps and related services infers the demand produced by users. If you are likely to step into this money-spinning on-demand business, choose the multi-delivery niche. All the best!


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