Vape Cartridge Boxes

Every packaging company demands having high-quality custom vape cartridge boxes to encase their vapes. So, make your brand stand out from the competition by availing aesthetically and structurally the best vape boxes. You can make your brand unique by using printed vape boxes with quality printing and finishing options.

You can avail of unique styles for vape cartridge products and can create an enigma for your customers and exhibit your stylish vapes in an effective and stylish way.

However, the most common box styles for vape cartridge packaging is window, sleeve, gable, and tuck-end.

So, you can choose the best creative style according to the requirements of your vape cartridge packaging box. However, like this, you can impress your customers with awesome styles that are easy to use and with the outer appeal of the box. Hence, customers would definitely purchase such vape cartridge products which are packed in quality boxes.

The following are four ways you can adopt to reintroduce your custom vape cartridge packaging:

Vape Cartridge Boxes

1.  Attain The Best Material for Your Custom Vape Boxes

Vape cartridge products are delicate in nature. So, encase your vapes in diversified boxes. You can make your boxes look amazing by selecting a good material box.

However, you have a great choice to choose a durable material for your vape cart packaging according to your own choice. Hence, there are different packaging companies in the market that provide unique packaging options for your vape cartridge products.

So, select desired shapes, dimensions, and printing options for vape boxesMoreover, there are material experts available in the packaging companies who will transform your imaginative packaging for vape cartridges into reality.

Further, you can imprint your logo on the vape cartridge box. However, it will assist in branding. The following are some of the materials available in the market which you can avail to encase your vapes:

Kraft Vape Packaging

Kraft is an environmentally friendly material, and it is really good for the environment. However, the kraft box effectively protects the vape products because of its hard texture. The kraft boxes are really light in weight, which is very easy to handle and carry. Moreover, these boxes are sustainable and biodegradable.

Card Stock Vape Packaging

The card stock material is also light in weight. These material boxes will also keep your vape cartridge protected tremendously. Moreover, it is lightweight and locally transported. You can modify the card stock vape cartridge box according to your choice.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

The card stock box effectively complements the graphical printing. However, it makes boxes look unique and attractive. The cardstock boxes enhance the dignity of your vape cartridge products.

Corrugated Vape Packaging

The corrugated material box is sturdier than kraft and cardstock material. However, it promises maximum safety for sending your vape cartridge products internationally.

You can avail of the corrugated box to encase your various kind of vapes. Further, it contains two flat liner boards and flutes for great protection. So, you can alter the flute thickness by customization options as well. It is one of the best vape cartridge packaging options available in the market which can be used for both local and international means.

Rigid Vape Packaging 

Rigid boxes comprise high quality external look. However, the delicate vape products will stay safer, and damage will be prevented by opting for this type of box. Moreover, these boxes are much more eye-captivating.

2.  Give Your Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes Stylish Opening 

Give your vape cartridge packaging a nice opening style. However, the following are opening styles which can avail of from the market:

Sleeve Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

The sleeve boxes for vape cartridges look very attractive. However, they will keep your vape products breakage-free.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

Moreover, the sleeve boxes are in great trend nowadays. Further, you can use perforation techniques on the boxes as well to make them look tremendous. Sleeve boxes are good enough to keep your vape cartridge boxes look handy.

Book-end Box

You can also give a book-end-box style to your vapes. However, it is an eye-catchy box style that will make your vapes look lavishing. Moreover, you can utilize this box for occasional packaging as well. The book-end box comprises a thick front cover, and it has an ample amount of space to write down the brand and vape ingredients specification.

Tuck-end box

The tuck-end box is a very simple style box. Hence, it keep vape products safe. So, you can avail of the tuck-end box in any customized shape you want. However, due to its put-in-position technique, this box is more feasible to use for vapes.

3.  Add Outstanding Embracing Features on Your Vape cartridge Packaging

You can decorate your custom vape cartridge box according to various events or for gifting purposes. However, you can customize your vape cartridge box by adding various features such as logo, printing options, tagline, UV spot, stickers, etc.

The Vape cartridge items are a breakable type of product and need exceptional care while shipping. These products are required an exceptional packaging box that could keep its representative facing down and keep it safe from leakage.

Moreover, you can decorate the packaging for various occasions with colorful rope, ribbon, printed stickers to add a touch of aesthetics. However, there are great color options in foiling, which you can inscribe on the boxes.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

You can also add special designs with a clear window for displaying vape cartridges or with perforation on the boxes.


Coating sketches out the main course of the box. The coating option will firmly lock the artwork on the boxes. The following are the coatings which you can apply:

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Soft Touch Lamination
  • AQ Coating
  • UV Coating
  • Varnish
  • Metallic Coating
  • Pearlescent Coating

The above coatings will transform the ordinary vape box into a sustainable box.

4.  Hire a Competent Company Services

You can hire competent company services for your vape packaging. However, before selecting a company, search for a good one by reading the feedbacks and reviews of the packaging company.

You can also avail yourself of wholesale vape cartridges at an affordable price. Moreover, good packaging companies send samples and mock-up videos. So, see mock-ups before finalizing your order.


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