Dangers Of Nail Biting

A majority of people have the habit to bite their nails. They continue to bite their nails to the point where their nails are small and their hands appear unappealing. Sometimes, they bite the nails so deeply that the area around the nails is painful and blood starts to leak out.

The act of biting your nails can also have an emotional reason for. The majority of people bit their nails when stressed , and others bit when thinking. Many people bite their nails because they are bored. However, the habit of nail biting can be difficult to break for the individual. It typically begins around the adolescent years when your brain begins to think about all the things that are going on. It is essential to break the habit at this point as it can be difficult as time passes.

What is the cause of nail bites?

Many factors influence the outcome; these can range from genetics to mental health conditions. “Nail-biting is usually associated with anxiety, as chewing on nails can relieve tension, stress or boredom. People who regularly bite their nails usually say that they bite their nails when they feel anxious or feeling lonely, or perhaps hungry,”

Does it warrant alarm?

Nail biting may cause psychological and social issues such as emotional distress, humiliation and impairment in social interaction. “Physical problems” such as nail asymmetry, infections of the nail and its surrounding soft tissue; an increased chance of parasitic infections, stomach infections as a result of swallowing dirt and nail fragments discomfort in the tempromandibular (TMJ) joint (also known as the jaw joint), damage on the gums or paronychia inflicted gum tissue injuries, and secondary bacterial infections can also be related to nail biting.

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There are a variety of dangers associated with nail biting. Check out some dangers to your health and the harmful effects from nail bites.

Bacterial Infections

There are many bacteria within your nails. A study has revealed that there are twice as many bacteria that reside in your nails as your hands. Even after washing your hands, the bacteria remains on your nails. If you bite your nails, the bacteria gets inside your mouth , and eventually into the body, causing infection by bacteria.

Nail Infections

Biting your nails can cause scratches, abrasions and sores around your nails. This may provide the perfect entry point for bacteria. The bacteria can enter through cut-offs into your blood and could cause nail infections as well as blood infections too. This is among the most dangerous consequences that nail bites can cause.

Nails that are short and deformed

One of the side consequences of nail biting is damaged nails. The repeated biting of your nails can alter your length as well as the shape of of your nails for life. You’ve probably noticed those with nails who are biting suffer broken nails, which can ruin the appearance of hands.


People who frequently bite their nails are more prone to developing warts which develop around the finger nails. This is a virus-related disease that is which is caused Human papillomavirus (HPV). When a person bites the nail, infection that results from warts spreads to the mouth and eventually onto other body parts. It is also one of the health hazards associated with nail biting.

Dental Problems

The bite of your nails causes weak teeth, and can shift your teeth away from their normal place and cause them to appear to be in alignment. Teeth could be chipped or are subject to wear and wear and tear. In addition, you could develop gum infections. This is one of the long-term consequence of biting your nails.

Occupied Hands

People who are fond of biting their nails are unable to complete their work in time. They’re slow and have poor work performance because their hands are busy with their mouths, gnawing nails.

Poor Life Quality

People who bite their nails have poor health because their nails can hurt and they may suffer from numerous infections on their nails and inside the body. They cannot eat or cook since their nails are painful. Additionally, they are suffering from more stress because they’re constantly trying to stop this habit. This can cause mental stress too.

We’ve listed some of the reasons it is deemed to be a risky thing.

1. Germs! Germs! and Germs!

Your fingers are magnets for all sorts of germs, accumulating bits of every place that you come across and playing. The best solution is to wash your hands using soap. But, no matter the amount of soap you use to clean your handswith soap, the nails are still able to store and collect dirt, dust and grime which can be a challenge to get rid of even for those who are clean ones. When you scratch your nails, you’re likely to be inhaling a lot of those bacteria, which could cause gum and throat infections and much more.

2. Beware of infections

In terms of infections, the many kinds of bacteria that develop beneath the nails may be more advanced kind. It’s possible that a habit such as nail biting is not a problem and not cause any throat infection.

However, these germs under your nails could be able to trigger more serious ailments, like salmonella and E coli, which can result in severe stomach upset and leading to a major disturbance within the digestive tract.

3. Beware of PHV

It’s on the similar lines to the two previous points. But, another disease that is hidden under nails is called HPV, or human the papillomavirus (HPV). For those who chew their nails repeatedly throughout the day, it’s an illness that you must be aware of.

It is easily identified by the distinct and painful warts that tend to develop around the finger of the person affected. The virus is particularly risky because when warts begin to form on the fingers, they could grow to the lips and mouth in the event that you continue to chew your nails.

4. Make sure you’re protecting your teeth

You may be surprised to learn that your nails are more difficult than you believe. If a person continuously bites their nails, not only the nail’s calcium get worn out, but so does the calcium inside the teeth. The constant biting of your nails can cause tooth damage and can cause them to move and protrude outwards, which can be uncomfortable and even painfully.

Like thumb sucking the aligning of the lower and upper rows of teeth may also be affected by this behavior, and will become more noticeable when the two rows teeth are positioned. A bite to your nails could significantly wear down your molars.

5. Movement restrictions

Our hands are usually the most important part of our existence. They are required to complete nearly everything we do in our everyday lives. From cooking, cleaning and even driving. If you have a habit of chewing their nails, there’s always a hand that can be used to work and the other one is always chewing. In simple terms, if a hand is always in the mouth, that’s one less hand you’re required to work. If you have severe nail bites that be bitten until they become bumps, the discomfort resulted from the habit may even hinder the hand’s use.

6. Biting through the nail

It can be difficult to determine when it is time to stop. The process begins by cutting the tips of your nails. However, even if there’s no nail left sufferers of this behavior may end up cutting the skin around their nails.

This is especially risky since it may cause an open finger wound that are very susceptible to the development of infections and germs like paronychia which could cause the development of septic arthritis. So, it is crucial not to let this unhealthy habit develop beyond the point at which it becomes dangerous.

7. Your immune system is attacked

The continuous exposure to germs that are experienced by the majority of people who are nail biters can cause damage for your immunity. In the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in California found that all the bacteria we get on our hands, be it from the toilet or doorknobs are a great way to increase your vulnerability to the flu, fever and, in rare instances illnesses that are more serious such as Hepatitis.

It is well-known that those who bite their nails regularly are more susceptible to getting the common cold frequently than those who don’t bit their nails. When you are constantly afflicted by a cold, it can affect your immune system, and make you vulnerable to more risky illnesses.

8. Mental health risks

One of the most significant obstacles that could cause a person to develop the nail-biting habit is a serious mental issue. The American Psychiatric Association determined in 2012 that nail-biting is a symptom of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

The belief is that nail biting is an additional aspect of OCD and is also associated with obsessive cleaning and repeated counting. It is essential to remember that these habits tend to increase over time and may lead to significantly more dangerous behavior like scratching your skin or pulling hair. But, relax knowing that there are easy ways to get rid of this annoying habit.

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