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Decorating and Debossing Phone Cases

Decorating and debossing are the cycles where your producer will make raised or recessed pictures onto your phone cases. A decorated picture will be raised against the foundation of your phone case, while a debossed picture is sunk into the surface.

Decorating changes the surfaces of your phone case by giving a three-layered raised impact. The interaction requires the utilisation of two passes on: the primary bite the dust is raised and the second is recessed. At the point when your producer makes the bites the dust, they will imprint your ideal plan into a few metal plates. These emblazoning bites the dust are utilised on the press.

The two bites the dust impeccably fit into one another so that when your phone cases are squeezed between them, the raised kick the bucket powers the material into the recessed pass on. A particular degree of tension is applied to the bites the dust to crush the filaments of your phone case – making the long-lasting decorated impression.

Debossing is like embellishing, yet breaks your plan as opposed to raising it. The cycle includes similar passes on, but applies the strain to the front side of your phone case – driving the material down from the surface.

There are various different embellishing styles you’re ready to look over. Here is an outline of every one:

Emblazoning Styles

Blind Emboss

This style does exclude the utilisation of ink or foil to feature the emblazoned region. The adjustment of the layered appearance of your phone case will be the main recognizable contrast. Blind decorating will give you a perfect and particular or unpretentious picture.

Foil Emboss/Print

Foil emblazoning, otherwise called foil stepping, is a printing technique that utilises heat, pressure, metal passes on, and foil film(s). The foils can arrive in different tones, gets done, and optical impacts; metallic (gold and silver and so forth) being the most usually used.

Your producer will make the bites the dust in the fitting shape for each tone; they’re then warmed and applied utilising pressure. Each tone has its own foil, meaning your phone cases should go through various runs in the event that more than one tone is being used. At last, a bite of the dust is made and applied to decorate your ideal plan.

Enlisted Emboss

A cycle that puts the decorated picture in arrangement with a printed realistic that is as of now on your  phone cover . Bringing about an emblazoned visual depiction.

Blend Emboss

This includes the engraving and adjusting foil over an embellished picture to make a foil decorate. The cycle requires extraordinary meticulousness as your producer needs to keep the picture and foil matched flawlessly.


Otherwise call leaf emblazon, the cycle utilizes a blend kick the bucket to give an unpretentious antique appearance that is decorate and foil step. You can get a pearl, clear gleam, or pastel foil completes that give a delicate two-variety classical look. Lighter varieties work best to give a delicate differentiating impact.


The emblazoned region on your phone cases will have a sparkly or cleaned appearance. An outcome that is achieve by apply heat with tension to make the sparkly impression. Dull shaded significant burden materials by and large work best with this as the cleaned impact is considerably more recognizable on dim varieties.


Burning does precisely the exact thing it says on the tin. As the temperature of the kick the bucket warming plate is expand past the typical temperature a sing impact is made in the decorated picture. This interaction is best utilise with lighter hued phone cases so you can accomplish an extraordinary two-conditioned appearance.

Alert: It is exceptionally simple to consume your phone cases if an excessive amount of intensity is utilise.

What Cases Can You Emboss?

Pretty much any material that is flimsy, level, and pliant can embellish. Counting, hard calfskin, wallet, and flip style phone cases.

Basically, any phone case produced using polyurethane (PU) or genuine calfskin is appropriate. PU cowhide will in general create improved results because of the man-made consistency being more moldable.


The assembling system of embellishing can be very straightforward and savvy. When the kicks of the bucket are make, your maker will actually want to utilise them again and again.

It very well may be view as one of the least expensive ways of improve the vibe of your phone case.


  • Makes layered profundity and detail
  • Cost effective
  • Assortment of styles and examples
  • Fast pivot (whenever passes on are make)
  • Predictable quality
  • Extraordinary for inconspicuous marking


  • Adds cost to printing position since it is an off-press process
  • Flimsy serifs don’t emblazon well
  • Can embellish moldable materials. So no hard, gel, or TPU phone cases
  • No visual pictures
  • No Colors (except if you use thwarting)
  • Could consume your cases (in the event that you utilise singing)
  • Bites the dust should be exceptionally assemble.





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